Best stained glass kits: Make delicate, colorful glass art from home

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Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve just finished taking a few stained glass art classes, it’s only natural to get excited about putting your newfound skills to the test.

Stained glass kits are a great way to start crafting with the added convenience of having everything you need in a single bundle.

Whether you’re into more traditional stained glass projects or prefer fuss-free glass art-inspired activities, our list includes a little bit of something for everyone, no matter your age or expertise.

Keep reading to discover our suggestions for the best stained glass kits you can buy online.

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Best stained glass kits: Quick picks

Delphi-Glass-Ultimate- Stained Glass Kit

Delphi Glass Ultimate Stained Glass Start-Up

  • Premium quality kit
  • Expensive bundle
  • Includes deluxe glass grinder

Stained Glass Beginner Tool Kits

Stained Glass Beginner Tool Kit

  • Very complete starter kit
  • Includes instructional book
  • Hakko soldering iron (temperature control)


COLORFUL Stained Glass Paint Set 

  • Easy stained glass art-inspired project
  • Under $20
  • Ideal for beginners and kids

How to choose the best stained glass kits

Sure, affordability and quick delivery are important when looking into stained glass kits, but there are other aspects you should also consider before making your pick.

If starting completely from scratch, look for stained glass kits that include everything you need. Apart from glass and flux/foil, try to aim for sets that contain essentials such as a soldering iron, glass cutters, and pliers. 

Unless you’re working with pre-cut stained glass kits, you’ll also probably want to look into a glass grinder to smooth glass edges for accurate crafting. While not vital at first, these are helpful tools that beginners, particularly, will benefit from.

However, these can be purchased separately if you decide to invest more seriously in the craft down the line.

You should also know that most kits come with either copper foil or lead came. For beginners, I highly recommend copper foil, as it’s easier and best for hobby projects and small-scale works like Tiffany lamps.

Lead came is more complex to work with, but perfect for larger, more ambitious projects. This is what you see in Notre Dame’s iconic window art! That said, it’s a great alternative to experiment with once you’ve got the basics down.

Lastly, taking a couple of stained glass classes before diving into a kit is highly recommended. Some kits include craft books and instructional resources, but you’ll always learn more by taking an in-depth class. YouTube tutorials are another option to consider to master specific project types and techniques.

Best stained glass kits

Read through our top picks for the best stained glass kits and enjoy the convenience of home-delivered bundles to jumpstart your glass art masterpieces.

Delphi Stained Glass Start-Up Kit

Stained Glass Start Up Kit by Delphi Glass Update

This kit is the way to go if you’re looking for stained glass starter kits with high-quality power/hand tools. Delphi sells a series of sets for different skill levels, including this premium kit for beginners.

This medium-sized Delphi starter kit contains all you need to begin crafting right away: a glass grinder, 100W soldering iron (with built-in temperature control), an eight-piece pack of glass (8×8 inches), a glass cutter, pliers, copper foil, burnisher, safety tools, and more.

Talk about a comprehensive glass art kit! Note that glass sheet colors are likely to vary from the picture above. Note that this is more of a toolset vs. a project kit. That said, it’s the perfect product to support you whether you’re taking an in-person workshop or online stained glass class — like this Domestika course!

Know that this kit doesn’t include a holder for your soldering pen. On the other hand, we’re confident you’ll come up with a crafty DIY alternative with just a little research. Or if preferred, you can purchase one individually, here.

Stained Glass Beginner Tool Kit

Stained Glass Beginner Tool Kits

This next stained glass beginner kit is available on Etsy and comprises all you need — and then some!

Besides fundamental tools, such as a glass cutter, pliers, glass sheets, and a soldering iron, this set also comes with a beautiful book packed with detailed instructions to guide you through your first glass art experience.

This is the ideal perk if you’re more of an old-school learner or have a passion for craft book collections. We sure do! Some of our favorites include books on stained glass, weaving, macrame, and origami.

Another item worth mentioning is the Hakko soldering iron that comes in each kit. It’s definitely a plus considering its convenient variable temperature settings, which is a huge advantage while at work.

This seller also tends to add surprise items in her packages, whether suncatcher patterns or personalized notes. Also, keep in mind that glass is hand-picked and colors will vary from batch to batch.

You will not find a glass grinder in this kit, but that alone knocks nearly a third off the price compared to similar kits. However, this kit only ships and delivers within the US for the time being.

Delphi Glass Ultimate Stained Glass Start-Up

Delphi-Glass-Ultimate- Stained Glass Kit

If you’re willing to invest the time, practice, and cash in your stained glass ventures, this kit will definitely help take your crafting experience up a notch.

Providing first-rate supplies and abundant materials, this is a top contender for stained glass kits and includes an assortment of carefully hand-picked tools by the experts at Delphi.

Besides the basics, this set has fantastic features worth highlighting: a deluxe glass grinder, Hakko soldering iron, and a brass super-cutter.

Since these are all top-quality, pro-level tools, this kit is — as you may have already suspected by now — pretty expensive. Therefore, we’d recommend this product for seasoned crafters who plan to stay in the glass art game for the long run.

If you know someone passionate about stained glass art, this kit makes for a generous, premium-quality gift. Delphi also hosts a series of tutorial videos on their website. It’s a great resource to check out whether you’re curious about this creative hobby or are an advanced glass artist!

Pre-cut Stained Glass Orchid Kit

Pre-cut Stained Glass Orchid Kit

This pre-cut stained glass kit contains all the supplies needed to assemble a lovely, stained glass orchid. Contrary to the previous stained glass kits, you’ll get glass sized perfectly for the project at hand — you won’t have to think of machinery and cutting tools here!

Since it’s focused on a specific project, it includes a smaller number of items and requires less crafting time. That makes it one of the best stained glass kits for beginners. If you want to go with another theme, you can find different pre-cut kits by the same seller here!

When purchasing your set, you’ll be given the option to choose bundles with already-assembled parts or separate pieces: the latter is ideal if your goal is to craft from scratch. Keep in mind that prices will vary according to your pick.

You’ll also be able to choose from six glass colors. Note that glass is hand-cut, so expect organically shaped pieces in your kit versus uniform, manufactured-like items. I find this way more interesting because it makes every project unique!

Know that you will need to access a soldering iron separately: this item is not included. Also, this kit only ships and delivers within the US.

Stained Glass Beginner Tool Kit

Tool kit for beginners stained glass kits

While one of the pricier stained glass kits listed in our guide, this complete toolkit is an excellent choice if you’re looking to get serious with stained glass art.

What I like about this product is that you’re given the option to choose between a lead or foil toolkit — perfect if you’re in the process of exploring a particular method further.

Besides standard tools such as a soldering iron, pliers, cutting oil, safety glass, cutting squares, and more, each kit will be curated based on the stained glass method of your choice, including additional items accordingly.

This startup kit comprises supplies picked by Szklo Glass, a brand with more than 15 years of experience in the stained glass realm. You won’t have a specific project in this kit; it’s more of a high-quality, comprehensive toolset.

It’s the perfect resource to help you pursue ideas you want to take on and use as you learn through online tutorials or stained glass art classes. Currently, this seller only ships and delivers within the US .

COLORFUL Stained Glass Paint Set 

Colorful Stained Glass Kits

For less than $20, this glass art kit will entertain crafters of all ages! It’s affordable, unique, and makes for a great gift — especially for youngsters.

Note, however, that this isn’t an authentic stained glass kit, but rather a glass paint set that allows you to achieve a similar effect on everyday pieces of glass: wine glasses, windows, bottles, jars, or anything in between.

These paints also work well on ceramics and stone. Check out a few more of our favorite acrylic paint sets if you’re looking for different hues!

Because paints are non-toxic, waterproof, and easy to apply, they’re perfect for children wanting to test the waters before evolving into the real deal. Depending on the finish you want to give your pieces, you may have to apply multiple coatings of paint.

On the other hand, using thinner coats will help you achieve a more translucid effect that resembles genuine stained glass works. To take things up a notch, pick up some liquid leading to add between colors.

Glass Painting Kit for Beginners

Glass painting kit for beginners

This glass painting kit for beginners is available on Etsy and includes a variety of projects to get you in touch with the world of stained glass art.

You’ll find enough materials and supplies to make 2-3 projects without having to spend a fortune! A square glass piece, solvent-based paints, a paintbrush, foil, and a training sheet are some of the items you will receive.

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If you’re a beginner looking for extra guidance, you can also purchase a comprehensive video tutorial from the same seller here. It’s a bit pricey, but very in-depth, covering materials, techniques, and more.

While you will not be creating stained glass projects that involve cutting, soldering, and more complex crafting, this kit allows you to explore this art form on a smaller scale — and budget.

ZORBITZ Joy of Coloring Stained Glass Window Art

ZORBITZ Joy of Coloring Stained Glass Window Art

Searching for a simple, affordable kit you can enjoy with toddlers or friends for some artsy fun?

This stained glass painting kit is suitable for all ages and won’t have you cutting glass and soldering. Instead, you’ll be using your creativity to embellish stained glass-like mandalas!

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Including four intricate designs (two templates per design) and five different paint colors in the form of squeeze bottles, you’ll enjoy this easy-to-do art project and all of its simplicity. Templates have raised black outlines to mimic realistic stained glass effects once put up against sunlight.

The goal of this kit is to create a mandala cling for windows and/or mirrors, bringing some colorful vibes into your home or to a friend in need of an uplifting DIY sesh.

These are great if you’re into boho vibes and home décor and will look really fun displayed next to macrame curtains, macrame dream catchers, or macrame wall hangings!

Birds Kids Craft Stained Glass Suncatcher Kit

Birds Kids Craft Stained Glass Suncatcher Kit

Next up is another kid-friendly stained glass-inspired kit offering a fun activity to enjoy with family and friends with a soft spot for papercraft creative hobbies.

This best-seller Etsy item comes in the form of cut-out paper birds, but this seller has other themes available at her store you can check out too!

They’re sold in packs of nine paper birds, giving you a whole lot of options whether you’re organizing a birthday party or classroom activity.

While there’s no glass included, this paper stained glass art kit is a great option to get children into the art form and gain familiarity with its aesthetic, shapes, and colors.

And who knows, maybe this will potentially inspire a love for the craft in the future!

Variety Stained Glass Sheets 

Layani Stained Glass sheets update

Rounding out our list is this multi-colored, 10-sheet stained glass variety pack.

Unlike the stained glass kits listed above, you will not find a complete supply of tools and materials for the craft but rather a set of high-quality glass sheets to incorporate into your projects.

Each pack will include an assorted set of sheets, making each kit unique. Materials are beautiful, and better yet, pretty cheap: under $25 per bundle. What I really like is that there are multiple variations of these sets on offer (11 in total), varying in tones, colorways, and themes.

It’s a great, budget-friendly resource to complement some of the stained glass kits above, as you’ll already have the essential tools to design and build your projects. Buying this pack will give you more glass to work with, and therefore, more room to experiment with different hues, textures, and styles.

It also makes for a great present if you have a glass art lover in your family or circle of friends — it will help them cut costs whenever investing in their artwork while gifting them quality, one-of-a-kind materials to create projects they treasure.

That’s it for our guide to the best stained glass kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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