Best paper quilling kits: Turn tiny paper coils into display-worth creations

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Paper quilling is a fantastic craft to put your creativity to work! With just a few strips of paper and a small set of tools, you can create all kinds of intricate, dimensional paper designs to make eye-catching compositions.

Perfect for all skill sets but especially beneficial for papercraft newbies, paper quilling kits are fun, easy to follow, and provide the guidance needed to help you master the craft quicker.

With a range of themes and projects on offer, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect quilling kit for you, whether your goal is to adorn gift bags, make personalized greeting cards, or create paper coil sculptures. Need a little inspiration? Check out our favorite paper quilling kits for starters below!

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Best paper quilling kits: Quick picks

Beginners Quilling Kit by My Creative Camp

Beginner’s Quilling Kit by My Creative Camp

  • Includes all materials and tools
  • Comprehensive instructional booklet
  • Lots of extra accessories

Beginner’s DIY Quilling Kit by Paper Sweetly

Beginner’s DIY Quilling Kit by Paper Sweetly

  • High-quality beginners kit
  • Includes video tutorial
  • Perfect for card-making hobbyists

Paper Quilling Kit by JUYA Crafts

Paper Quilling Kit by JUYA Crafts

  • Very cheap, quality kit
  • 600 strips of colored paper
  • Varied quilling board

Best paper quilling kits

Learn how to make delicate paper coils and beautiful works with some of the most creative and accessible paper quilling kits for beginners available on Etsy, Amazon, and Blick!

Best overall: Beginner’s Quilling Kit by My Creative Camp

Beginner's Quilling Kit by My Creative Camp

At the top of our list is this project-packed paper quilling kit for starters by My Creative Camp. A little more high-end than most quilling sets for hobbyists, this is the ideal pick for beginners ages eight years and up.

Each kit has a booklet with ten projects, over 500 strips of paper, a slotted tool, a needle tool, a circle board, and more. Besides the basics, we love the gem stickers and cardstock included in this kit; they’re great complements for all kinds of projects, whether you intend to frame pieces for display or embellish greeting cards.

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One of the star features of this kit is its instructional booklet. Apart from project guidelines, it covers every quilling tool and how to use each to achieve perfect quilling patterns from scratch. You’ll also get a shape chart and a reference guide to support you as you craft.

If ordering through Etsy, know that this product is delivered worldwide from the UK. However, you can usually buy it for a lower price on Amazon in the US.

Best for beginners: Beginner’s DIY Quilling Kit by Paper Sweetly

Beginner's DIY Quilling Kit by Paper Sweetly

While not the cheapest option listed, this paper quilling kit by Paper Sweetly is all about providing a high-quality crafting experience for beginners and is definitely worth considering.

Besides supplies to complete over ten projects, this ~$40 kit stands out for including access to curated video tutorials to complete each task. As a visual learner, I really appreciate this feature and find it especially helpful if you’re taking your first steps in learning the craft!

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It’s also the ideal set if you’re goal is card-making; every kit contains six blank greeting cards and four blank tags. You’ll also receive a slotted quilling tool, 100 paper strips, a circle sizer, and a precision glue pen. Know that kits are shipped from the US and delivered worldwide, so shipping fees will vary.

While less comprehensive than, for example, the following option on our guide, this beautifully packaged paper quilling kit is sweet and simple while providing everything you need to jumpstart this creative hobby. It also makes a beautiful gift!

Best budget-friendly: Paper Quilling Kit by JUYA Crafts

Paper Quilling Kit by JUYA Crafts

The JUYA Crafts paper quilling kit is the perfect match for paper crafters looking for a tool-packed, quality set on a budget.

Featuring over 600 strips of multi-colored paper, a quilling board, a two-head quilling tool (slotted/embossing), tweezers, a curling coach, and more, this is an excellent all-in-one bundle.

There are also several kit variations; you can pick from different paper strip sizes and tool colors or choose to include glue in your kit (prices will vary). And while we know cutting costs is always appealing, in this case, it really pays off to buy a complete set: you’ll never dish out more than $20, no matter your pick!

One of our favorite items is the quilling board! It features lots of shapes to experiment with besides circles and is a handy, easy-to-learn tool to practice techniques. It’s important to know that this kit doesn’t include specific projects or guidelines, though.

So, if you’re a complete beginner, you might feel more confident with one of the options above. On the other hand, this is the perfect toolset if you’re considering following a tutorial or taking an online paper quilling class— Paper Quilling Art – Beginner to Advanced and Beginners Paper Quilling on Udemy are great suggestions!

Best for card making: Greeting Card Quilling Kit by My Creative Camp

Greeting Card Quilling Kit by My Creative Camp

If you love the art of handmade card making, you’ll love this greeting card quilling kit by My Creative Camp!

Available on Etsy for ~$20, this high-quality quilling kit for beginners includes six blank cards (shimmer) with envelopes, high-quality paper strips, a shape chart, and a precision tip glue pen. Suitable for crafters ages eight and up, these quilling starter kits are shipped from the US and delivered worldwide.

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This kit is a fun entry point to learn the basics through simple projects; I love the easy-to-follow colored guidelines to ensure you recreate each project to a tee. You’ll also have a lot of themes to play with, whether to craft personalized greeting cards for the holidays or a baby shower!

Note that this quilling kit for beginners doesn’t include tools. However, you can purchase a set by this brand here for only ~$10! My Creative Camp also sells this Holiday Card Quilling Kit for the same price if you’re looking for something more niche.

Best for unique gifts: Sweet Treats Quilling Kit by Tilly Viktor

Sweet Treats Quilling Kit by Tilly Viktor

The following paper quilling kits on our guide are by Tilly Viktor, a very original craft brand we love for its beautiful packaging, unique themes, and quality. And first up is this very sweet option for beginners!

Perfect for creative gifts, this paper quilling kit is all about replicating your favorite treats and comprises three main paper projects: a cupcake, a donut, and an ice cream cone — the designs are intricate and so much fun!

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Sets include three A5 printed template cards, clear instruction cards per project, a quilling shape guide, and colorful paper strips. The standard version of this kit does not include tools, but you can add these to your purchase for less than ~$10. This kit is shipped from the UK and is available worldwide.

While not brimming with projects, we especially appreciate this theme’s originality and the instruction cards’ overall layout; each is curated with detail and colorful images to guide you through every step. The quilling shape guide is also a great plus and will be useful for more projects that come your way!

Best holiday-themed: Snowflake Card Quilling Kit by Tilly Viktor

Snowflake Card Quilling Kit by Tilly Viktor

When the holidays are around the corner, I like to take a moment to come up with crafty, budget-friendly ways to adorn a gift or come up with a personalized greeting card.

Can you relate? If so, this Tilly Viktor snowflake-themed quilling kit is a great option! This kit features an assortment of high-quality materials from colored quilling strips, four cards, envelopes in different sizes, detailed instructions, and a practice quilled shape page.

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In addition, you can complete your set with quilling tools for a few extra bucks. Although you will be paying a little more, this will allow you to have everything you need in a single bundle. And, of course, once they’re yours, you’ll have everything you need to take on future projects.

While $16 ($26 with tools) may seem a little pricey for a DIY card-making quilling kit, look at it this way: how much would you pay for a single Hallmark holiday card? Not a bad investment if you ask me! These kits are shipped from the UK and delivered internationally.

Best floral-themed: Flower Quilling Kit by Tilly Viktor

Flower Quilling Kit by Tilly Viktor

No matter the craft, who doesn’t love a botanical or floral theme? This floral quilling kit by Tilly Viktor is a great place to get you quilling paper coils inspired by nature!

If you’re anything like me, the more flowers — the better. For ~$23 (without tools), this kit comprises enough materials to have you create a quilled wooden plaque and mini-quilled cards.

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Besides a design-printed wooden plaque and two mini cards with templates, this kit includes envelopes, detailed instructions, a practice page, a pack of multi-colored paper strips, glue, and more. And the good news is that you can purchase this kit no matter where you are; it’s delivered worldwide from the UK.

Forget buying flowers for special occasions and assemble three stunning paper-quilled bouquet compositions instead. The upside? They’ll last a lifetime! Remember, like all of the brands’ kits, prices will be slightly higher if you choose to include tools in your set.

Best for children: Le Grand Artist Spiral Seasons Quilling Kit by Djeco

Le Grand Artist Spiral Seasons Quilling Kit by Djeco

Although most quilling kits are suitable for children, looking into options targeted specifically at younger hobbyists is always a good idea. That said, the French brand Djeco offers a world of entertainment for kids — including this quilling set!

Best for crafters ages eight years and up, this bird-themed quilling project is the perfect way to introduce children to the craft. It contains two bird-themed printed boards, 150 paper strips, a plastic circle template, tweezers, and a glue stick.

Available on Amazon and Blick (just a few cents cheaper on Amazon!), this product will teach children the basics, and the outcome is really neat! However, keep in mind that there are small items in this kit, so we advise evaluating if supervision is required.

We also particularly appreciate the high quality of the materials in this kit vs. the more basic tools usually found in craft kits for children — and how beautiful these designs look when completed! They’re perfect to frame and gift or showcase in your child’s bedroom to encourage them to keep crafting!

Paper quilling tools

As seen in some of the products listed above, you may not always find a quilling kit that includes all the tools you need to complete a project.

In these cases, you may have to purchase items separately or pay a little more to have them included in your set. The good news is that this craft requires a pretty accessible toolset regardless of theme or project complexity.

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And, of course, once you have a complete set of tools, you’ll be able to use them for lots of different creations!

Here is a list of the primary paper quilling tools you’ll need to take on this creative hobby:

Paper strips

For successful outcomes, projects should use paper strips with the same width size (3mm and 5mm are the most common measurements). Although this is a staple in any paper quilling kit, it’s good to know that you can purchase paper strip packs for a very affordable price online or at most craft stores.


The purpose of using tweezers in this crafting process is to hold paper coils together as you apply glue and/or to place pieces on surfaces with greater precision. Any fine-nosed tweezers will do the trick.

Quilling board

A quilling board features a range of slots in different sizes and shapes (commonly circles) and is used to measure the dimension or to shape your rolled paper into specific forms and designs. These are especially helpful if you’re working on a project that requires making multiple pieces of the same size.

Quilling needle

This tool features a metal nib with a small opening (imagine a needle with a fine slit), where you’ll slide the end of your paper strip. By gripping the tool’s handle and twirling it, the paper strip will twist until formed into a perfectly shaped coil. Sometimes these tools are double-ended and feature a tip used for embossing.


There’s no need to get fancy with this one; ordinary craft PVA glue will do. However, a precision tip bottle will make applying glue more manageable and controlled. The idea is to add just a dab of glue to seal each paper coil.

That’s it for our guide to the best paper quilling kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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