Best hole saw kits for wood, metal, glass, and more

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Having the right hole saw kit provides convenience and precision to any drilling work needed around the house or workshop.

Compatible with a range of materials from metal, wood, and plastic, to tile and glass, there are many options to pick from to suit every need, whether professional or everyday DIY fixer-uppers.

If you’ve been hunting for the best hole saw kits to add to your toolbox, our list will help you make the best choice. Check out our recommendations and quick picks below!

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Best hole saw kits: Quick picks

Lenox hole saw kit

Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit

  • Excellent brand
  • Available in sets of 8, 9, 10, and 17-pieces
  • Versatile cutting ability
Spyder hole saw kit

Spyder Hole Saw Kit

  • Our pick for boring holes into wood
  • Universal arbors that adapt to other hole saw brands
  • Other versions of this kit are available with more or fewer items
Hychicka hole saw kit

HYCHIKA Hole Saw Kit

  • Very complete, budget-friendly set
  • Designed to cut through soft materials
  • Great purchase if you’re new to hole saws and drilling

Best hole saw kits

Read through our list of the best hole saw sets for wood, metal, glass, and more to discover which hole saw kit is the best for you!

Best overall: Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit

Lenox Tools Hole Saw Kit (9 Pieces)

Lenox is a popular hand and power tools brand and it also happens to make one of the very best hole saw kits on the market: the Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit.

These bi-metal hole saws are versatile and we found them very capable, even for heavy-duty drilling. You can choose from four variations of this kit depending on your needs (8, 9, 10, and 17-pieces), all including the most common sizes to accommodate every task.

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Besides optimally designed saw teeth and enhanced walls for durability, these hole saws boast a unique slot mechanism to facilitate plug removal in just a few steps. That said, if you like shortcuts and easy solutions for fluid crafting, this is an excellent pick!

While these hole saws work perfectly with various surfaces, we think they’re most impressive on more rigid materials, such as metal and thick wood.

As one of the top-rated suggestions, this hole saw kit is also one of the more expensive options, but we think it’s definitely worth the investment if you’re searching for tools that last a long time.

Best all-purpose: Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit

Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit (13 Pieces)

Milwaukee is another highly-trustworthy brand, and these all-purpose Milwaukee Hole Saw Kits ensure an intuitive experience, suitable for anyone, whether professionals or avid home improvers.

Exceptionally lightweight, this is a savvy pick if you struggle with arthritis or wrist pain and want to avoid additional weight on your drill. In addition, tooth design has been developed with advanced technology to guarantee effortless, clean drilling.

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While these hole saws perform very well for most tasks, I believe they’re best for sporadic work vs. everyday heavy-duty drilling. Also, consider the materials you’ll be cutting as these will impact the life span of your tools — thin metals and wood are best suited.

Each kit includes a sturdy case with compartments you can customize to organize your tools as you see fit. Different variations of this kit are available with more or fewer hole saws and accessories; it’s a matter of finding what matches your needs.

I think the 13-piece hole saw kit is a great choice if this is your first purchase: you’ll have more than enough options to work with for under $80. On the other hand, the 28-piece kit is your best bet if you want something more ambitious and are willing to pay a higher value.

Best value: Sungator Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit (18 Pieces)

The SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit is available in sets of 5, 7, and 18 pieces and offers a super affordable alternative to some of the best hole saw kits on the market. The complete 18-piece set costs under ~$40!

Compatible with plywood, PVC, drywall, and metal, these hole saws are rust-proof, sharp, and durable, making these tools highly efficient for a myriad of home improvement projects.

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One of the perks of this kit is its larger hole saws which cut through 43mm-50mm and feature four handy slots (two slots are standard) to make plug removal quick and fuss-free.

An adapter is another plus, allowing you to adjust a small mandrel to a medium mandrel if required. Besides these materials, this kit comes in a foam-based, compact plastic case to ensure tools are protected and locked in safely.

And while this may seem like a given, I’ve come across many sets that don’t offer this level of storage quality. If you’re one to transport your tools daily, I advise considering this factor when looking for your next hole saw kit!

Best for wood: Spyder Hole Saw Kit

Spyder Hole Saw Kit (13 Pieces)

If you know anything about power tool accessories, you’re bound to have heard about Spyder, the manufacturer of these high-quality hole saw kits.

Although compatible with heavy-duty materials like metal, these hole saws really shine when drilling wood. Besides clean sawing and perfect, debris-free slots, you can expect speediness with these tools —they cut five times quicker than average hole saws.

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However, a more substantial power drill is crucial to successfully work through thicker surfaces like wood. That said, be sure to consider if you have the appropriate conditions to make this task as efficient as possible.

These Spyder hole saws also feature a rapid core eject function that removes plugs with the press of a button! These kits also contain universal arbors that adapt to other hole saws, such as the Lenox and Milwaukee models on our list.

Although Spyder does offer a broader range of kit options, for under $80, you can get a complete 13-piece bi-metal set. We think this kit provides the perfect balance between price and quality, making it the ideal pick for first-time wood crafters wanting to test the waters.

Best for hard metal: EZARC Hole Saw Kit

EZARC Hole Saw Kit (9 Pieces)

This complete, 9-piece carbide hole cutter set is the perfect match if you’re goal is to drill through heavy-duty, metal surfaces.

Unlike most of the best hole saw kits listed, this set contains industrial-grade tools; ten times more durable than most bi-metal hole saws for metal.

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These hole saws cut shake-free through stainless steel, sheet metal, aluminum, cast iron, and others, measuring up to 5mm. The 9-piece set includes five hole cutters of varying sizes, three pilot drill bits, and a hex key.

Although industrial grade, these can be used to fix anything around the home, whether in your kitchen, your air conditioning, electric boxes, etc. On the other hand, experience with boring holes with a high-powered drill is advisable as metal is more challenging to cut through.

Considering these tools’ top quality and durability, this is one of the most expensive items on our list at roughly $100. If you don’t require as many cutters and accessories and can make do with fewer options, there is a 6-piece set available too, for under $60.

Best for ceramics/glass: Semderm Diamond Drill Bits Set

Semderm Diamond Drill Bits Set (10 Pieces)

If you’re planning on cutting through fragile surfaces such as glass or tile, this premium 10-piece diamond hole saw set is both efficient and affordable.

Each cutter is composed of carbon steel and nickel plating for maximum protection and, unlike other hole saws, is coated with industrial-grade diamonds instead of saw teeth.

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The most compatible surfaces for these hole saws are glass, ceramic, marble, porcelain, brick, and more. If you love creative hobbies around gardening, this is an excellent tool to bore drainage holes into ceramic pots!

Know that this style of hole saw does tend to require a little more know-how vs. DIY-type hole saw kits. For example, depending on your chosen material, you may need to add water as you drill — excessive heat can lead to blunt diamonds and impact the process.

However, this set goes for only ~$8, which is worth the investment if you’re curious to try these out. If you’re looking for something a little more complete, Etsy sells this multi-colored 25-piece pack that will meet the needs of more advanced hobbyists!

Best for soft surfaces: HYCHIKA Hole Saw Kit

HYCHIKA hole saw kit

Another great hole saw kit is the HYCHIKA 19-piece set, a popular, cheap solution for cutting an array of soft materials and surfaces.

Including 13 hole saws in different sizes, this pack also contains two mandrels, drill bits for replacement, an installation plate, and a hex key.

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Because these hole saws are suited for soft materials such as plastic, softwood, PVC, and others, they will drill beautifully up to 25mm in depth. In addition, their carbon steel saw teeth ensure quick, slick, and smooth cutting —and all for roughly 20 bucks!

Nevertheless, as tempting as this product’s price may be, it’s not suitable for heavy-duty materials, so I suggest not trying your luck — it’ll be a waste of time and money.

This is an excellent kit for first-time drillers and homeowners looking to take on new home improvement projects; it’s affordable, easy to use, offers range, and is cheaper than many individually bought hole saws!

Best hole saw kit for doors: DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit

Dewalt door installation kit

Even if you don’t consider yourself the typical handyman or woman, you’ll find yourself confidently installing knobs on your own with this hole saw kit for doors.

This Dewalt pack comprises everything you need to get the job done quickly, is compatible with the majority of modern lock sizes, and is suitable for metal and wood doors.

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The structure’s C-clamp design makes prep work easy, and you won’t have to worry about meticulous measuring. In addition, this gadget comes with an adapter and comprehensive guide that will have you boring holes within minutes.

I love how practical and straightforward this kit is, as it sticks to the essentials and is not packed with an overwhelming number of unnecessary bits and pieces to get the job done.

On the other hand, having an additional arbor would help avoid having to switch bits. Although the kit’s steps are easy to follow, it is important to follow instructions carefully to prevent incorrect drilling or possible door damage.

Best for electricians: DEWALT Hole Saw Electrician’s Kit

DEWALT Hole Electrician Saw Kit (13 Pieces)

The following product on our list is an all-rounded option for electricians and plumbers who need to make drilling efficient, quick, and convenient on a daily basis.

With optimal fast plug ejection, these bi-metal hole saws last up to 50% longer than standard models and feature excellent saw teeth for long-life drilling through the most challenging materials.

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This Dewalt kit includes two easy-to-swap mandrels and M3 steel hole saws to guarantee durability. The kit case is also very compact, easy to store, and designed to keep items secure while transporting.

Whether wood, metal, or plastic, this kit provides everything needed to accomplish any sawing task. Hole saws can also be purchased individually if you are interested in saving a little money.

Taking this product’s quality and heavy-duty endurance into account, the price of this complete 9-piece set is pretty affordable at ~$70.

Best for professionals: Bosch Professional Hole Saw Kit

Bosch Professional Saw Hole Kit

The last suggestion for the best hole saw kits is the Expert set by the ever-popular Bosch brand.

This kit is best suited for professionals or crafters who do lots of drilling regularly and includes high-quality hole saws designed to cut through diverse material types from wood and metal to brick and tile.

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Its tools are developed to last 50 times longer than the average bi-metal hole saw, containing carbide technology to ensure exceptional durability and high tolerance to additional heat. Cutting ability is up to 60mm in depth, no matter the resource.

Because of its efficiency and popularity, this product is another of the pricier options on our list — a 14-piece kit costs over $200. You can also buy these individually if you just want a specific hole saw size vs. a complete set.

Bosch is also home to other hole saw kits you might be interested in for different purposes, such as the brand’s premium Diamond Hole Saw Set, Carbide Universal Hole Saw Set, and Sheet Metal Hole Saw Set.

How to choose the best hole saw kits and what to know

Whether you’re looking for hole saw kits for the first time or your goal is to retire an old set, here are a few things to keep in mind as you research the best hole saw kit for you.

The pieces indicated per kit do not refer to the total number of hole saws included in a set but to all of the accessories. For example, a 13-piece kit will likely contain around eight hole saws plus additional bits. 

Know your tools! It’s essential to understand how these items work and become familiarized with all the necessary parts to make them function, such as mandrels, arbors, pilot bits, plugs, etc. 

Be sure to have a drill that is compatible with the items in your potential hole saw kit. Also, consider your resources. The more rigid and thick your materials are (metal, hardwood, etc.), the more potent your drilling power should be. 

Safety is always crucial, especially if you’re planning on doing home improvement or DIY projects with this tool for the first time. Wearing goggles and gloves are always easy safety precautions you should consider. 

Not all hole saws have the same depth range or diameters. That said, it’s not worth experimenting with different materials and hole saws unless indicated for specific tasks/resources: this will dull your saw teeth in no time or simply not cut at all. 

Evaluate price and kit size. As a professional, you might want to upgrade your kit to something more comprehensive. But if you figure you’ll only use your hole saws a couple of times a year, your needs will likely be met with a smaller set. 

Always consult if your kit and hole saws are appropriate for cordless drilling and do as your potential seller advises. 

That’s all for our guide to the best hole saw kits! Which will you be getting? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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