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As much as I love a good DIY hack, it’s time to put your hairdryer aside and get yourself a heat gun for crafts if you want to give your projects the TLC they deserve. And let’s face it; sometimes, you just need to invest in the real deal.

A small heat gun will make crafting and household fixes simpler, quicker, and undoubtedly more convenient. They’re perfect for tackling different materials and surfaces and getting the job done hassle-free. Here are the best heat guns for creative crafters and DIY enthusiasts

Best for hobbyists
  • Description:

    This versatile heat gun is built specifically for arts and crafts. The dual-temp design is easy to use, comfortable, and affordable.

  • $24.97
Best budget
  • Description:

    This mini heat gun only has one heat setting, but the simple design and low price make it a great pick for simple projects.

  • $17.99
Best heavy duty
  • Description:

    This heavy-duty heat gun features a variable temperature control to provide precise temperatures between 122 and 1200 degrees.

  • $28.99
Best cordless
  • Description:

    This battery-powered heat gun is one of the best you can buy, but it’s expensive if you’re not already in the DEWALT battery ecosystem.

  • $107.80
Best for hobbyists

This versatile heat gun is built specifically for arts and crafts. The dual-temp design is easy to use, comfortable, and affordable.

Best budget

This mini heat gun only has one heat setting, but the simple design and low price make it a great pick for simple projects.

Best heavy duty

This heavy-duty heat gun features a variable temperature control to provide precise temperatures between 122 and 1200 degrees.

Best cordless

This battery-powered heat gun is one of the best you can buy, but it’s expensive if you’re not already in the DEWALT battery ecosystem.

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Best heat guns for crafts

Discover the best heat gun for your workshop or home craft desk in our guide. We’ve rounded up high-quality, affordable, easy-to-manage suggestions to suit all skill sets and needs.

Chandler Heat Gun for Crafts

Chandler Heat Gun for Crafts

Power: 300W max.
Temperature: 572°F (300℃) max.

Cable length: 5ft (~1.5 meters)
Best feature: Specifically for crafts

DIY creatives looking for an all-in-one, versatile heat gun for crafts without burning a hole in their pockets should absolutely give the Chandler Heat Gun a try.

This dual-temp heat gun is one of the very few models specifically marketed for crafts and artsy DIY projects, compatible across various mediums. It provides the ideal combination of low-speed heat to tackle delicate, harder-to-reach surfaces, as well as high-speed heat for broader coverages.

So what can you use this mini heat gun for? Almost everything your crafty mind can think of, from embossing, epoxy resin bubble removal, and decal transferral to candle making, jewelry making, and drying paint — it’s an excellent tool for acrylic pour painting!

But that’s not all: the Chandler Heat Gun is also a handy device for everyday household tasks, such as shrinking plastic tubes and wine bottle capsules, to all kinds of tech repairs. This small heat gun is lightweight and ergonomic and features a conveniently long cord to work swiftly across larger craft stations.

The overall design is also the perfect touch for hobbyists looking for fun heat gun designs. It comes in blue and pink.

Wagner Spraytech HT400 Heat Gun

WAGNER Handheld Mini Heat Gun

Power: 360W
Temperature: 680°F (360℃) max. 

Cable length: 6ft (~2 meters)
Best feature: Three operating positions

The Wagner Spraytech HT400 Heat Gun will give you the feel of a pro-grade power tool while providing beginner-friendly functionalities and a versatile crafting experience.

This dual-temp heat gun can be purchased individually or as a complete craft kit for just a bit more. The kit is an excellent alternative if you want to explore some of the best heat gun accessories, such as flare and reflector nozzles.

What I most like about this tool is that it incorporates three operation positions: palm grip, pencil grip, and hands-free. This means you’ll be able to approach mediums from various angles, switch up workflow, and give your wrist some rest whenever needed. Of course, such versatility will allow you to take on more project sizes, too!

While useful for home repairs like heat shrink tubing and removing adhesives, this is also the ideal product to enjoy high-quality results for handmade craft projects, including embossing for cardmaking, jewelry-making, setting epoxy resin, drying acrylic paint, and more.

For painting ventures, our advice is to test out settings beforehand since exposing too much heat will result in cracking rather than drying. Finally, this heat gun for crafts also works wonders — in the kitchen! Love to bake? It’s perfect for drying icing on cookies and giving crème brulée that burnt top we all know and love.

SEEKONE Mini Heat Gun

SEEKONE Mini Heat Gun

Power: 350W
Temperature: 662°F (350℃)

Cable length: 4.9ft (~1.5 meters)
Best feature: Top-quality single-temp heat gun

Single-temp heat guns are excellent picks if you’re focused on specific project types and sizes that tend to require a consistent amount of heat. In this case, you won’t need a dual-temp heat gun and could consider something like the SEEKONE Mini Heat Gun instead.

This is our pick for the best heat gun with a single temperature setting: it’s high in quality, easy to control, and has a built-in protection system that will turn your tool off automatically if it senses overheating.

You can find this craft heat gun on Amazon for under $20 and enjoy it for burning wax stamps on handwritten letter envelopes, pyrography projects, watercoloring, or curing polymer clay. Note: always check if your materials and heat gun are compatible.

The tool features a modern, pencil-like design that’s intuitive to grip, as well as a conveniently long cable that will benefit you if crafting in a larger area. A nozzle safety shield to protect you from getting burned and a retractable heat gun stand to support your tool during pauses are also included.

Besides your heat gun and a comprehensive manual, your order will contain a reflector nozzle: a handy little metal tip that distributes heat flow evenly around an entire area. This is especially helpful for pesky wire and cable tasks around the home!

Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun

Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun

Power: 300W 
Temperature: ~400°F (~200°C)

Cable length: 6.56ft (~2 meters)
Best feature: Budget-friendly hobby heat gun

Suppose you’re looking for a practical, budget-friendly craft heat gun. In that case, this popular model is available on Amazon for under $15 and is an excellent bet for sporadic crafting and quick tasks.

This hot air shrink gun is made of high-quality steel and features an ergonomic, pencil-like design attached to an extra-long cable: always good news for anyone crafting in more spacious spots! However, this is not a dual-temp heat gun and, therefore, has a limited heat range.

On the other hand, it’s ideal for small to medium-scale projects, such as polymer clay curing, embossing powders on cardstock, and embossing with rubber stamps. Of course, it won’t allow you to craft continuously for long periods, but it’s a cheap, practical alternative to more expensive tools.

It’s a great fit if you’re giving stationery or papercrafting a go and looking for beginner-friendly options that won’t break the bank: it doesn’t really get any cheaper than this. Each heat gun also incorporates a built-in stand for tabletop use which is helpful no matter what kind of work you do.

One of the downsides of this product is that fans are a little louder than other models. But since the goal is to keep heat gun action sweet, short, and simple, this shouldn’t be a major inconvenience.

PRULDE Mini Heat Gun

PRULDE Mini Heat Gun

Power: 380W
Temperature: 850°F (~450℃) max.

Cable length: 6.56Ft (~2 meters)
Best feature: Great value for money

The PRULDE Mini Heat Gun is suitable for workshop, home, and hobby projects and offers beginners excellent value for money due to its affordability and high quality. 

Incorporating a dual-temp system, this model features a built-in bracket for tabletop support, a stainless steel outlet, and a heat overload protection system to keep crafting safe and efficient. This device also has a very long cord to enable mobility and flexibility as you work. 

Apart from a great heat gun for vinyl wrap, PVC pipe bending, repairing electronics, drying, and thawing, it’s just as suitable for creative endeavors such as soldering jewelry, resin bubble removal, candle making, drying watercolor pencil art, and embossing powder. 

So what makes this a great buy, you ask? Primarily the combination of price and quality. This popular, top-rated tool tackles even the hardest-to-reach spots with high heat concentration in limited areas. Its design is also really appealing — it makes for a great, inexpensive gift for a beloved crafter

If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, we highly suggest checking out more models by this brand, such as this impressive Cordless Heat Gun and this comprehensive two-pack; they’re both available on Amazon for excellent value. 

Mlife Mini Heat Gun

Mlife Mini Heat Gun

Power: 350W
Temperature: ~700°F (380℃) max.

Cable length: 6.56 ft (~2 meters)
Best feature: Inexpensive dual-temp model for beginners

The Mlife Mini Heat Gun is a budget-friendly, dual-temp heat gun for crafts featuring high and low-speed gears to accommodate larger surfaces as well as precision work. 

However, while it incorporates heat versatility, I recommend this tool for starters transitioning from a single-temp heat gun: more experienced crafters are likely to find this model way too basic. 

While providing the features of a more elaborate dual-temp model, this heat gun is a more generic, straightforward alternative that will get the job done without having you spend a ton or learn complex settings.

It’s a quality tool without all the bells and whistles, which is perfect for beginners wanting to test the dual-temp waters before making a more permanent purchase. I also appreciate that it includes a shovel-type nozzle for slightly more heavy-duty tasks.

This heat gun for crafts also contains a built-in stand to work hands-free, which is especially convenient when bending PVC pipes, working on electronic repairs, and wrapping vinyl. And, of course, it’s user-friendly for craft projects, whether embossing or drying poured paint canvases. 

Dewalt 20V MAX cordless Heat Gun

Dewalt 20V MAX cordless heat gun

Power: 300W
Temperature: 990°F (~530℃) max.

Cable length: Cordless
Best feature: Battery-powered heat gun

Tool junkies will have the name Dewalt near and dear to their hearts since the company makes everything from table saws to hole saws, but the company’s cordless heat gun is a great pick — if you’re willing to spend a bit more.

While it doesn’t have as much raw power as plug-in models, this portable heat gun still packs a punch, reaching roughly 500°F on low and 990°F on high (260°C and 530°C, respectively). That said, it will take a bit longer to get there.

The biggest selling point here is obviously portability. This battery-powered heat gun is part of Dewalts 20V MAX lineup, and uses the same batteries as the rest of the series. If you (or a family member) are already invested in Dewalt tools and you don’t need to buy a battery, that makes this more than worth the premium.

If not, expect to pay a good 10 times more for the privilege of portability. It’s sold as both a standalone heat gun and as a set with a battery/charger, but if you just want a simple portable heat gun for crafts, the PRULDE cordless model mentioned above is much cheaper.

Wagner Spraytech HT1000 Heat Gun

Wagner Spraytech HT1000 Heat Gun

Power: 1200W
Temperature: 1000°F (~540℃) max.

Cable length: 6ft (~2 meters)
Best feature: Heavy-duty dual-temp craft heat gun

The last two heat guns on our guide feature slightly different designs and are best suited for more seasoned crafters tackling heavy-duty projects, whether for functional or creative purposes.

Wagner’s Spraytech HT1000 Heat Gun is one of the best you can find and offers dual-temp settings with higher temperatures than your average mini heat gun. That said, if you’re sticking to smaller, more detailed craft ventures, there’s really no need to go all-in with this device.

On the other hand, if electric wire shrinking, adhesive removal, or softening large painted surfaces is something you do regularly, this is definitely an option to consider. It’s also great for more complex creative pastimes, such as distressing foam boards, furniture makeovers, and crackling paint for vintage vibes.

This model incorporates two-fan speeds to provide greater control and a super durable nozzle designed to endure high heat without damage. The Wagner Spraytech HT1000 Heat Gun also contains a convenient hanging hook — perfect if you’re finding yourself a little low on storage space!

Besides manually, this heat gun for crafts can also be used hands-free to simplify tasks and give wrists a break. Note that this is a high-heat device and should only be managed by adults. You can also purchase a complete kit with this first-rate heat gun to explore more accessories and possibilities.

SEEKONE Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

SEEKONE Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

Power: 1800W
Temperature: 1202℉ (~650℃) max.

Cable length: 5.25ft (~1.6 meters)
Best feature: Variable temperature heat gun kit

The SEEKONE Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit includes a user-friendly tool with variable temperature control, accessories, and a long cord for optimal crafting.

Unlike standard dual-temp heat guns, this model features a variable heating system that allows you to adjust temperatures according to specific needs and project types. That said, while intuitive, this is a slightly more challenging tool to master if you’re a complete beginner, as heat is more difficult to fine-tune.

It’s the ideal balance between a hobby and a pro-grade tool and, better yet, comes with a very attractive price tag considering its versatility. Again, this isn’t a super basic, nor is it an industry-level tool. That said, no matter your experience, we still advise a little practice with this model.

This heat gun is best for heavy-duty ventures, whether for wrapping, heating PVC, removing paint, or creative ventures like resin or mixed-media art. Its ergonomic handle is great for preventing strained wrists which is especially helpful since this heat gun is designed for longer periods of uninterrupted work.

And remember, this is a complete kit! Therefore, besides your heat gun, you’ll also get four different nozzles to modify airflow according to your needs. It’s important to mention that when using this tool on very high heat, it’s best to let it cool down before turning it off, as this may lead to permanent damage.

What to know before buying a heat gun for crafts

A heat gun for crafts can be used for many purposes. However, to meet expectations, we recommend narrowing down your options to best match your mediums, budget, and project needs.

Below are a few pointers to take into account before purchasing the best heat gun for you.

Confirm the specs of your soon-to-be device, such as power capacity, size, weight, cord length, temperature settings, and more. Knowing these characteristics will help you make the best choice. For instance, knowing how powerful your tool is and how long it will sustain heat is pretty important.

Also, even if a heat gun looks snazzy and goes for a reasonable price, there may be better fits. For example, if you’re a beginner who’s focused on small-scale projects, you may not need a dual-temp heat gun. Likewise for cordless heat guns, which don’t last long and cost much more.

But if you’re an avid hobbyist working through different mediums, we undoubtedly suggest buying something more versatile. That said, don’t put all your energy into comparing price tags; sometimes, something more inexpensive is actually the better option!

Be sure to understand the different types of heat guns and their pros and cons regarding design and ergonomics. A pencil-type model may suit most quicker, small-scale creative hobbies and DIY fixes, but a full-on handheld heat gun will be a lot more convenient for tired wrists and longer crafting sessions.

Learning how to manage your heat gun properly will also contribute to the longevity of your tool. For instance, variable temperature devices can be a little more sensitive and don’t respond well to abrupt switching off of power. Be sure to bring the temperature down before shutting off these heat guns completely.

It’s vital to keep crafting comfortable at all times while reaping the benefits of successful, quality results! Purchasing a complete kit is a great alternative to buying a single tool, as these provide additional accessories to improve workflow and cr outcomes.

Your cord length will also affect how organically you work, depending on how big or small your workstation is. So remember to take this into account (unless you buy a cordless heat gun, of course).

On this note, you’ll also want to check what type of plug your cord has to ensure it’s compatible with the outlets on your side of the globe. Nevertheless, you can always use an adapter to solve this!

That’s it for this guide to the best heat guns for crafts! If you have any other questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below, and we’ll address them as soon as possible.

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