Best pens for lefties: Ballpoint pens, fountain pens, gel pens, and more

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Imagine a world where ink smudge fests and pen nibs that skip when you cross your “T’s” and dot your “I’s” were a thing of the past.

Although most left-handers have become accustomed to standard right-handed pens, there’s no doubt that the best pens for lefties will enhance comfort and performance, whether you’re bullet journaling or jotting down your grocery list.

Lefty pens will reduce hand strain and, most importantly, allow hours of writing without nagging distractions. While many models are designed to suit everyone, we’ve highlighted the best pens specifically for lefties to help cut you some slack!

Best overall
  • With a curved point and quick-drying ink, this is the perfect everyday pen for lefties.

  • $8.10 ($2.70 / Count)
Best fountain pen
  • This simple, affordable fountain pen offers the ideal grip for lefties and accepts standard fast-drying ink cartridges.

  • $18.06
Best calligraphy pen
Best for kids
Best overall

With a curved point and quick-drying ink, this is the perfect everyday pen for lefties.

$8.10 ($2.70 / Count)
Best fountain pen

This simple, affordable fountain pen offers the ideal grip for lefties and accepts standard fast-drying ink cartridges.

Best calligraphy pen

Calligraphy is a unique challenge for lefties, but this dip calligraphy pen from Speedball makes it much easier.

Best for kids

Ideal for getting left-handed kids on the “write” track early, this rollerball pen is comfortable and refillable.

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Best pens for lefties

Do you enjoy creative writing, calligraphy, or scrapbooking? Or simply like to have a good ole’ reliable pen in your handbag whenever needed?

Find the best pens for lefties in our guide to make creative hobbies and everyday note-taking a breeze; they also make for fantastic gifts for lefties!

Best lefty design: Maped Visio Left-Handed Pens

Maped Visio Left Handed Pens

You’re likely questioning where this pen has been all your life if you’ve been a forever lefty. The Maped Visio Left-Handed Pen is one of the very few models specifically designed for left-handers, taking ergonomics, ink, and visibility into account.

This ballpoint pen pack includes three ink colors: black, blue, and red. All feature smooth, curved barrels and a non-slip rubber grip section to enhance comfort. Its unique shape also enables greater visibility of your surfaces as you write — you can bid hand-blocked views adieu!

These pens for lefties are excellent for writing at different angles and feature a 0.7mm (medium line) conical tip and quick-drying ink. Note that choosing left-handed pens with quick-drying ink is vital; without it, you’ll smudge ink all over your paper within seconds of writing a line — and that’s a no-no.

It’s important to point out that these pens may take a little time to get used to, especially after a lifetime of using regular ballpoint pens! However, once you get the gist of things, you’ll find it hard to write with anything else.

Know that these are disposable pens, so you’ll have to chuck them once the ink runs out. Keep caps on to preserve them for as long as possible. The good part? They’re very affordable. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for more sustainable pen refill options, we’ve included some below.

Best quick-dry ink pen: uni Jetstream RT Retractable Ballpoint Pens

uniball Jetstream RT Retractable Ballpoint Pens

Any left-handed pen worth buying has to offer a good amount of quick-drying ink magic. Or else, you’re in for another inky mess. To avoid all of the ink smudging action, we highly suggest the uniball Jetstream RT Retractable Ballpoint Pen pack.

Comprising three black ink pens, these high-quality retractable ballpoint pens contain a unique hybrid ink formula that combines quick-drying properties with the smoothness and vibrancy found in gel pens.

These black pens feature a standard pen body vs. an adapted design for lefties (like the previous product) but have a form-fitting comfort grip that will feel organic and natural to hold. Also, because the ink is released effortlessly, you’ll experience less strain on your hand and wrist.

It’s also a dream come true if you’re an avid writer since this ink is very resistant to various temperatures, fading — and even water! The ink is also extra vivid, and pen points are 0.7mm; perfect if you’re looking for finer lines that will remain visible on the page throughout time.

And in case you’re wondering, this pen ink won’t bleed, not even on lightweight paper. These lefty pens can also be bought in different variations. This pack, for example, includes a blue, black, and red pen instead. There are also 1.0-point models available if you’re looking for thicker lines.

Best beginner fountain pens for lefties: Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen 

Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen for left-handed use

Any pen lover or old-school writer knows how pleasurable fountain pens can be. They offer a completely different experience, performance, and aesthetic compared to your typical, everyday pen.

That said, if you’re looking for the best fountain pens for lefties to explore the delights of handling a fountain pen, the Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen is a cost-effective, practical option that works as a great segue into more elaborate, pricey models.

This product isn’t designed solely for left-handers but features a twisted design made to adapt to all handheld positions. In addition, this model is also compatible with Pelikan refill ink cartridges, so you can keep topping up your fountain pen without having to dispose of it.

Unlike more high-end fountain pens, this model is very lightweight, which while ideal for beginners might feel too basic for longtime fountain pen collectors and buyers. However, due to the flowy way ink is released by fountain pens, lefties won’t have to worry about applying extra pressure or clutching pens tightly.

On the other hand, this is not a premium product, so there may be a little skipping here and there. Nevertheless, this is an excellent option for first-time fountain pen owners and makes for a wonderful, budget-friendly gift! Boxed sets are also available, as well as many other colors; be sure to check them out.

Best gel pens for lefties: Zebra Pen Sarasa Dry X20 Retractable Gel Pen

Zebra Pen Sarasa Dry X20 Retractable Gel Pen best pens for lefties

Who doesn’t love a super smooth gel pen? Gel pens are fantastic for creative hobbies like journaling, scrapbooking, and fashion illustration but usually have lefties on the fence since ink takes longer to dry, and therefore, is more likely to smudge.

That said, if you’re looking for the best gel pen for lefties, Zebra Pen Sarasa Dry Retractable Gel Pens are a solid bet. You can purchase these in sets of 4, 10, and 14. The 14-pack is our recommendation since it offers great value for money, quality, and extra versatility.

These are some of the best gel pens for lefties you’ll come across since they’ve been tested for left-handers, contain quick-drying ink, and provide long-lasting vibrancy with little to no bleeding. However, keep in mind that these will work best on standard stock-weight paper vs. extra delicate surfaces.

Each pen features a 0.7mm medium tip and a transparent barrel so that you know when your ink is almost up. The pen’s quick drying time and slight chances of smearing and smudging make these the perfect option for adults and teens alike, whether for the office, crafts, or school projects.

We also suggest these pens because of their rubber grip section, making them comfortable for lefties to hold for more extended periods. These sets also make for excellent gifts for lefties into papercraft and stationery hobbies. They’re also great additions to left-handed notebooks and journals!

Best calligraphy pen: Left-Handed Speedball C-Series Lettering Pen Set

Best pens for lefties Speedball C-Series Lettering Pen S

Speedball offers great left-handed options for calligraphers, from elegant calligraphy marker sets to high-quality dip calligraphy pens for beginners.

This calligraphy pen set for lefties contains a holder and six left-handed nibs for greater versatility to suit a variety of drawing and lettering projects. It’s an excellent model for creating Roman and Italic lettering line scrolls and script.

Your set will also include an instructional booklet with tips on making the best out of your calligraphy pen. Know that this type of pen will demand a little more practice, especially when it comes to controlling ink intensity and flow: this is a dip pen.

On that note, if this is your first ever calligraphy dip pen, it’s important to know you may run into a few challenges when starting out. It’s common to feel like the pen isn’t doing the job at first when in fact, it’s more about mastering the proper technique. That said, keep practicing and don’t give up!

Taking a few online calligraphy classes and trying out different calligraphy sets will also help you figure out what feels right for you. Just remember that when looking for calligraphy lefty pens, contrary to standard ballpoint models, it’s crucial to purchase options with nibs designed explicitly for lefties.

Best highlighter for lefties: uni Highlighter Propus Window Set

Best pens for lefties highlighters

You may already own the best left-handed pen, left-handed scissors, and lefty notebooks, but what about the best highlighters? Perfect for school work or the office, these highlighters by uni are excellent for lefties due to their unique window feature.

Uni Highlighter Propus Window sets are available in three variations: a 3-pack, a 5-pack, and a 5-pack with soft colors. Each double-sided pen incorporates a window-like gap at the tip to provide greater precision and an unblocked view of what you’re highlighting: thus, the appeal for left-handers!

Whether you’re a lefty underwriter or overwriter, this feature will benefit you. We especially suggest the soft color pack since pens are lighter vs. the more neon alternatives and prone to bleed less. Apart from a highlighter, you’ll also find a finer marker tip on the opposite end of the pen.

These packs are great additions to your craft desk and great for scrapbooking — or if you have a lot of underlining to work through! They also highlight very smoothly over gel pens without picking up ink. Markers, Sharpies, ballpoint pens, and pencils are very compatible too.

And, of course, these are ideal for lefties due to their quick-dry ink. Note that the broad tip is slightly narrower than your standard highlighter, so consider this if you’re looking for something a little wider. The pen body on these items is also smaller, making them easy to transport and store.

Best left-handed pen for children: Left Handed Stabilo EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen

Left Handed Stabilo EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen

Left-handed kiddos also want to feel comfortable when they write; after all, they have a whole world of school projects and homework ahead of them! So, to make life a little easier for your lefty child, we suggest this handy EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen by Stabilo.

This pen comes in three colorways with varying prices: none will cost you more than $16 (shipping not included). Pricey for a single pen? Well, here’s the thing: these are refillable. That said, you won’t have to dispose of these pens once the ink is finished, just top them up, and they’ll be good to go.

Refills are available in erasable ink, in blue, black, and red. These have to be bought separately, though. Getting your child a lefty pen will help them write with ease and prevent unnecessary hand strain. This will also help them work on their penmanship more confidently without having to struggle to adapt to a right-handed pen.

This Stabilo pen is ideal for youngsters ages 6+ and makes for a great gift, especially if you throw in some fun budget-friendly workbooks like this Practice Workbook for Left-Handed Preschoolers or Left-Handed Handwriting Animals & ABCs Letter Tracing Practice sheets for kids.

Another creative product for young writers is this Left Handed Pelikan Pelikano Jr. Fountain Pen; it’s one of the best fountain pens for lefties and perfect for little hands! 

More lefty-friendly pens

While many pens aren’t explicitly designed for lefties, some standard models work better than others for left-handers and are worth considering too.

Here are a few more recommendations for the best pens for lefties you might also want to look into:

Are lefty pens worth it?

Left-handed pens are totally worth it, given they help you overcome common challenges lefties face when it comes to putting ink down on paper:

  • Ink smudging and smearing
  • Poor ink flow and skipping
  • Hand strain
  • Unnatural, uncomfortable grip

Note that these obstacles won’t occur with every single pen. Ultimately, choosing the right pen (left pen?) for you comes down to finding an option that fulfills your needs without distractions. This will also depend on how often you’ll use your pens or for what purposes.

For example, everyday note-taking or office work will demand something a little different from pens used for creative projects like calligraphy, occasional journaling, or extensive creative writing.

Below are a few crucial aspects to take into account when looking for the best pens for lefties.

Consider the ergonomics and design of your pen. For example, do you want a dented model specifically shaped for left-handers? Or are you just looking for a standard pen with a lefty-friendly tip?

Since left-handers have become so used to using regular pens, sometimes curved LH pens will take some getting used to. There are also many different ways to hold a pen, so remember it’s never a one-size-fits-all scenario but rather personal preference and habit.

Ink flow, density, and capacity are key when looking for the best pens for lefties. For instance, a ballpoint pen will release a different amount of ink than a gel pen. You should also keep your paper/cardstock in mind whenever buying left-handed pens, as some may bleed more than others.

Remember to also always look for lefty pens that contain quick-dry ink. This will benefit all left-handers, especially overwriters who tend to smudge with their palms. Either way, the quicker the ink dries, the less of a mess you’ll find on the page — and on your hand!

Before purchasing, check if your pens are disposable or can be refilled. A refillable pen allows you to keep a tool you love without having to replace it and is also slightly more sustainable. However, you will have to buy ink cartridges separately in most cases.

Lastly, pen points and nibs are crucial, but some are more important to evaluate than others. For example, while standard ballpoint pens will do the trick as long as they’re smooth and ink dries quickly, calligraphy dip pen nibs should be curated explicitly for left-handers.

That’s it for our guide to the best left-handed pens! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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