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Best calligraphy classes: Explore the world of calligraphy online

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While calligraphy may spark the image of an elderly, long-bearded dude holding a quill pen, the truth is that this age-old craft has become a trendy means of artistic expression for creatives today. 

Whether it’s through an advertising campaign, a music festival billboard, or a funky tote bag design, calligraphy has made its way into pop culture and can be spotted just about anywhere! 

Practiced by manual artists as well as digital devotees, learning more about the craft with a few calligraphy classes can be a great way to boost your business, create an impact on social media, or simply enjoy a new hobby. 

If this sounds like a plan, continue reading for the 10 best calligraphy classes you can take online!

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How to choose the best calligraphy class for you

Whether you want to refresh your skillset or are embarking on a new business venture, one thing is certain: learning something new always comes in handy!

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best online calligraphy class for you. 

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Check if course duration is compatible with your daily life as this varies according to the platform, teacher, and lesson plan. Although most of the courses listed do offer unlimited access after purchase, my advice is to select a class that you can commit to and feel motivated about! 

Also, be sure to look into language options. For example, most courses on Domestika are in Spanish and subtitled in English. Although this may be a no-no for some, the supreme production and content quality on this platform should be good enough reason to try them out!

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Watching the course trailers on each platform can also be helpful. By doing so, you’ll be able to briefly meet your teachers, get a taste of the themes covered in lessons, and know what materials you’ll need to complete tasks. 

Because payment methods and prices differ on each platform, find the one that is most convenient for you. Whether you prefer to purchase individual courses on Domestika and Udemy or favor a monthly/yearly subscription on Skillshare, all options guarantee very reasonable prices.

Best calligraphy classes 

While there are many learning platforms online, Domestika, Skillshare, and Udemy seem to have taken the world of calligraphy by storm!

To help you get started, I’ve narrowed down a list of 10 courses that combine affordable prices, content quality, and engaging tutors! 

Intro to Digital Calligraphy in Procreate

Intro to Digital Calligraphy in Procreate Skillshare

Teacher: Lyndsay Hubley
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 12 Lessons (1h 13m)
Level: Beginner

In this Skillshare course for beginners, Canadian illustrator Lyndsay Hubley will guide you through the ins and outs of the popular illustration app Procreate and show you how to transform your manual work into a digital dream. 

Through practice templates and insider tips, you’ll learn how to overcome challenges and take your work to the next level. Procreate fundamentals and shortcuts, techniques to compose and develop a style, and advice on successfully importing/exporting work are just some of the topics covered. 

Although an iPad and the Procreate app are recommended for this course, Lyndsay reassures you that a pencil and paper will do the trick to start out. 

This beginner course runs on Skillshare and will require a monthly ($19) or yearly ($99) subscription. Besides these options, you can also get a 14-day trial by clicking below to make sure this is the right choice for you before spending a penny!

Uncial Calligraphy for Beginners

Uncial Calligraphy for Beginners Domestika

Teacher: Joaquín Seguí
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 18 Lessons (3h 13m)
Level: Beginner

Just one of many calligraphy classes on Domestika, this course features Joaquín Seguí diving into the origins of calligraphy and sharing his knowledge on the ancient art of uncial lettering. 

With 10 years of experience under his belt, the graphic designer discusses the importance of uncial calligraphy and how it has inspired modern-day design.

If you’ve never heard of uncial lettering, it’s the stereotypical calligraphic typeface used by scribes in Latin, Greek, and Gothic more than 1500 years ago. In other words, exactly what you’d think of when thinking of hand-written calligraphy.

Set up for beginners, this course focuses on the traditional techniques required to practice this art form while also inspiring you to think outside of the box. 

Joaquín will go over his references, teach you basic tracing skills, how to draw with ink and a flat feather, and grasp the concept of proportion and style. The final project is a stylized version of the name of your city, which you’ll then digitize to print on a postcard.

This course is taught in Spanish (with English subtitles) and can be purchased individually on Domestika for a very enticing price. By doing so, you’ll automatically have unlimited access to this content forever, as well as a signed completion certificate when you finish the final project!

Shodo: An Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy

Shodo An Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy classes Domestika

Teacher: Rie Takeda
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 16 Lessons (2h 13m)
Level: Beginner

Who knew calligraphy classes could also inspire mindfulness?

Taught by Rie Takeda, this Domestika course revolves around the art of Japanese calligraphy known as Shodo. This beginner’s course is an excellent choice if you want to explore something new, beyond modern calligraphy. 

And in case you’re wondering, this calligraphy course is taught entirely in English — except for all of the Japanese characters, of course!

Encouraging beginners to leave their comfort zone, the Shodo expert will teach you the meaning behind certain characters, how to calm the mind with every brushstroke, and the importance of flow. Applying basic styles and writing Kanji are some of the skills you will put to the test during this course!

Besides technique, Rie will enlighten you on the undeniable cultural and philosophical force that’s at the heart of this beautiful form of calligraphy.

One very significant difference is that you’ll need a brush and ink instead of a standard calligraphy pen. To know more about the materials needed for this class and its price, click the button below.

Brush Pen Modern Calligraphy

Brush Pen Modern Calligraphy classes Udemy

Teacher: Vivian Uang
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 19 lectures (1h 25m)
Level: Beginner

This best selling calligraphy class on Udemy is taught by New York-based designer Vivian Uang and it’s the perfect pick for beginners who want to learn modern calligraphy with a brush pen.

Showing you different techniques from brush strokes to flourishing, Vivian will teach you the fundamentals of modern calligraphy from scratch. You’ll learn how to construct letterforms, master consistent lines and curves, and be encouraged to keep practicing with printable worksheets.

To complete this course, having a set of hard and/or soft brush pens, a pad of tracing paper and a printer to download resources is highly recommended.

And even better, it’s available for a one-time purchase, with unlimited access forever. That makes it great for busy creatives who can’t dedicated a lot of time to practice all at once!

If you end up enjoying Vivian’s content, check out her more advanced calligraphy course here.

Calligraphy and Lettering: Break the Rules with Creativity 

Calligraphy and Lettering Break the Rules with Creativity Domestika

Teacher: TECK24
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 17 Lessons (1h 45m)
Level: Beginner

Next up is a combination of lettering and calligraphy classes that will really get your creative juices flowing.

In it, graffiti artist TECK24 will teach you how to properly break the rules of calligraphy and lettering to create something truly extraordinary!

Through brainstorms and drawing drills, this Domestika course will show you the potential of designing words with flair and edge.

While teaching you how to remain disciplined and respect basic calligraphy techniques, TECK24 will guide you through the process of transforming manual work into a physical piece of art.

During this class you will ultimately be digitizing and vectorizing your work to create a piece of decoration or wall art. In this specific case, having access to a laser cutting service is advised in order to bring your project to life, but there are likely plenty of affordable options in your local area!

This class can be purchased individually on Domestika and is taught in Spanish with English subtitles. If you want to get a sneak peak of the course, check out the trailer here. 

70s Lettering 

70s Lettering Skillshare class

Teacher: Liz Kohler Brown
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 13 Lessons (1h 49m)
Level: Intermediate 

70s-inspired art is taking over the design world, and graphic designer Liz Kohler Brown is here to teach you how to become an expert in bold, colorful lettering. Put some groove into your handwriting!

Positioned as a Skillshare favorite, this course will show you how to create bell-bottom lettering composition, use manual and digital resources for inspiration, and how to come up with unique 70s-like quotes — far out!

In addition, Liz will provide you with 7 texture brushes to obtain a vintage look, color palettes, and downloadable practice sheets. 

After this course you’ll be ready to apply your skills to just about anything. Whether you’re designing invitations for your best friend’s wedding or starting a business on social media, you’ll know everything you need to know!

Interested? Subscribe to Skillshare Premium or check out the platform’s 14-day trial below for free! That’s more than enough time to enjoy all of the best calligraphy classes the platform has to offer.

Creating your own Typography

Creating your own Typography Domestika

Teacher: Wete
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 24 Lessons (2h 55m)
Level: Intermediate 

Boasting an enviable background working with renowned brands, Spanish graphic designer Wete uses this course to encourage artists to develop their own original style and visual language through typography. 

You might be thinking, “I thought this was a list of calligraphy classes? Isn’t this a typography course?”

But you’ll quickly see that they are one in the same. This isn’t the class for absolute beginners, but it’s perfect for graphic designers who want to incorporate custom handwritten calligraphic fonts into their work.

Throughout this course Wete will show you how to create a unique font of your own from scratch, how to use digital resources to enhance your work, and and how to go beyond pen and paper with your handwritten lettering.

Your final project will be creating a poster for a film or music festival —a great way to see how your work could be used in a potential real-life scenario! 

To take full advantage of the course, basic knowledge in typography as well as access to Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs is encouraged. 

Calligraphy for an Ex Libris 

Calligraphy for an Ex Libris Domestika course

Teacher: Ricardo Rousselot Schmidt
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 17 Lessons (3h 26m)
Level: Intermediate 

Designer and ex libris aficionado Ricardo Rousselot Schmidt is the star of this Domestika calligraphy class, and he’ll turn your love for words into a memorable experience.

Like a few other calligraphy classes on this list, this course is focused on adapting ancient styles of the art. In this case it’s all about ex libris (or bookplates), which are the decorative stamps or labels pasted into books to declare ownership.

Often these are incredibly intricate, and combine calligraphy with design flourishes using only ink and a quill pen.

Having a deeply personal relationship with calligraphy, Ricardo will share how he was introduced to the world of ex libris, the origin of this craft, and the sentimental value that comes with it.

Focusing on why manual work should continue to be appreciated in the digital era, the Spanish designer will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful ex libris for yourself or any book-lover in your life. 

A quill pen, ink and tracing paper are the main materials you will need. That is to say, this is one of the best calligraphy classes for fans of nib and fountain pens.

Like most Domestika courses, this course has Spanish audio but is subtitled in English.

Hand Lettering and Beyond: Negative Space 3D Lettering with Watercolors

Hand Lettering and Beyond Negative Space 3D Lettering with Watercolors Skillshare

Teacher: Vinitha Mammen
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 17 Lessons (3h 26m)
Level: Beginners and up 

This Skillshare course features engineer and self-taught artist Vinitha Mammen and is a fun option if you’re looking to experiment with mixed mediums! 

Teaching you all you need to know about how calligraphy comes into play with lettering, Vinitha will show you how to create dynamic wording by creating negative spaces with watercolors. 

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In this class you’ll learn how to apply 3D sketching techniques and angles to obtain unique results. Like a few other calligraphy classes on the list, it also has handy downloadable worksheets to test out your skills.

Vinitha will also cover FAQ around this theme and explain concepts such as negative spaces, faux calligraphy, how to control flat and dimensional brush strokes, and more.

As you might imagine, the main materials you’ll need here are watercolor paints. Check out some of the best watercolor sets here to find one that suits your budget.

Vinitha has two calligraphy classes on Skillshare, and both use watercolor are the primary medium. Get access to both with a Skillshare subscription or free trial!

Freehand Calligraphy — Creating your Signature Style

Freehand Calligraphy classes — Creating your Signature Style Skillshare

Teacher: Lauren Hung
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 11 Lessons (43m)
Level: All levels

Developing your own personal style and standing out among a creative bunch can be demanding for beginner and expert calligraphers alike.

In this final pick for the best calligraphy classes online, Lauren Hung shares her own personal story and reassures you that with practice comes progress! 

Through freehand drills and exercises, Lauren will teach you how to perfect writing thick and thin lines, manipulate conventional calligraphy rules and the steps to digitize your work.

Of all the calligraphy classes on the list, this is the most traditional. It doesn’t necessarily offer anything special, but it does cover the basics very well.

This course is set up for enthusiasts of all levels who want to challenge themselves and undergo trial and error until they reach their happy place! You will need a nice nib pen and some sumi ink (or a brush pen), so come prepared.

That’s it for this list of the best calligraphy classes you can take online. Which one will you be taking today? Share your experience in the comments below!

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