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Best corner rounders for card making, papercrafting, and more

Papercraft and stationery creative hobbies are a lot about precision, crisp cuts, and clean finishes, whether for scrapbooking, card making, bookbinding, and more.

So, if you’re dipping your toe into these pastimes for the first time or are tired of coming up with lengthy workarounds to achieve specific outcomes, you’ll want to look into a few tools — one of them being paper corner rounders.

A corner rounder helps create perfect, smooth edges on paper and cardstock effortlessly while significantly benefitting the overall look of your final projects. Better yet, they’re cheap, straightforward, and very effective.

Our guide features some of the top corner rounders you can buy online, with excellent prices for quality crafting; discover more below!

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What to look for in corner rounder punches

Using a corner rounder doesn’t require specific skills or technique, really.

And although these are cheap and easy to replace if needed, I encourage you to keep the following in mind to make your first purchase a success:

  • If choosing a single tool, confirm the cutting radius’ featured to ensure it matches your needs.
  • Consider your tool’s design and punching mechanism. Is pressing down a lever or squeezing the device with your hand to punch more convenient? Remember to pick a model that won’t tire your hand and wrist if you’re crafting for hours regularly.
  • Be open-minded when it comes to brands! There are many generic alternatives for this type of tool, which doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad. But do keep quality in mind; no one wants squiggly or frayed paper edges!
  • Besides a round corner puncher, you may want an option that embellishes paper corners also/instead. We’ve listed a few on our list — just be sure to know what you’re selecting to meet expectations.
  • It’s essential to keep paper and card stock weight in mind. Corner rounders are for small-scale projects such as scrapbooking, bookbinding, card-making, tag-making, and more. Follow guidelines to ensure you’re purchasing an item that’s compatible with your materials.
  • Remember that you may need to double or triple-punch occasionally! This is very common, so don’t throw your corner rounder out the window if it doesn’t punch magnificently all the time; be patient — which leads me to my last tip!
  • No matter how cheap your corner rounder is, do your best to preserve it. There are simple ways to maintain your tool. Two popular hacks are punching down on tin foil a few times or applying natural oil to sharpen blades. However, simple tasks like emptying the waste container after each session and sticking to designated paperweights will go a long way.

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Best corner rounders

Finding a rounded corner punch is simple, but weeding out what’s worth buying can take a while, considering the seemingly endless array of options on offer.

To help you save time, we’ve listed our favorite corner rounder punches for creative and functional purposes below!

Best overall: We R Memory Keepers 3 Way Corner Rounder

We R Memory Keepers: Corner rounder

If you’ve been looking for stationery tools for home crafting, you’ve likely come across We R Memory Keepers. The brand has an extensive line of supplies for hobbyists, and this corner rounder is another of its star items.

For ~$10 on Amazon, this 3-in-1 paper corner rounder features three corner radiuses: cutting sizes: 4mm, 7mm, and 10mm. It’s compact and sturdy and provides clean-cut, smooth corners for lightweight paper and cardstock.

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Perfect for card making, scrapbooking, and crafting handmade notebooks, keep in mind that this is best for small-scale projects vs. heavy-duty papercraft ventures. It’s also ideal for smoothening pointy edges on photographs and customized paper invitations for a more elegant, curated finish.

Apart from Amazon, you can find this product on Etsy. However, it ships worldwide from Greece and is sold for a higher price — almost double what it’s going for on Amazon. You can click below to see which option is best for you.

For something slightly cheaper but also by a reliable craft brand, check out our next pick!

Best money for value: Bira Craft 3 Way Corner Rounder

Bira Craft: Corner rounder

Next up is a corner rounder by Bira Craft, another popular brand you may be familiar with if you’ve been in the stationery and papercraft game for a while.

This is one of the best deals you can find regarding cost and quality, currently available on Amazon for less than $7. And while cheaper products aren’t always the most reliable, this isn’t the case here.

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Much like the previous item, the sturdy Bira Craft 3-in-1 corner rounder features three cutting sizes (4mm, 7mm, and 10mm) in a single tool. It offers precise, straightforward punching and makes for a handy device, whether for creative ventures or daily life at the office.

It’s also a suitable pick for teens getting into crafting; it’s a very accessible and resourceful gift that scrapbookers, card makers, or art journalers of any age will appreciate! However, before purchasing, know that this corner rounder provides the best results on 65lb cardstock and lower.

That said, we always advise sticking to the guidelines established for every tool you buy, especially ones as delicate as these. Doing so will ensure they last and work effectively over time.

Best generic corner rounder: Ecraft Paper Corner Rounder Punch: 3-in-1

Ecraft Paper Corner Rounder Punch

Speaking of generic crafting tools, the Ecraft Paper Corner Rounder is an excellent, cost-effective 3-in-1 option worth considering.

While there isn’t a fancy brand name associated with this product, we highly recommend it as the perfect alternative if you’re looking for something cheap and versatile: you can buy it on Amazon for less than 8 bucks.

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Like the suggestions above, the device includes three standard corner cutting sizes (4mm, 7mm, and 10mm). Besides standard copy paper and cardstock, it’s also compatible with vellum — perfect if you’re all about mixed-media papercraft projects and experimenting with textures.

However, to get the best out of this product, we advise sharpening it frequently. Note, this isn’t a downside (you should do this with all corner rounders from time to time) but rather a way to keep your tool in tip-top shape since its materials aren’t as high in quality as other options.

Another quality generic corner cutter we highly recommend is the Japanese Sunstar Kadomaru Pro. It is slightly more expensive, though. However, it works extremely well and is suitable for projects requiring cutting radiuses of 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm.

Best classic model: MyLifeUNIT Corner Rounder Punch

Corner rounder by MyLifeUNIT

Roughly ~$9 on Amazon, the MyLifeUnit Corner Punch is the perfect fit if you like to keep things sweet and simple. This brand is all about making everyday household items accessible and straightforward!

Featuring a classic triangular design, this model differs from the previous picks because it only offers a single cutting radius of 5mm. This makes it automatically less versatile than 3-in-1 devices, but is a great item to consider if your main goal is functionality.

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It cuts smoothly through standard copy paper, photos, laminated documents, and even lightweight cardboard. It’s also great to round out the corners of gift tags since the die is a mid-range size.

I also particularly like this product if you’re into photography; it’s built with a sharp, stainless steel blade that will cut through this material with little to no effort. This corner rounder incorporates a little trash tray to collect shreds as you punch too — who doesn’t love a good solution to avoid messes?

However, the main thing to remember with this tool is that it’s best suited for functionality vs. creative pastimes: the single size will feel restrictive after a while, which isn’t ideal if you want options. It also features a different punching mechanism, so keep this in mind!

Best single-size corner rounder: Bira Craft Round Up 1 Corner Punch

Single size corner rounder by Bira Craft

Bira Craft offers a varied line of single-size corner punches with different effects and designs that do more than just round corners.

The image featured for this product showcases the brand’s 1-inch Round Up Craft Punch for Paper, which, as indicated in its name, is designed to transform pointy paper edges into smooth edges and is compatible with paper and cardstock 65 lbs and lower.

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However, if you’re looking for a single tool to spruce up point paper tips with stencil-like embellishing, Bira Craft is the place to look! All options have a punch-out dimension of 1 inch and come in different themes: Concha, Coat of Arms, Daisy, Fleur de Lys, and Straight.

Some are a little more pricey than the corner rounder (~$5), ranging from ~$5 to ~$10 apiece. But, if you already own the basics, I do think these are worth buying as complementary accessories. Or, who knows, you may want to start with something a little more versatile right off the bat!

If all you need is a single tool for rounding corners, this is one of the cheapest, quality options you’ll come across. The brand also sells this Envelope Notch and Corner Cutter for only ~$9 on Amazon: another great addition to your craft desk and Bira Craft collection.

Best mini corner rounder set: EK tools Mini Corner Rounders Punch Set

EK Tools mini corner rounder

Another brand to look up for craft punches and cutting supplies is EK Tools, and this mini corner-rounder pack is an excellent deal if you’re a crafter on the go.

This set contains two corner cutters, one with a 0.5mm and another with a 1-inch cutting radius. The main perk of these tools are their size. They’re very small and, therefore, convenient to transport whether you craft from different spots, take crafty projects with you on getaways, or are simply low on storage space.

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Naturally, you’ll have less versatility than a 3-in-1 model. But if your ventures revolve around card making or crafting tags and business cards, you’ll have more than enough to get away with here; these tools are designed for lightweight paper and smaller projects.

The only con is that Amazon sells this tool for ~$11, which isn’t the best value. However, if you consider you’re getting a quality, brand name set, ~$5 per item is pretty reasonable.

You can buy these for less on Etsy, but delivery options are limited. On the other hand, this may benefit you depending where you’re sitting on the globe; click below for more details.

That’s it for our guide to the best corner rounders! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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