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I don’t know about you, but when I think of paint markers, I think of pops of color, freeform art, and lots of fun.

Acrylic paint markers contain water-based pigments that produce vibrant results on various mediums, suitable for everything from large-scale graffiti and mural art to canvas, textile, and cardstock creations.

Better yet, these art pens come in all kinds of tones, tip styles, and price tags to meet the demand of every artist. Below I’ve listed my top picks for the best paint markers to help you find your next set!

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Best overall
  • These offer excellence in performance and price, designed for creatives with an appreciation for high-quality art supplies.

Best for beginners
Best value
Best wide nibs
Best pigments
  • One-of-a-kind pigments offering bursts of colors to create eye-catching designs and large-scale compositions.

Best overall

These offer excellence in performance and price, designed for creatives with an appreciation for high-quality art supplies.

Best for beginners

Perfect budget-friendly set for beginners offering a selection of vibrant colors and changeable tips.

Best value

Undeniable value for money for high-quality marker pens with durable tips and long-lasting ink. 

Best wide nibs

A must for demanding artists and professionals looking for broad nibs for their artwork.

Best pigments

One-of-a-kind pigments offering bursts of colors to create eye-catching designs and large-scale compositions.

Best paint markers

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Photo via Dillon Wanner (Unsplash)

Paint markers are a great match for both novice crafters and seasoned artists looking for alternatives to conventional acrylic paint sets.

Acrylic paint markers are user-friendly and very versatile, making them a must if you’re all about trying out different art pens and techniques.

Best overall: Uni Posca Paint Marker Pen Set

Uni Posca Paint Markers

At the top of our list are these fantastic Posca paint markers. They’re surprisingly versatile and contain non-toxic, quality, lightfast acrylic ink that’s hard to beat.

Suitable for canvas, fabric, metal, rocks, cardstock, and more, they’re a fantastic fit for all kinds of craft projects. You can even use them to decorate glass windows, t-shirts, plant pots, cellphone cases — you name it! Not to mention they’re way easier to apply detail on textiles than fabric spray paints.

If you plan on painting on distinct surfaces, I advise purchasing a pack of 15 or 16 markers. While there are various sets available, keep in mind that colors may vary depending on the surfaces you use. Therefore, having a wider range of items will give you more options to achieve the results you’re after.

In addition, know that you can blend pigments with water and a paintbrush to create watercolor effects. This is great for card making, botanical illustration, scrapbooking, and similar creative hobbies.

Note that paint dries up extra quickly and becomes permanent on most surfaces once dry. Beloved by professionals and amateurs alike, Posca paint markers are a superb match for anyone looking for top-notch results without breaking the bank.

Best for beginners: ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Markers

ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Markers, Set

Arteza art pens are some of my favorites, and these paint marker pens are no different. They’re very affordable, provide excellent finishes, and offer a rainbow of colors to cater to an array of creative endeavors.

This set includes 20 opaque markers: 17 standard colors plus three metallic hues for accents and detail. So why does the box say 40 acrylic paint markers? Because Arteza has created replaceable chisel tips for each item, meaning you’ll have two nib types per color.

Questionable marketing aside, having an extra set of nibs allows for versatility and adaptability across various projects, whether working on canvas, paper, ceramics, or others. A tweezer is also included in this set to make placing tips on marker bodies simple and easy to do.

These paint markers are particularly effective for rock art and small-scale window lettering ventures. They’re also perfect for mini canvas art and hand casting projects! Remember that pigments may not always appear consistent, as the materials you work on may alter the way your hues look.

I’m especially fond of the shimmery shades and recommend them for adding unique touches to worn-out sneakers and tote bags! Paint marker newbies will have a blast experimenting with the color range in this kit and the benefit of not having to compromise quality for a lower price.

Best value for money: Sakura Pen-Touch Paint Marker Set 

Sakura Pen-Touch Paint Markers

It can be challenging to find a trustworthy product that provides both high quality and value for money, but this paint marker set by Sakura accomplishes exactly that.

I’m a huge fan of anything by the Japanese art supply brand Sakura, whether their fineliners or brush pens and, of course, these versatile Pen-Touch paint markers. Results are fantastic, and pens are super easy to use: just give them a little shake, and you’re ready to go!

This pack includes seven 1.0mm nibbed paint markers ready to use out of the box to personalize everything from pieces of glass and wood to paper and metal. Better yet, this assorted color set with archival ink costs under $15 on both Amazon and Blick.

Because nibs are thinner than most acrylic paint markers, this is the perfect product to take on a bunch of creative small-scale projects such as flower pot embellishing, cellphone case designs, seating arrangement tags for events, and drawing on photographs for scrapbooking.

Besides full sets, you can also purchase items individually to replace your favorite hues once they run out. If you’re looking for different pigments, the brand also develops metallic, fluorescent, and ultraviolet colors — I love the latter for Halloween decorations!

Best wide nibs: Liquitex Professional Paint Marker Set

Liquitex Acrylic Markers Chisel Nib

For something a little more pro-grade, I recommend Liquitex’s Professional Acrylic Paint Markers. I’ll let you know right now; they come with a high price tag. But if you take your art supplies seriously, they’re definitely worth the splurge.

Lightfast and permanent, these super aesthetic Liquitex acrylic paint markers offer a selection of brilliant colors and impressive 15mm wide chisel nibs for top-quality art making. The results are bold and impactful.

Like other reputable art pen brands, this product can be bought in different capacities and/or color themes. My favorite, however, is the Vibrant themed set featured above due to its extra vivid pigments for attention-grabbing designs.

If you prefer something more subtle, the Classics kit is an option you may want to consider. Or, if you want to make your art shine, there’s nothing like picking up Liquitex’s stunning flourescent Liquitex acrylic markers!

The star of these Liquitex markers is the quality and sturdiness of their nibs. I can’t stress enough how amazing these are for funky calligraphy projects on canvas, ceramics, or murals. Another feature I appreciate is how easily you can remove nibs and wash them when stained from color blending.

This won’t affect the richness of the pigments or lightfastness either. In addition to wide chisel nibs, Liquitex also creates standard 2mm nib paint markers, which can also be found on Amazon and Blick.

Best pigments: Krink Paint Markers 

Krink Paint Markers Set 6

Every urban art enthusiast and out-of-the-box creative will absolutely love these chunky, pigment-packed Krink paint markers. I sure do!

These 14mm block tip paint markers are exceptional and can be applied on various surfaces, from metal and paper to canvas, wood panels, and more. They’re also great window paint markers!

Krink acrylic paint markers release opaque, water-based paint, resulting in impressive outcomes that won’t go unnoticed. This paint marker line is perfect for bold calligraphy, lettering, and large-sized illustration projects: a great pick for street art and graffiti.

In addition, they work perfectly on smooth and textured surfaces. You can purchase these paint markers individually or in packs of six. Although expensive, if you’re devoted to your artwork and willing to go all out, you’ll find they’re worth the investment.

This product is made in the USA and developed by a small business that provides crafters with excellent high-performance tools. If this is a brand you want to explore further, we also suggest these fine-tipped Krink paint markers.

Best fine point markers: Sharpie Paint Markers

Sharpie Paint Markers

Looking for finer nibs to add to your chunky paint marker collection? We love this set by Sharpie — I mean, who doesn’t love this household name brand?

These fine-tip Sharpie paint markers contain five items per set and feature opaque archival ink. The valve-action mechanism in these pens allows for extra controlled paint release, enabling effective workflow at all times.

Sharpie paint markers can be bought in different sets and color themes other than this assorted set, including metallic and pastel marker pens. The only downside of the brand’s paint marker sets is that they contain fewer items than most packs.

On the other hand, this makes this product a convenient pick for on-the-go crafters and will be more than suitable for most small-scale projects.
Besides cardstock and canvas, these markers are great for adding detail to DIY woodworking projects.

I also recommend them for embellishing mugs, customizing tree ornaments, decorating windows for special occasions, and more. You can even draw onto small pocket mirrors or decorate mason jars for fun gifts; the world is your oyster with this set!

Best for children: Do A Dot Art! Paint Markers

Do A Dot Art! Paint Markers

The Dot a Dot Art washable paint marker set is an ideal gift for toddlers who love getting messy while creating art.

Made in the USA, these super chunky 2.5-ounce paint markers are designed especially for youngsters and come in sets of six basic colors. Ingredients are child-safe, and the marker bodies are actually bottles developed for little hands to grip.

So why are these worth the buy? Resembling bingo daubers, paint is washable, and ink dries extra quickly to lessen the mess. Which obviously means less of a mess for you too! Plus, there’s no need for cups or brushes to be cleaned up after use.

All children have to do is remove the bottle caps and dot across paper and cardstock to get their creations going. The round circle shape of these marker tips allows for lots of imaginative work, including freeform blending and layering. They also enhance children’s eye-hand coordination and color recognition abilities.

Although expensive, remember that these markers are made specifically for young children and, therefore, are safer than cheaper, all-purpose bingo daubers— and way more fun for kids to explore.

That’s it for our guide to the best paint markers you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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