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Lego building is all fun and games — until you walk into your child’s playroom and find colorful towers on the verge of crashing down and countless plastic bricks scattered eve-ry-where!

And while your child’s smile will warm your heart as they proudly show you their precious pile of Legos (you’re likely to have stepped on a few blocks by then), there is an easy solution to lessen the brick-building madness: enter the Lego table!

Many Lego tables are available in different materials, sizes, and designs, as well as varying storage capacities, setups, baseplates, and more. They’re also perfect for inspiring creativity while instilling organizational skills when it’s time to wrap things up!

Want to know more? Check out our roundup of the best Lego tables below; we’re confident every child will love any of our picks!

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Best Lego tables: Quick picks

Nilo lego table

Nilo Kids Play Table Set

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Compatible with classic Legos and Duplo blocks
  • Double-sided tabletop

KidKraft Lego table

KidKraft Reversible Wooden Activity Table with Board 

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Includes 195 blocks (not official Lego)
  • Great quality and cheap

Utex Lego table

Utex 2-in-1 Kids Construction Play Table with Storage

  • Modern, clean design
  • Versatile craft desk
  • Designed for classic Lego bricks

Best Lego tables

Here is our list of the best Lego tables you can start looking into now! Also note that any of these tables work with most Lego alternatives like Nifeliz and Mould King.

Best overall: Nilo Kids Play Table Set

Nilo Lego table

At the top of our list is the incredible Nilo Toys Play Table, a beautifully curated product for all types of brick building.

As one of the most expensive items on our list, the Nilo Toys Lego table boasts superb craftsmanship packed with versatility and diverse functionalities to accommodate all kinds of crafty activities, including Lego building!

Besides its sturdy, hardwood construction, double-sided tabletop, and reversible baseplates, the star feature of this product is its vast compatibility with different Lego types and accessories — classic Lego sets and Duplo blocks are welcome here!

This table comes with two detachable mats to suit different brick sizes (Nilo-branded), available in green or blue for the same price. You can also pick between a table with or without holes along the frame to insert specific Nilo Toys accessories such as the brand’s art easel or Nilo-Nails Set!

Best for beginners: KidKraft Reversible Wooden Activity Table with Board 

KidKraft Lego table

We love this super aesthetic brick-building table for young children; it combines the best of all worlds: a reversible tabletop, spacious storage space, child-friendly rounded edges, and an excellent price tag!

Besides its structure, this KidKraft table includes 195 building blocks specifically designed for this product. That said, before purchasing this item, remember that official Lego blocks will not work effectively on this baseplate.

However, we think this is the perfect starting point for youngsters who have not yet experienced brick building. For a little over $50, this product provides everything needed to get kids introduced to the hobby before investing in more expensive setups and Lego sets.

And while we can agree that Legos are an irreplaceable classic and highly recommend them for brick-builders of all ages, at the end of the day, toddlers just want to enjoy the overall building experience.

Similar options by this brand also worth looking into for ages three and up are the Espresso KidKraft 2-in-1 Reversible Top Activity Table and the KidKraft Building Bricks Play Wooden Table.

Best design: Utex 2-in-1 Kids Construction Play Table with Storage

UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Construction Play Table  Lego table with storage

The Utex 2-in-1 Kids Lego table with storage is also at the top of our list for its quality, modern design, and compatibility with official Legos. It’s also priced at a very reasonable value, at a little over $100 on Amazon!

This table is available in three colors (white is our favorite!) and includes two large, ample drawers to accommodate an assortment of items while providing comfortable legroom.

Unlike the previous product, this table incorporates a brick-building mat to accommodate classic Lego bricks and accessories. However, it’s not compatible with Duplo blocks, which are considerably larger.

Because of its double-sided surface, this modern Lego table for kids is perfect for hobbyists ages three and up who enjoy brick building as well as other creative projects. We are also particularly fond of this table’s wooden, elegant design, making it an aesthetic addition to any playroom or bedroom.

Although there are many plastic Lego tables on offer at lower prices, the quality and durability of this sturdy item are worth considering — especially if you keep in mind the many hours toddlers will spend brick-building and crafting.

Best large Lego table: Utex 2-in-1 Kid Large Activity Table with Storage

UTEX 2-in-1 Kid Large Activity Lego table with Storage

Next up is another Utex table, perfect if you’ve been looking for options with more storage space and a larger tabletop area for more play possibilities.

Sharing most characteristics with the previous Utex 2-in-1 Lego table with storage, this model features a rectangular-shaped surface, two sturdy storage containers, and a reversible, double-sided tabletop.

While you will be able to build with Duplo blocks on this table, they won’t fit properly into the pegs. Therefore, we recommend this product for classic Lego pieces only — it’s a great pick for small groups of youngsters to indulge in extensive Lego set displays without feeling cramped!

The table measures approximately 23x22x20 inches, a large enough Lego table for older kids to enjoy as well. While this table is pretty mid-range in terms of price, the brand’s dark wood model featuring a green baseplate is slightly cheaper at the time of writing.

Note that this Lego table with storage doesn’t include chairs. That said, if you’re interested in completing your setup, the brand sells these wooden chairs separately. Nevertheless, they are a little pricey, so you may want to consider something a little more generic if you’re aiming to cut costs.

Best portable Lego table: El Toro Creative Large Foldable Building Block Table with Storage

El Toro lego table with storage

What if instead of traveling with endless bags of toys to keep your child entertained on long car rides or weekend getaways could be replaced by something a little more convenient?

The El Toro building block table is an excellent alternative to taller Lego tables, featuring a foldable mechanism that allows easy transporting and brick-building sessions on the go.

This 22×22-inch activity table includes two lateral canvas pouches for storage to hold Legos while at play. And once it’s time to wrap things up, all you have to do is zip up the pouches, fold the table, grab the handle, and get going!

One of the aspects we really love about this Lego table for kids ages 3 and up is that it’s available in different variations, whether you’re looking for a smaller-size model or a Duplo Lego table — great news for toddlers who can’t get enough of these beloved chunky blocks. Remember though, Duplo blocks will work with standard Lego tables, too.

You’ll also be able to place the table in a standard position vs. as a lap tray, making it a truly versatile option for all scenarios. This is particularly advantageous if you’re low on space and are looking for an easy-to-store model that will benefit your and your child’s needs.

Best Lego table for adults: Rustic Reclaimed Wooden Lego Tray 

Rustic Reclaimed Wooden Lego Tray 

Suppose you’ve been hunting for the best Lego table for adults for a while now. In that case, I’m sure you’ve realized that unless you DIY an IKEA desk or revamp an old wooden surface, finding something specifically designed for this purpose can get pretty challenging — and pricey.

That said, have you ever considered a Lego tray? We love this rustic-inspired wooden Lego tray on Etsy and think you will too! Available in two types of wood, this ~$55 beautifully handcrafted item features different compartments: a base for building and smaller divisions for blocks.

Perfect if looking for quality and long-lasting Lego trays, this super aesthetic piece is also an excellent solution for easy transporting with its cast iron D-handles and easy storage. These trays measure approximately 58x43x4 cm, but customizing sizes is possible upon request!

We really appreciate the woodworking and craftsmanship of this item, not to mention its originality — it makes a beautiful and unique gift for longtime Lego aficionados. However, check shipping details when ordering as this item is only delivered within the UK.

If you live elsewhere in the world, don’t fret. Etsy has similar options with worldwide shipping options worth considering, too, such as Crafted in Cooley’s Lego Tray (Double) and CWoodCustoms Lego Tray.

Best Lego table for older kids: Milliard Kids 3-in-1 Play Table and Chair Set Wood with Storage Baskets

Milliard Kids 3-in-1 Play Table and Chair Set Lego table

The Milliard Kids 3-in-1 table and chair set is an excellent Lego table for older kids, featuring lots of storage compartments and room for brick building — and more.

Whether your child needs a desk to do homework or just enjoy hours of brick-building, this versatile Lego table offers two variations to meet multiple needs.

Besides a plain surface, this product also includes a well-designed tabletop to accommodate classic Legos and Duplo blocks. Along with a desk, the set consists of two chairs with easy-to-pull storage baskets to keep the compact craft station tidy and organized.

This set is also soberer in design and less childish-looking than colorful, plastic Lego tables, making it an excellent gift for slightly older Lego lovers. Also, because it’s so neutral, it’s easy to match with any playroom or bedroom décor — great news for parents!

For ~$170 on Amazon, this activity table is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and measures 31.5×16 inches wide and 18.5 inches high.

Best plastic set: GobiDex 7 in 1 Multi Kids Activity Table Set with 2 Chairs

GobiDex 7 in 1 Multi Kids Activity Table Set with 2 Chairs Lego table with storage

The GobiDex Multi 7-in-1 Multi Kids Activity Table Set features a versatile set-up for tiny toddlers taking their first steps into block building and crafty pastimes.

Although this model comes in different variations, this one is our favorite for its lively mix of colors, sure to enthuse any child and give any playroom or children’s bedroom a touch of fun and youthfulness!

The great appeal of this Lego table with storage is just how much it offers with its ~20×20-inch, double-sided play boards; kids will have a blast taking on various creative hobbies besides Lego building. You can even remove the tabletop and use the table’s deep base (also used for storage) for water activities or sandcastle building!

And better yet, besides chairs, this set includes a collection of 100 chunky blocks of its own and is also compatible with Duplo building blocks. Since it’s specifically designed for very young children, this Lego table doesn’t accommodate smaller, classic Lego pieces.

The table’s legs can also be adjusted and raised a few inches to accommodate children as they start getting taller! While this will be a more temporary option than a larger Lego table for older kids, it’s an excellent, affordable solution to get children into brick building at an early age!

How to choose the best Lego table

Lego table parrot sofa
Photo credit: Nick Rowan (Tiny Workshops)

Just knowing how happy children will be to have a Lego table of their own makes finding the best Lego table for kids a fun and worthwhile task!

Here are a few guidelines to help you make the right pick:

  • Choose a Lego table that is age-appropriate, whether a more child-safe plastic table with rounded edges or a complete Lego table for older kids with chairs and plentiful storage space.
  • Consider how versatile you want your Lego table to be. For example, are you aiming to accommodate a specific Lego size, looking for mats to suit a wider variety of bricks, or want an option that transforms into a standard craft desk, too?
  • Do design and materials matter? Are you looking for a neutral design to fit into a specific décor? Do you want a wooden table vs. a plastic Lego table set? Do you prefer something multi-colored vs. a neutral layout? Are you looking for a Lego table that can be set up outdoors?
  • How much storage space will you need? If the goal is to keep building up your child’s Lego collection, select a Lego table with enough storage to hold a more significant amount of items. On the other hand, if you’re child is very young and is exploring brick-building for the first time, keeping it simple with limited storage space is fine.
  • Is it essential for your table to be compatible with official Legos, or are you open to purchasing a product that is only suitable for/includes more generic bricks?
  • Confirm the dimensions of your Lego table, especially if it’s a complete set with chairs, to ensure it will fit in its designated area. Portable options are a great alternative if you’re low on space and looking for convenience!

That’s it for this quick guide to the best Lego tables! Have any tips or tricks to share with other budding crafters? Share them in the comments below!

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