Best basket weaving classes: Master basket making online

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There aren’t many crafts that have as rich and widespread a history as basket weaving.

Still considered a staple in many cultures around the globe, this art form can now be learned and perfected from the comfort of your own home!

Whether you’re interested in basic weaving techniques or are looking to master more complex skills, taking a few online basket weaving classes is the perfect way to get started.

Read up on some of the best basket weaving classes we’ve lined up in our guide and begin taking strides toward your new, soon-to-be favorite hobby!

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How to choose the best basket weaving class for you

When trying to find the best basket weaving classes for you, there are numerous factors to consider.

Evaluating prices, access to materials, and defining your skill level are crucial points to brainstorm whenever narrowing down your options. 

Fortunately, plenty of online platforms offer craft-centered classes for all demands. Most of the courses highlighted below are also very budget-friendly; you might even come across a few free trials and open lessons — keep your eyes peeled! 

A complete layout of the required materials will also be given in each of the listed basket weaving classes before you start. Luckily for beginners, most introductory courses demand tools that are easily found around the house. 

Best basket weaving classes

Here’s our lineup of the best basket weaving classes you can find online right now!

From simple baskets to large rope storage containers, these lessons will give you the know-how to create unique, decorative projects without having to leave your home studio or craft station!

Weaving Baskets with Natural Fiber

Weaving baskets with natural fiber

Teacher: José Manuel Ocas
Platform: Skillshare
Level: Beginner

Duration: 19 Lessons (1h 45m)
Audio: English (dubbed)
Subtitles: Yes (CC)

In this Skillshare class, instructor José Manuel Ocas will guide you through the world of handmade, natural fiber, woven baskets.

Throughout 19 lessons, José will go over how you can successfully take on basket weaving as a personal project while also teaching you how to generate profit from your newfound skills — great for entrepreneurial creatives!

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To get you practicing, you’ll be challenged to a class project in which you’ll learn how to classify and weave natural fibers. Besides fundamentals, Jose will teach you about the deep cultural history of the craft, focusing on the works of ancient Peruvian artisans.

What’s more, 50% of the revenue generated by this course is donated to real-deal artisan communities throughout Latin America — another great reason to start your learning journey here!

This course is designed for all skill levels, with easy-to-follow instructions and instructor guidance from start to finish. You’ll get a full list of all the tools needed to make a decorative basket out of natural fiber from the get-go.

You can enjoy Skillshare’s free, one-month trial by clicking below!

Weaving Techniques for Colorful Basketry

Weaving techniques for colorful basketery

Teacher: Adrianus Kundert
Platform: Domestika
Level: Beginner

Duration: 14 Lessons (2h 23m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: Yes

Product designer Adrianus Kunder will be your teacher for this Domestika course, during which you’ll learn how to play with color to make stunning basket creations!

Teaching you to approach this old artisan craft from a more modern standpoint, your instructor will challenge you to apply weaving techniques to create a tote bag — this is also an excellent suggestion for fashion lovers!

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The main methods you will learn are the biaxial and triaxial techniques, a unique design method that will show you how to go from 2D to 3D creations. Although this project is not as standard as those featured in other basket weaving classes, it’s a very creative way to teach you the basics of the art form.

If you’re interested in learning techniques and different crafting methods to tackle basket weaving, Domestika’s class, Basket Weaving for Beginners: The Coiling Technique, taught by Tabara N’Diaye, is a great choice: it’s also in English! 

Contemporary Artisanal Basketwork 

Contemporary artisanal basketwork basket weaving classes

Teacher: Idoia Cuesta
Platform: Domestika
Level: Beginner

Duration: 12 Lessons (1h 47m)
Audio: Spanish
Subtitles: Yes

If you’re looking for an introduction to basket weaving, this Domestika course is an excellent place to begin.

This class is ideal for designers, artisans, or anyone interested in traditional basketry and — requires zero knowledge of basket making beforehand!

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Your instructor, Idoia Cuesta, will begin by taking you through her basket-weaving work and the different techniques and influences found in traditional basket-making.

After, you’ll work on designing your own decorative basket from scratch, applying different materials and skills by following your teacher step-by-step.

Throughout these lessons, you’ll also receive additional resources to support your learning during or after course completion. Click below to watch the class trailer and learn what materials are required for this Domestika course!

Create Amazing Projects Weaving with Natural Fibers

Create amazing projects basket weaving classes

Teacher: José Manuel Ocas
Platform: Udemy
Level: Beginner

Duration: 43 Lessons (6h 22m))
Audio: English (dubbed)
Subtitles: Indonesian (CC)

In this course, we welcome back Peruvian artisan José Manuel Ocas, now starring in this beginner class on Udemy!

This is one of our guide’s most comprehensive basket weaving classes and will teach you the foundational skills to craft authentic, Peruvian-inspired baskets, purses, and other handmade pieces.

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With over six hours of easy-to-follow instructions and access to multiple downloadable resources, this course is an excellent choice if you’re eager to truly grasp this art form’s full potential and possibilities.

During this time, you’ll weave a coaster and gradually move on to creating a decorative woven basket with the support of clear, step-by-step guidelines. By the end of the course, classifying and handling different fibers and ancient weaving techniques will be second nature!

Udemy works on an individual course purchase basis and provides lifetime access to content once you’ve signed up; find out more by clicking below!

School of Basketry Online Basket Weaving Courses

School of basketry best basket weaving classes

Teacher: Asaf Salim
Platform: School of Basketry
Level: All levels

Duration: 1-4h
Audio: English
Subtitles: N/A

While plenty of online basket weaving classes are available for very affordable prices, content on the School of Basketry is entirely free, with no sign-up or course registration needed!

Teacher and self-taught basketmaker, Asaf Salim, offers a diversity of basket weaving classes ranging from beginner courses to specialized lessons for advanced crafters.

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During his class, Introduction to Willow Basket Making, Salim will guide starters through eight clear and concise lessons covering basic weaving techniques — which you will apply while creating a simple woven basket.

The School of Basketry also offers a thorough beginner’s guide that encompasses all of the primary tools and guidelines you’ll need to create a handmade basket on your own.

Once you’ve mastered the simple willow basket, be sure to check out the other free courses offered on this platform, including more advanced lessons on making round bases, oval bases, and unique, eye-catching borders.

However, keep in mind that these aren’t the most streamlined or well-produced courses out there. But it’s still a great open resource to enjoy basket weaving classes for all levels!

Woven Yarn Basket

Woven yarn basket weaving classes

Teacher: Anne Weil
Platform: Craftsy
Level: Beginner

Duration: 1 Lesson (6m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: N/A

Compressed in just one six-minute video lesson, fiber artist Anne Weil will walk you through the process of making a yarn basket with leather handles; despite their simplicity, these yarn baskets are super elegant and easy to create!

This is the perfect class if you love to create cozy, store-bought-looking items to add to your home or gift loved ones. To practice as you learn, be sure to have access to standard basket weaving tools — and some comfy, oversized yarn.

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You’ll also gain access to downloadable yarn basket instructions once you purchase this class. By the time your lesson comes to an end, you’ll be on your way to making stylish storage space for blankets, crafts, books, magazines, and more.

Craftsy includes both subscription and individual course purchase options. Remember, when signing up for a membership, you’ll have open access to the platform’s entire content library!

Weaving for Beginners: Basic Weaving Techniques

Weaving for beginners basic weaving classes

Teacher: Annabel Wrigley
Platform: Creativebug
Level: Beginner

Duration: 4 Lessons (45m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: Yes (CC)

In this introductory course on Creativebug, your teacher Annabel Wrigley shares the essentials to help you create a colorful, geometric wall hanging. 

Throughout this 45-minute course, Annabel will guide you on building a loom out of a frame, warping the loom, and creating fringe, stripes, and colored shapes.

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The course also goes over all the materials you’ll need to complete your decorative weaving project. Focused on beginners, most of the required materials for this class can easily be found around the house or bought in most craft stores.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of weaving in part one, you’ll be ready to tackle more advanced weaving techniques and projects in Annabel’s follow-up weaving course. And before you know it, you’ll be ready to explore more advanced basket weaving classes!

Creativebug is a beloved learning platform for crafters and offers different payment options. While it often offers unlocked content, you can also sign up for a free trial by clicking below!

Contemporary Basketwork Techniques Applied to Fashion 

Contemporary basket weaving classes applied to fashion

Teacher: Idoia Cuesta
Platform: Domestika
Level: Beginner

Duration: 13 Lessons (2h 13m)
Audio: Spanish
Subtitles: Yes

As the second of Idoia Cuesta’s basket-making classes to make the cut, this course offers a refreshing, modern approach to this craft: basket-weaving as a fashion statement!

Idoia will cover the entire process of basket-making for fashion accessories from beginning to end.

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Foundational techniques, both new and traditional, will be taught to weave a customized vegetable fiber bag — leading you to your class project: weaving one yourself!

Along with these lessons, eight additional resources will be provided — great documentation to practice fundamental skills before tackling more demanding basket weaving classes!

Don’t forget; once a course is purchased on Domestika, lifetime access is granted — click below to find out more!

Weave a Small Square Basket with Paper

Weave a small square basket with paper

Teacher: Rita Baker
Platform: Udemy
Level: Beginner

Duration: 7 Lessons (35m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: Yes (CC)

This short course is probably the most unconventional on our basket weaving classes lineup: students will learn the basics of paper basket weaving from instructor Rita Baker.

This free, open-access Udemy tutorial teaches simple weaving techniques to make unique handmade projects such as small woven paper baskets with basic materials and — lots of creativity!

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Easy and intuitive, Rita’s class is the perfect stop if you want to experience the art of basket weaving from another angle and test out your skills on different mediums.

This square paper basket tutorial is suitable for beginners, papercraft enthusiasts, and children and can be a fun group activity to enjoy with family and friends.

Sign up on Udemy and access this free course to start learning!

Knit a Sturdy Cotton Rope Basket 

Knit a sturdy cotton rope basket weaving classes

Teacher: Cara Corey
Platform: Skillshare
Level: Beginner

Duration: 7 Lessons (29m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: Yes (CC)

In this Skillshare class, your instructor Cara Corey will walk you through using giant knitting needles to assemble a beautiful, sturdy cotton rope basket — the perfect pick for knitters looking to explore the world of basketry. 

Because this type of basket requires a simple garter stitch, some background in knitting comes in handy. Want to learn more? Check out our favorite online knitting classes!

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However, we can reassure you that you don’t have to fully master these skills; most of our recommendations are to get you started regardless of your previous experience!

By the end of the course, you’ll have created a beautiful customized rope basket to hold your blankets, books, toys, or whatever you see fit. If you enjoy this class’s hands-on project, check out all of Cara Corey’s Skillshare courses for more decorative storage ideas!

Don’t want to commit to a yearly subscription just yet? Click below to enroll in Skillshare’s free, one-month trial.

How to Dye and Stain Fibers with Aniline for Basket Weaving

How to Dye and Stain Fibers with Aniline for Basket Weaving classes

Teacher: José Manuel Ocas
Platform: Skillshare
Level: Beginner

Duration: 14 Lessons (1h 10m)
Audio: English (dubbed)
Subtitles: Yes (CC)

Last up on our basket weaving classes guide is once again presented by expert artisan José Manuel Ocas — this time a Skillshare course on dying natural fibers for basket weaving!

Your instructor will demonstrate how to apply inexpensive, easy-to-use dyes by using aniline (an organic compound originating from coal and oil) to exemplify the process.

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This class includes a hands-on project during which you’ll learn the formulas to dye fiber in 11 different colors. By the end of this course, you’ll master expert workarounds and techniques to confidently create bright, colorful fibers to make baskets from home.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artisan looking for a budget option for fabric-dying, this course is packed with lots of great tips to help you take your basket-weaving ventures a step further on the cheap!

Enjoy this class by signing up for Skillsare’s free trial or sign up for a yearly subscription. Click below to learn more!

That’s it for our list of best online basket weaving classes! Do you have any more recommendations? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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