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Best wood burning kits: Pyrography for beginners and up

Whether you are a beginner wood burner, seasoned hobbyist, or professional, it can be hard to find the ideal wood burning kit. Pyrography is a skill with a steep learning curve, and it can be even more difficult to get into without the right tools.

As a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options and not know where to start. Even if you’ve taken some woodworking classes in the past, you’ll quickly find that pyrography is a completely different beast.

To help you get started, I’ve picked out the best wood burning kits and tools for beginners and up. Check out the top three below, or keep reading for more options.

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Best pyrography kits: Quick picks

TRUArt Stage 1 wood and leather burning kit

TRUArt Stage 1 Pyrography Kit

  • Perfect for beginners and hobbyists
  • Includes 21 tips and a wood burning pen
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Calegency best wood burning kits

Calegency 112 Piece Wood Burning Kit

  • Extensive 112 piece kit
  • LCD temperature display in the pen
  • Very inexpensive

TRUArt Stage 2 professional wood burning kits

TRUArt Stage 2 Professional Wood Burning Kit

  • Professional-level kit for the truly dedicated
  • Two high-quality wire tip pens and 40 tips
  • Expensive

How to choose the best wood burning tool kit for you

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Before we dive into the best wood burning kits, here are some helpful tips on what to keep an eye out for when buying a pyrography kit.

Tip Type

There are two types of tips a wood burning pen may use: solid or wire. Solid tips are metal pieces formed into various shapes. They heat up and burn the wood.

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Wire tips are stretches of wire that have an entry and exit point in the pen. Current passes through the wire, generating heat to burn the wood.

Both are great options, but solid tips are much more common and tend to be cheaper. Most crafters and hobbyists stick to solid tips. Wire tips are less common and can get pricey, but offer a more professional finished look for more advanced crafters.


Variable temperature is an important consideration when searching for the best pyrography tools. Some types of wood can’t handle high temperatures, while others actually need higher temperatures to burn cleanly.

If you plan to use your pyrography tool on materials other than wood, it’s even more necessary to find one with variable temperature.

Things like leather, paper, and gourds need much lower temperatures than wood to burn. Conversely, some wood burning pens are capable reaching extreme temperatures to enable things like soldering, embossing, and carving.


Wood burning is often a time-intensive hobby. If you don’t get a pen that fits well in your hand, it may end up causing cramping during long work sessions.

Just as you want a comfortable chair to prevent you from hunching over a computer for hours, so too do you want a comfortable wood burning pen.

Wood burning pens tend not to vary much in how they look, but some have nicer and more ergonomic grips than others. If it’s within your budget, it’s worth splurging on a more comfortable device, especially if you’re going to use it often.


As wood burning is such an intricate task, it is vital to maintain full control over the tool. A lightweight and properly designed tool helps greatly with this. You don’t want to slip and ruin your project – or worse, slip and burn yourself!


One of the best features of wood burning tools is that the tips are always interchangeable.

Different tips allow for different designs. Just as you wouldn’t use a fine-tipped marker for coloring in a large space, you won’t want to use a small tip to burn a large area.

The more accessories and tips a wood burning kit offers, the more types of designs you’ll be able to accomplish with it.

As a beginner, however, it is important to look for a kit that has all that you will need and nothing more. It can be overwhelming to go from nothing to 30+ tips, especially when you can get by with just 5 or 6 high-quality options. Plus, pyrography kits with lots of tips tend to be made of lower quality materials.

Best wood burning kits

Now it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for. Here is a breakdown – by categorical use – of the best wood burning kits for beginners and up.

Best overall: TRUArt Stage 1 Wood and Leather Pyrography Kit

TRUArt Stage 1 wood and leather burning kit

To kick off the list I’ve chosen a mid-range option from one of the most trusted brands in pyrography: TRUArt.

This solid-tip wood burning kit comes in a few different options, but I’d recommend the basic 21-tip kit for most users (although the aluminum case model is great if you can spend a bit more). It comes with 21 multiuse tips, a plastic case, a manual, and a simple soldering iron-style wood burning pen.

The pen only has two settings: 30W for wood burning and 15W for leather burning. This doesn’t give you as much control over exact temperatures, but it does take away some of the guesswork for those who just want to start with minimal setup.

This is one of the best wood burning kits for those new to the craft or hobbyists who want to cut their chops on an above-average tool. Once you’re ready to take things to the next level, you can upgrade to TRUArt’s Stage 2 professional kit listed further down the list.

Runner up: Calegency 112 Piece Wood Burning Kit

Calegency best wood burning kits

Calegency’s 112 piece wood burning kit is a great option for so many reasons. For starters, this is a huge kit. It features 112 pieces for pyrography, carving, engraving, and soldering.

There are numerous tips for the pen, 12 sheets of stencils, 12 colored pencils, a pair of heat gloves, a pencil sharpener, a pen stand, seven wood panels, a box for the tips, ten sheets of carbon paper, a carrying case, and of course, the wood burning pen itself.

The pen is adjustable from 392°-932°F and features an LCD digital display of the temperature. The pen has an independent power button and a heat-resistant silicone grip to prevent slipping. This kit also comes with a helpful manual filled with tips, tricks, and safety instructions.

The burning tool itself heats up very quickly and retains the heat well. The entire kit is affordable at about $25 and the in-handle temperature readings make it super easy to use. Beginners and intermediate users alike will be able to get excellent results out of this humongous wood burning kit.

Best budget: Powza 72 Piece Wood Burning Kit

Powza cheap pyrography kit

Powza provides the best budget wood burning kit for those looking to save on time and space. This kit is an extensive 72 piece set and works on everything from wood burning to carving and embossing.

The kit features 22 tips, six colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, a pen stand, eight stencils, 15 sheets of carbon paper, a tip storage box, 15 wood panels, a carrying case, a user manual, and the pen itself.

Like the option above, the pen has a temperature gauge and an on/off switch on the cord. The pen changes temperature quite quickly and uses a 60-watt ceramic core capable of reaching temperature ranges from 392°-842°F.

The Powza pen has a replaceable heating core and an easy, non-slip grip. The only thing you need to be careful of with this kit is not to press too hard and bend the solid tips.

Best for beginners: Art Skills 53 Piece Wood Burning Art Kit

ArtSkills wood burning set

Art Skills offers the perfect kit for beginners. It’s not as complete as the other wood burning kits on the list, but it still comes with a plethora of stencils to help beginners explore different designs and improve their skills.

This kit includes ten tips, 20 watercolor paints, two paintbrushes, five sheets of carbon paper, five stencils, two pencils, five wood panels, a pen, and instructions.

This is a fabulous beginner kit as everything a novice could need is included, yet there is not so much that they would get overwhelmed or confused. This kit is also an excellent way to get into wood burning without restricting yourself to a one-tip tool.

That said, it’s intended exclusively for pyrography and should be used as such. Do not try to carve or emboss with this kit. It does, however, make for a superb gift for anyone looking to try out wood burning.

It’s sold on Etsy, so those who want to avoid the Amazon marketplace can purchase with a clean conscience.

Best for professionals: TRUArt Stage 2 Dual Pen Professional Woodburning kit

TRUArt Stage 2 professional wood burning kits

For those ready to take their wood burning to the next level, the TRUArt Stage 2 set is one of the best wood burning kits you can buy.

Why? Well for starters it’s a wire tip set, which means it offers superior burning with faster heating times and more detail. Plus, it includes two separate pens so you can keep two tips at the ready, and each one is smaller and lighter than alternatives to make it easier to achieve the best possible results.

This professional pyrography kit includes everything you could possibly need: two pen holders, a pair of pliers, a pair of tweezers, five assorted files, 40 tips (including one ball tip and one sharp spear tip), a user manual, a case, two professional-quality pyrography pens, and a 60W digital power supply.

Obviously all of this comes at a significantly higher cost, which is hard to justify for most beginners. Still, if you want one of the best possible wood burning kits money can buy, this is it.

Oh, and did I mention there’s a three-year satisfaction guarantee?

Best control: Petuol 50 Piece Burning Kit

Petuol wood burning kit for beginners

Petuol’s word burning kit offers the best control (outside of expensive wire tip sets) thanks to its lightweight design and finely shaped tips. The grip on the pen is smooth, and the pen itself is not so long as to be unwieldy.

This kit comes with 50 pieces, including 29 tips, a pen stand, a pencil, a pencil sharpener, nine stencils, five sheets of carbon paper, and a wood burning pen.

The temperature can be adjusted from 392°-842°F and only takes 15 seconds to heat up fully. The insulated grip is made of soft rubber and offers comfort and control for long hours of work. This pen also features a replaceable heating core design.

This pen is wonderful for all skill levels and offers full control over detailed projects. As with most solid-tip models, be careful not to press too hard and bend the tips.

This set is sold on Etsy, which makes it a good way to support small businesses instead of huge conglomerates.

Best affordable wire tip: YSBMZP Wood Burning Kit

YSBMZP wire tip wood burning set

While most affordable kits use heated metal tips for carving, some may want to try out wire tips. Wire tips offer more precise temperature control and precision thanks to their delicate design.

And to that end, my pick for the best affordable wire wood burning kit comes in at less than a third of the price of similar options.

This kit comes with 23 wire tips, five stencils, four wood panels, a penknife, a screwdriver, a wood burning machine, two stands, and two pens. The wood burning machine has a digital temperature display, a temperature dial, an on/off switch, and two ports for the pens.

The temperature range is from 35°-700°F, allowing you to work on materials like wood, leather, paper, and even gourds. The wire is fully heated in just 20 seconds, so you won’t have to wait to start burning.

The pens also feature ergonomic handle designs, and are heatproof and lightweight. YSBMZP offers free pen replacements within the first year.

If you can afford to spend a bit more, the Walnut Hollow Wire Tip Wood Burning Kit is also a great buy. It offers a superior wood burning tool but includes just 4 tips and little else.

Best for kids: Scorch Marker Pro Pen

Scorch Marker Pro wood burning pen

If your child wants to try wood burning, but you are afraid of letting them use such a hot and dangerous tool, this scorch pen is the best choice. It gives the same beautiful wood burning results with much less risk and hassle.

The scorch marker is super easy to use and doesn’t require interchangeable parts. To use, you just shake the pen and draw the design on the wood, then use a heat gun to burn the inked design into the wood.

This way young children can do all the drawing, and their parents can safely use the heat gun when they’re finished.

For the best results, sand the wood lightly beforehand. This ensures the image is sharp and detailed once finished. You can also erase the design before using the heat gun by sanding it off to try again.

The newer design features a bullet tip on the end and a brush tip in the body of the pen. It’s also non-toxic and works on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, and fabrics like denim.

There are lots of similar products on Amazon, but I recommend the original Scorch Marker Pro linked below. They’re a great value, especially for kids. Another alternative is wood burn paste, which is perfect for use with wood burning stencils.

That’s it for the best wood burning kits currently on the market. I hope you’re now ready to take your first steps into the wonderful craft of pyrography!

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