Best candle making classes: Make handmade candles from home

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Candle making has become a fad many of us have come to love because — let’s face it — who doesn’t adore a beautiful candle that smells like paradise?  

If you’ve been yearning to explore an easy, low cost hobby to enjoy from the comfort of your home, candle making may be just the activity you’re looking for! 

You’d be surprised to find out how fun and easy the experience can be with just a little know-how and a short list of supplies. 

Whether your inclination to making candles is to gift loved ones, start a business, or to simply have fun, check out our lineup of candle making classes online to get you in the groove! 

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How to choose the best candle making class for you

This comprehensive guide of the best candle making classes will offer you plentiful options to choose from to jumpstart your learning journey. 

On this list, you’ll find courses featured on some of the most popular online learning platforms for crafters: Skillshare, Udemy, and The Crafter’s Box.

While Skillshare does require a yearly subscription to access lessons, courses on Udemy and The Crafter’s Box do not require a membership and can be purchased individually.

If you’re looking for more affordable options, Udemy and Skillshare provide the most budget-friendly alternatives. On the other hand, courses on The Crafter’s Box are on the pricier side.

However, most workshops on the platform include kits, meaning that along with a digital class, you’ll also receive all the materials needed to complete your project as you learn.

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Before you sign up for one of the candle making classes listed, we encourage you to consider a few factors: 

  • Choose a platform that provides the most convenient paying option for you
  • Check the duration of each class to make sure you’re available to follow through
  • Look into the class projects proposed in each lesson to see what enthuses you most
  • Make sure you can access the materials required to practice as you learn
  • Evaluate teaching styles and central course themes by watching class trailers
  • Figure out if the courses below provide bonus features you can benefit from

The upside to this craft is that it’s affordable and intuitive to learn, making any of the candle making classes in this guide a great place to start! 

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Best candle making classes

Below are 10 of the best online candle making classes you can sign up for today to learn how to make pretty, aromatic candles at home! 

How To Make Candles – Candle Making For Beginners

Candle making classes - how to make candles for beginners

Teacher: Shona O’Connor
Platform: Udemy
Level: Beginner

Duration: 11 Lessons (3h 44m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: CC (English)

If you’re new to candle making, this introductory course on Udemy is a fantastic pick to start tackling this craft from scratch!

Taught by Shona O’ Connor, this beginners class will cover all of the skills and tools needed to successfully create a myriad of candles of different colors, scents, and molds. 

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You’ll learn how and when to use a variety of waxes as well as pick up on criteria to select wicks according to types and size. Shona will also show you how to play with dye to create themes for your candles and mold them into unique shapes.

And learning how to mix essential oils effectively to create delightful fragrances is also included, of course! Although prior experience is not required for this class, you’ll need the following materials to work with: wax, dye, essential oils, and a mold. 

After purchasing this Udemy course, you’ll have unlimited access to all of its content forever!

Rolled Beeswax Digital Class

Beeswax candle making classes_the crafter's box

Teacher: Liz Wagner
Platform: The Crafter’s Box
Level: Beginner

Duration: N/A
Audio: English
Subtitles: N/A

Up next is one of the most creative candle making classes on our guide, taught by The Crafter’s Box Creative Lead, Liz Wagner.

During this time, you’ll learn how to craft with beeswax sheets to create sophisticated candles of different shapes and sizes.

Your instructor will show you how to achieve various candle-making styles step by step: tapered, fluted, pillar, beehive, and decorative floating candles. Customizing your candles by experimenting with colors and cut shapes can also be expected.

Besides the digital class, you can also purchase a full workshop version of this course, meaning you’ll have access to class content as well as a comprehensive material kit to complete your project.

While more expensive than the candle making classes on Skillshare and Udemy, this class is undoubtedly worth the splurge if you’re looking for a supreme learning experience!

Candle Making For Beginners – For Fun or To Build a Business

Candle making for beginners for fun or to build a business

Teacher: Kevin Partner
Platform: Udemy
Level: Beginner

Duration: 21 Lessons (2h 1m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: CC (English)

Whether you’re interested in this craft for personal or professional purposes, this Udemy course will go through all you need to know to start your candle making quest!

Presented by Kevin Partner, this class offers a thorough look into the essential skills behind candle creation.

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Your instructor will explain which waxes and wicks are most suitable, how to handle equipment safely, and will exemplify the best methods to measure fragrance and dye during this process. 

Besides practical demonstrations, Kevin will also provide a variety of additional resources you can refer to when working independently after course completion.

By the end of this class, you’ll feel confident to take the first steps toward making enviable creations to display or sell! 

Candle Making: Scent Your Way To Paradise

Candle making classes - scent your way to paradise

Teacher: John Norman
Platform: Skillshare
Level: Beginner

Duration: 7 Lessons (10m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: CC (English)

This Skillshare course is designed to teach you how to make a candle that evokes the feeling of your favorite vacation spot!

This bite-sized, 10-minute class is guided by John Norman who will walk you through the process of using soy wax, matching wicks to containers, and creating personalized aromas. 

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Once you’ve got the skills down, you’ll be putting them into action through a class project — creating a candle that reminds you of your personal paradise. 

Short, sweet, and simple, Kevin’s beginner’s course is an attractive opportunity to learn this craft by focusing on the bare essentials. Materials needed for this class include soy wax, wicks, fragrance oil, and a jar. 

Sign up for a yearly subscription on Skillshare to access this course and unlock all of its candle making classes! Want to know what it’s all about first? Try out the platform’s free 1-month trial by clicking below!

Gel Candles – How To Make Amazing Candles Quickly and Easily

How to make amazing candles quickly and easily

Teacher: Shona O’Connor
Platform: Udemy
Level: Intermediate

Duration: 35 Lessons (1h 49m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: CC (English)

Shona O’Connor makes a second appearance on this list of candle making classes, now with a course on making gel candles! 

During this intermediate Udemy class, you’ll become versed in working with gel vs. wax as your main material.

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Understanding the principal differences between both, applying layering techniques, and embedding decorative elements in your creation will also be covered. 

One of the central aspects of this course will be calculating percentages to make layers. But fear not, as your instructor will accompany you during every stage! 

Remember, once you purchase this course on Udemy, you’ll be given lifetime access to all of its content and resources. Continue reading to find more candle making classes on the platform!

Fabulous Candle Making For All – Candler Level 1 Certified

Fabulous candle making or all candler level 1 certified

Teacher: Tania Magdalene
Platform: Udemy
Level: Beginner

Duration: 50 Lessons (4h 41m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: N/A

Next is another Udemy course, this time taught by Tania Magdalene who will show beginners how they can easily take on this activity with just a few hours of learning! 

Packed with detailed information on materials and resources, this starters class will go over the basics of wax candle making and teach you how to recycle and repurpose old candles. Tania will also reveal the types of wicks and essential oils you can look for to enrich your homemade candle making kit. 

Besides this, Tania will share her approach to brainstorming candle ideas, selecting colors, and fragrances, and let you know how to avoid common mistakes. 

Continue reading to discover the remaining candle making classes we’ve found for you!

Poured Soy Candles Premium Workshop

Soy wax candle making classes_the crafter's box

Teacher: Melissa and Chad Burgess
Platform: The Crafter’s Box
Level: Beginner

Duration: N/A
Audio: English
Subtitles: N/A

The Crafter’s Box is a top-quality platform with endless craft workshops and kits.

This candle making class stars wife-and-husband team Melissa and Chad Burgess, who will guide you through the process of creating elegant hand-poured soy candles. You’ll learn how to select wick sizes and vessels, prepare your wax for pouring, and experiment with different fragrances.

Besides the digital class, you can also purchase this workshop with a complete kit to craft with the same materials used by your instructors — a practical, innovative way to follow along as you learn.

Kits will include enough material to make up to seven hand-poured soy candles! Although this is one of the priciest class on our guide, it definitely is worth it if you’re looking to learn with high-quality tools and professional crafters.

Want to see what else this platform has to offer? Check out this candle making class, too: Hand Poured Candle & Scent Blending Digital Class.

Create a Perfect Soy Wax Candle

Create a perfect soy wax candle candle making classes

Teacher: Iuliia Skripchenko
Platform: Udemy
Level: All levels

Duration: 11 Lessons (35m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: CC (English)

Next up is another class focused on soy wax candle making and is a great option for enthusiasts of all levels looking to explore this specific material further. 

Your teacher Iuliia Skripchenko presents a comprehensive visual guide that’ll have you making unique, scented candles at first attempt! 

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Sections in this course include directions on how to prepare a mold, melt soy wax, add aromas, mediate temperatures, and pour wax with technique and caution. You’ll also learn how to avoid holes, white spots, “tunnels”, and overall imperfections in the finished product.

Previous candle making experience or knowledge is not mandatory for this course, however, working with a basic candle making kit to make the best out of these lessons will be recommended.

To experiment with different techniques, look into other candle making classes on this guide!

How To Make Your First SOY Candle

How to make your first soy candle with candlescience candle making kit

Teacher: Tiffany Itzel
Platform: Skillshare
Level: Beginner

Duration: 6 Lessons (14m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: CC (English)

This beginner-level Skillshare class is taught by Tiffany Itzel and offers you a compressed walkthrough on how to make a soy candle using the CandleScience Candle Making Kit. 

You’ll learn how to safely melt wax, blend scented oils, secure and center a wick, and properly pour mixed wax into a candle container. This course also invites you to participate in a class project during which you’ll use the kit to create three scented soy candles.

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The CandleScience kit offers the main materials required throughout the course. In addition to this, all you’ll need to gather is a spoon, paper towels, rubbing alcohol, and a medium-sized pot. You’ll also need access to a stove or burner to melt the soy wax to create your final products.

Sign up for a yearly subscription on Skillshare to have access to this content and other candle making classes on the platform! You can also sign up for a free 1 month trial for a test drive by clicking below! 

Aromatherapy Candle Making

Aromatherapy candle making class

Teacher: Álysoon Correia
Platform: Udemy
Level: All levels

Duration: 40 Lessons (2h 52m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: CC (English)

Álysoon Correia is your instructor for this Udemy course and will show you the ropes to creating natural, therapeutic candles designed to benefit health and well-being. 

Apart from demonstrating the basics of candle making, Álysoon will educate you on the power of aromatherapy, teaching you how to combine alluring candles with soothing aromas. 

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It’s believed that with the right blend of scents you can treat a variety of symptoms and induce healing and relaxation. Therefore, mixing oils, learning how to make long-lasting scents, and performing wick burn tests will be some of the most important aspects you’ll learn during this time.

Don’t forget that you can always complement this course with any of the candle making classes in this guide!

CANDLES – How To Make a Candle Lamp and a Tealight Candle

How to make a candle lamp and tealight candle

Teacher: Colo Alonso
Platform: Skillshare
Level: Beginner

Duration: 6 Lessons (15m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: CC (English)

This brief Skillshare course is taught by candle-lover (and industrial designer) Colo Alonso.

She will guide you through the process of making lovely tealight candles and a paraffin candle lamp that can be showcased both indoors and outdoors! 

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This is a beginner-level class, with lessons designed to be short, simple, and easy for anyone to follow. By the end of it, you’ll possess the fundamental know-how needed to become a tealight candle-making connoisseur.  

Throughout this bite-sized course you’ll complete a project during which you’ll create a reusable candle lamp and a tealight candle. With just a few basic materials, you’ll quickly find how easy it is to make impressive, hand-crafted candles to add to your home decor!

Sign up for Skillshare’s yearly subscription to enjoy open access to all of the platform’s candle making classes or click below for a free, 1-month trial.

Meditative Candle Making – For Beginners

Meditative candle making for beginners

Teacher: Jovanna Benavente
Platform: Udemy
Level: Beginner

Duration: 24 Lessons (1h 47m)
Audio: (Language)
Subtitles: CC (English)

The last course on our list of candle making classes is taught by Jovanna Benavente, who brings some serious zen vibes to the art of candle making.

Engaging and relatable, Jovanna has been making candles since the age of 15 and encourages you to take on this craft as an enjoyable, meditative activity

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You’ll grasp techniques to incorporate color and fragrances into your creations, and the skills to measure ingredients to make molded and votive candles.

Your instructor will also offer tips on recurring “dos and don’ts” to be successful while making your candles at home. Aside from technique, this course also includes a lecture on zen in the art of candle making.

That said, if you’re interested in learning more about the meditative side of this craft, this class is the perfect choice for you! 

That’s it for our list of the top candle making classes online! Do you have any more recommendations? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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