Best leather tooling kits: Leather craft tools for beginners and up

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Have you recently taken an interest in leather working or bought a leather craft kit that excited you to explore this medium further? We’re all for it! That said, we highly advise considering a leather tooling kit to segue into customized projects of your own.

Sure, a leather craft kit provides the essentials to complete a specific project from start to finish — and it’s a great way to learn. But a full-on leather tooling kit will give you the resources and creative freedom to tackle any venture you desire, from bags and belts to journal covers and bookmarks.

If your heart’s set on sticking with leather crafting, whether for business or pleasure, we want to help you find the best leather tooling kit to keep you motivated! Our guide outlines some of our favorite options based on budget, quality, and skill level; keep reading to learn more.

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Best leather tooling kits

Dive in to find the best leather tooling kits for beginners and up, including portable sets, leather tooling tools for gifts, and comprehensive leatherworking bundles that will last for years to come.

Best for beginners: Leather Working Tools and Supplies by Bupete

Leather Working Tools and Supplies by Bupete

When taking up a new creative hobby, you want to make sure you invest time and energy into learning as well as into finding the best resources you can get your hands on to keep crafting successfully.

Beginners looking for budget-friendly leather tooling kits will find a lot to work with in this 52-piece set. This kit costs less than $50, which is an excellent value for the number of items included.

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Each set contains six spools of waxed thread, repair sewing needles, an ergonomic tracing wheel, sewing awls, prong punches, a stitching groover, a leather cutting mat, leather labels, and more.

I especially appreciate how this kit includes even the most basic tools, such as glue and scissors — it’s a nice touch considering you’re generally expected to outsource these household items yourself. The thread colors are also perfect because they match most typical leather hues.

While not the cheapest product, this set is available for a pretty fair price: it’s a good quality, comprehensive bundle. The only flaw I see is that the kit doesn’t come with a tool case for storage — but we’re confident you’ll have no trouble coming up with a clever DIY solution!

Best value for money: Leather Kit with Manual by ZMAAGG

 Leather Tooling Kit with Manual by ZMAAGG

Speaking of comprehensive leather tooling kits for beginners, here’s an option for ambitious starters ready to splurge a little more.

It’s a bit pricier, but this set includes 328 quality leather tooling tools to accommodate any project you can think of: a pretty good reason to splash the cash if you’re serious about spreading your leather crafting wings!

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If this is over your budget, don’t fret: the previous set is also one of the best leather tooling kits you can find for beginners. This particular set, however, is a great alternative if you want to go all in and own every supply you may possibly need.

There are lots of tools to go over here, but the main highlights for me are a leather tool bag for storage, 20 patterns of stamping tools and a rivet set, 19 heavy-duty needles, a copper thimble, and an adjustable swivel knife.

With this complete kit, you’ll be able to take on most tasks required by any home leatherworking project. Personally, I appreciate the comfort of never running out of tools, and that’s definitely a solution offered by this all-inclusive set.

Best for professionals: Complete Leather Working Tool Set by BUTUZE

Complete Leather Working Tool Set by BUTUZE

Professional leatherworkers will already have a solid setup in their craft station, but that doesn’t mean they won’t want to refresh or replace their tools every now and then.

If you’re a seasoned leather crafter searching for more advanced kits, this 440-piece set offers everything you need, both in quality and quantity. That said, this is a pricy product, costing nearly $300.

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On the other hand, you’ll have a lot to work with here! Hole cutters, 36 letter/ number punches, 24 colors of waxed sewing thread, leather rivets, a leather welding apron, and even a leather lacing pony — talk about getting into the pro-level leather crafting game!

You’ll also get a storage box to hold your tools, 52 shape punches for versatile crafting, and a heavy-duty hole punch. I love the variety of stamps and punches included to personalize your items and make them a little more special.

This is especially perfect if you’re interested in making handmade gifts! Your leather tooling tools will come in a hard portable case to protect your supplies, whether at home or on the go.

Best gift: 12-Piece Leather Tooling Kit by Blue Label Products

2-Piece Leather Tooling Kit by Blue Label Products

Craft kits are some of the best gifts you can give anyone with a soft spot for handmade projects and pastimes. This ~$20 leather tool set is the perfect solution if you’re looking to treat leathercrafters in the making!

Available on Amazon, this 12-piece kit includes basic tools for beginners, wrapped in a stunning rolled-up leather pouch — this is definitely the cherry on top! This isn’t a substitute for a comprehensive leather tool kit but rather an option for crafting on the go and quick repairs.

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Tools are beautifully designed and high in quality, as well as built to last. Some items included in this kit are: a stitching groover, an overstitch wheel, stitch making wheel, a polishing wood rod, and a leather cutting knife.

With this compact set, you’ll have everything you need to mend small leather works, from wallets and bags to belts and tags. As a crafter, having an easy-to-grab, straightforward toolset is always beneficial, no matter how experienced you are.

If you love this elegant setup but want an option with more tools, the TLKKUE 72-Piece Leather Craft Tools set is an excellent (but pricier) alternative. Already have a toolset but want a similar pouch? Etsy sells this Leather Tools Roll. Or, better yet, take a few leather working classes and whip one up yourself!

Best deluxe kit: Deluxe Workshop Starter Set by Tandy Leather

Deluxe Workshop Starter Set by Tandy Leather

Tandy Leather is a popular name in the leathercrafting community and a fantastic place to shop for the best leather tooling kit for beginners and up —especially if you’re trying to get away from generic brands.

This Deluxe set is perfect if you’re ready to retire your basic starter kit and replace it with something a little more high-end. The thing is that, in this case, high-end really means high-end: each kit costs roughly $700.

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If you’re just starting out, remember this is not an option you need to consider right now! This is a fantastic set but destined for the highly invested hobbyist pursuing leather crafting seriously. It comes in a pouch similar to the product above and contains 40+ pieces.

While not the bundle with the most tools on our list, keep in mind that here, the price doesn’t necessarily reflect quantity but overall quality. Some items that distinguish this set from others are its first-rate pieces of leather, a 97-page craft book, a poly cutting board, a bone folder, and a fine mist sprayer.

Curious about this brand but seeking more affordable options for beginners? The brand’s Hand Stitching Starter Set and Leather Carving Starter Set are solid alternatives. However, if you’re sticking to a budget, you’re better off with some of the other options we’ve listed.

Best for bookbinding and journals: Leather Working Tools by BAGERLA

Leather Tooling Tools by BAGERLA

You may already own a basic leather tooling kit, but if you’re searching for a compact set to take on bookbinding and journal-making projects, this is a fantastic pick to look into.

For ~$26 on Amazon, this 66-piece bundle is the perfect leather tooling journal kit because it packs 15 spools of superior quality waxed thread, heavy-duty upholstery sewing needles, multiple stitching awls, a hollow punch set, wood daubers for beautiful, sleek finishes.

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Each spool contains 30 meters of thread. That said, if you’re after a leather tooling journal kit, you’ll have plenty of material to take on lots of stitching and bookbinding projects. You’ll even also get a metal ruler to support accuracy and precise cutting!

But this set can be used for purposes other than as a leather tooling journal kit. Items included are also compatible with other small-scale leathercraft projects, whether belts, bag straps, or watchbands. Just make sure to stick to lightweight pieces and minimal hand-stitching work.

It definitely makes for a handy backup repair leather kit too! One of the main highlights of this leather tooling kit is that it comes in a soft, compact case with a zipper. This makes it practical and easy to carry while giving you the benefit of owning professional-grade, high-quality materials.

Best for hole punching leather: 9-Piece Leather Hole Punch Set by OWDEN

_9-Piece Leather Hole Punch Set by OWDEN

Besides tool kits for beginners, you may want to purchase complementary leather tooling tools to add versatility to your crafting sessions.

For under $20 on Amazon, this high-quality hollow punch set by OWDEN contains nine different hole punches (click the button below to see sizes). While many tool kits include these accessories, if you’re on your way to becoming an avid leather crafter, you’ll want to have a broader range of hole punch possibilities.

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These tools consist of heavy-duty carbon steel and feature a well-designed, non-slip handle for steady gripping. The cutting holes are super sharp and pierce through leather with just a few taps. It’s important to note that this kit does not include a hammer or mallet; you’ll have to outsource one yourself.

You can also use these hollow punch tools on other materials besides leather, such as paper, rubber, and cloth — great if you enjoy creative hobbies that incorporate these mediums. All these items come in a rigid plastic box which will not only keep your supplies organized but will make transporting them a breeze.

A cutting mat will also be included. As you evolve in the craft, you’ll want to explore separate toolsets for specific purposes, such as shape hole punches, leather corner punches, and leather slot hole punches. Check out our pick for the best leather stamp set below!

Best leather stamp set: 37-Piece Leather Stamping Tool Set by OWDEN

37-Piece Leather Stamping Tool Set by OWDEN

As mentioned above, purchasing separate leatherworking supplies is a great way to keep building up to the ultimate leather crafting toolset!

If you’re all about customizing your work, whether for personalized gifts or business, having multiple stamping sets with different typography and lettering styles will give you lots of versatility to experiment with.

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This stamping set by OWDEN is a great, uncomplicated option for starters. It includes 37 number and alphabet pieces: 1/8 inches (3.2mm) in height and is most compatible with vegetable-tanned leather pieces over 1.5mm thick.

Your kit will also contain a sturdy steel handle to apply stamps effectively. Because they’re small, these stamps are ideal for detail work on projects like bracelets, belts, luggage tags, etc. The complete set costs ~$16, but you can find different variations of this product in two other sizes (prices vary).

While easy to use, I suggest practicing on leather scraps before stamping onto your final project — unless you’re intentionally aiming for something more freeform. The YUENTOEN Leather Stamping Set is another affordable option on Amazon. Want something more stylized? Check out this awesome product by playcosland!

If you want fully customized designs, consider picking up a simple pyrography kit — just keep the power low!

Best for kids: Funtime! Beginners’ Starter Leather Set by Springfield Leather Company

Funtime! Beginners' Starter Leather Set by Springfield Leather Company

Most of us don’t think of children when we think of leather crafting. But the truth is that it’s just as creative and fun a craft as any other! So, to finish our list, I’ve included this affordable leather tooling kit for kids.

Unlike the previous suggestions, this is a project-centered set rather than an actual toolset. However, I believe it’s worth highlighting because it includes materials you wouldn’t expect to find in a youngsters’ starter kit, like a stamp set and a polymer head mallet!

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The kit comes with different pieces of leather to create wristbands (with snaps!), bookmarks, and coasters. You’ll also receive a pack of beads and string. An instructional DVD is also included, but you might have to make an epic journey to your storage room (and early 2000s) to find your player!

We all have an idea of how complex leather crafting can get; therefore, I appreciate this fun introductory approach for children who display an interest in crafts at an early age. And once they get the gist of things, they can continue using the stamping set and mallet to create their own projects.

Needless to say, this makes an excellent gift for any occasion, especially if you want to inspire the youngster in your life to try new experiences and creative hobbies.

That’s it for our guide to the best leather tooling kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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