Best paper making kits: Learn artisan paper crafting techniques from home

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Paper making is one of the most straightforward and budget-friendly creative hobbies you can enjoy from home, not to mention super rewarding.

A paper making kit is a great place to start your handmade paper activities — you’ll have all the essentials and guidance needed to make you go from newbie to pulp master and papercraft artiste in a jiffy!

If you’re a beginner or feel drawn to the convenience provided by a paper-making kit, our list has fantastic options for you!

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Best paper making kits: Quick picks

Arnold Grummer Paper Making Kit

Arnold Grummer’s Dip Handmolds for Paper Making Medium

  • Most popular kit among hobbyists
  • Offers quality and affordability
  • The brand offers larger kits too

Wooden Deckle Paper Making Kit

Classic Paper Making Kit for Handmade Papermaking by Wooden Deckle

  • Great value for money
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Includes booklet covering different paper making variations

Paper Making Screen Kit for beginners

Waterproof Paper Making Screen Kit 

  • Very cheap
  • A5-sized paper
  • A unique, accessible option for gifts

Best paper making kits

Start making handmade paper from your craft station with one of these easy-to-learn paper making kits.

Best overall: Arnold Grummer’s Dip Handmolds for Paper Making Medium

Arnold Grummer Paper Making Kit

Arnold Grummer’s Dip Handmolds for Paper Making kit has been popularized as the go-to option for paper crafters and hobbyists, most appealing for its affordable price and quality materials. 

While not the most updated or modern paper making kit, it continues to be a favorite, and for a good reason. This kit includes everything you need to make paper from scratch, including detailed instructions to guide you through every step:

  • A deckle
  • A paper making screen
  • A cover screen
  • A support grid
  • Dried botanicals for pressing 

This product is available on both Amazon and Blick for roughly the same price — any of these options won’t surpass ~$30. Note that this is a medium-sized kit. Therefore, if you’re aiming for something a little more professional-grade, you might find the Class Set #1 or Large Kit more suitable.

Also, suppose you are more of a visual learner and would like further guidance beyond the instructions in this paper making kit. In that case, we suggest checking out Arnold Grummer’s Papermaking YouTube channel for extra support.

Best money for value: Classic Paper Making Kit for Handmade Papermaking by Wooden Deckle

Classic Paper Making Kit for Handmade Papermaking by Wooden Deckle

Wooden Deckle is a paper making craft brand focused on providing recyclable solutions and alternatives to create beautiful paper from the comfort of your home or craft desk.

Available for ~$66, this paper making kit offers excellent value for money with its easy-to-use, intuitive materials and quality. Suitable for adults and children (ages 12 and up), this kit includes all resources needed to craft 5×7 inch paper from beginning to end.

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I especially appreciate the sturdy, handmade wooden deckle that comes with this kit and its booklet, which covers various paper making projects: green tea paper, pink shimmer paper, botanical-themed paper, and more.

While more expensive than the previous print making kit, I like that it’s more accessible across different age groups and goes into more detail regarding project possibilities — perfect if you’re still figuring out this craft’s full potential.

This kit produces small-sized paper sheets, making it a great choice for personalized gift tag and card making, notebook binding ventures, scrapbooking, and more!

Since this brand is all about repurposing old paper, we suggest gathering anything you have around the house for your pulp. Also, using a blender to process these scraps is practical and makes life easier!

Best for beginners: Waterproof Paper Making Screen Kit 

Waterproof Paper Making Screen Kit 

Although some paper making kits can get a little pricey, there are always more affordable options beginners can look into that don’t require spending a fortune.

This comprehensive paper making kit is only ~$20(!) and includes all the resources you need to explore the craft:

  • A sanded, pinewood deckle
  • A mesh screen
  • A plastic support grid
  • A custom sponge
  • Couch felt
  • Bag of confetti

Because this paper making kit is set up to make A5-sized sheets, it’s the perfect entryway to customized card making, scrapbooking, gift box décor, and mixed-medium projects. It also makes for a budget-friendly, original gift!

Fun fact: This set has been developed by a crafter like yourself! That said, it’s been built from an experience-based perspective to ensure paper making is an accessible, easy hobby anyone can enjoy.

Best for flower pressing: Handmade Paper Making DIY Eco Kit by ManoMonai

Handmade paper making DIY Eco Kit by ManoMonai

Paper making is a beautiful, organic art form in itself, but adding an extra touch of nature makes it all the more special.

This DIY Eco Paper Making Kit is a wonderful option if you’re looking for an alternative experience to standard paper making. This Etsy Star Seller has curated easy-to-do projects in a single set that combine the art of paper making and flower/plant pressing.

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Unlike conventional paper making materials, this set includes glossy paper, dried plants and flowers, cellulose napkins, plastic film, a water-based binder solution, and a paintbrush. And, of course, detailed instructions on this specific method.

I like that the paper in the kit is thin and glossy, allowing light to shine through it to highlight the pressed botanicals. When placing your order, be aware that there are two kits on offer: a set containing four projects and another including eight (prices will vary).

This eco paper making kit is an original way to approach card making, wall art, journaling, and more, from a new angle. Also, know that this product is shipped from Lithuania and delivered worldwide (shipping fees may be applied).

Best for embellishing: DIY Paper Making Kit by Pop Shop America

DIY Paper Making Kit by Pop Shop America

If this isn’t your first paper-making rodeo and you’ve been searching for options that offer a greater variety of embellishments, this best-seller DIY Handmade Paper Kit by Pop Shop America is an excellent pick.

Although most paper making kits offer decorative elements, this A7 set really takes this to the next level by providing an array of items to experiment with color, texture, and themes. And luckily for American readers, this set is shipped from the US and delivered worldwide!

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Besides standard materials, this paper making kit includes marigolds, cornflowers, rose petals, rainbow confetti, gold confetti, glitter, metallic foil, and five units of tissue paper for coloring!

This generous assortment of features is ideal for personalizing greeting cards, notepads, collage art, stationery paper — the list goes on. Tinting your paper is also a great way to understand how this process works and how you can incorporate your favorite hues down the line.

If the dimensions of this deckle seem too small or you simply want to upgrade your paper making kit to something larger, Pop America Shop sells this Big Paper Making Kit (15 x 11cm) for ~$70.

Best for gifts: Paper Making Craft Kit by Tweed and Bananas

Paper Making Craft Kit by Tweed and Bananas

Next up is one of my favorites and makes an excellent gift for anyone who takes pride in crafting custom-made stationery and papercraft projects.

In life, we all know that the inside is what counts; but in this case, the outside is definitely worth mentioning! These paper making kits are packed into adorable pouches made from upcycled table cloths and duvet covers, generally featuring striped or plaid patterns.

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This paper maker includes a 15 x 11cm wooden mold and deckle (joined), illustrated instructions on different handmade paper ideas, a biodegradable cellulose sponge, flat pressing boards, and couching sheets.

And while this isn’t the cheapest product on our list (roughly $46), it’s definitely worth purchasing if you’re looking for a meaningful craft gift.

However, shipping destinations are limited for this item. We advise using Ety’s intuitive platform to contact the Canada-based seller for questions!

Best for kids: 4M Green Science Paper Making Kit

Green Science Paper Making Kit by STEAM Powered Kid

We often consider craft activities for children as outlets for creative expression and artistic skills. However, paper making is also one of the most educational hobbies kids can take on!

This $14 paper making kit for crafters years five and up is packed with fun materials to teach youngsters the importance of recycling through entertaining science and art projects.

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Items in this kit include:

  • A plastic mesh tray (~15×20 cm / 5.9×7.8 cm)
  • A mesh screen,
  • 50g of paper
  • A variety of molds (dinosaur, volcano-themed)
  • Paints
  • A paintbrush
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint

You will need to access a few extra materials to complete all of the projects in this set, so review this information before purchasing. Perhaps you’re looking for something for a young teen? In that case, this Crayola Paper Making Kit is a terrific pick.

Get your kids involved in environmental-friendly pastimes; they’ll thank you for it in the future!

What to know before using a paper making kit

At first glance, paper making can seem a little overwhelming. And it’ll certainly be messy — but the good kind!

On the other hand, knowing a few things before diving into your first paper making kit will help you navigate the craft more confidently.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Be sure you read the complete list of kit contents before purchasing. Most will require a few household items for setup.
  • Using a food processor or a blender will facilitate and speed up pulp-making.
  • The more water you add to your paper scraps, the better the pulp — the mushier, the better!
  • Besides decorative features, adding pieces of newspaper or pages of an old comic book to your pulp will give your final project a unique texture and overall look. In this case, do not water down your pulp too much to retain imagery!
  • Coating your screen with a little cooking spray is a great hack to prevent paper pulp from sticking.
  • While air drying is the most common, traditional method used in paper making, using a hot gun or hair dryer is also OK if you want to speed up the drying process.
  • If your paper curls up once dried, using an iron to flatten it out is a great trick. But, of course, don’t ever put your iron directly onto your paper! Pressing paper in heavy books is another more artisan method used for this purpose.
  • Be creative and mix a bit of technology into the process! I love the idea of using a home printer to print designs and photos onto handmade paper. It’s easy to do and looks great! Not to mention a great way to create wall art or make a thoughtful gift!
  • Although we strongly advise a paper making kit if you’re a beginner, using picture frames is a popular DIY alternative. Woodworkers can also build deckles with just a few materials! You can find a list of essential woodworking tools here if you like this idea!

That’s it for our guide to the best paper making kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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