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Best sculpting classes: Channel your inner sculptor 

I’ve always been in awe of how skilled artists can sculpt just about anything imaginable from a seemingly simple block of clay.

If you’re anything like me and are constantly on the hunt for new creative challenges, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve outlined a selection of the best sculpting classes online today, each highlighting diverse themes and techniques.

Already an experienced sculptor? 

Although this guide is primarily for beginners, many of the best sculpting classes outlined in this guide cover advanced or specialized techniques to expand your horizons!

Continue reading to find out how you can start enjoying the best sculpting classes online.

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How to choose the best sculpting classes for you

When searching for the best sculpting classes online, you should take a moment to organize what you want your learning process to look like before getting started. 

Firstly, find the learning platform that most resonates with you: namely Domestika, Skillshare, or Udemy.

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While you obviously won’t be able to view the entirety of the sculpting courses below without paying or subscribing, you can have a peek at class trailers through the buttons provided to get a taste of what you can expect.

All three offer great prices, manageable course durations, and easy-to-follow lessons for all skills levels. 

Since they do, however, differ in other areas, consider the following: 

  • Are these sculpting classes one-off purchases or require a membership to attend?
  • Do any of the platforms offer free trials or unlocked content?
  • Are mentors tackling materials, themes, and techniques that match your objectives?
  • Can these sculpting classes be taken at an individual pace?
  • Do the sculpting courses include final projects to practice skills learned?
  • Can the materials outlined in each course description be easily accessed?
  • Are sculpting classes in English? Have subtitles? Taught in a foreign language you also speak? 
  • Are additional resources provided? 
  • Will you have access to course content after completion?
  • Are course completion certificates given? 

Remember, these are all crucial points to go over, but without having the proper materials or tools to work with, very little can be done in the practical sense, naturally. 

That said, be sure to do some research in advance to confirm you can easily find these at your favorite online art retailer or your local craft store. Each course will outline the materials you need from the start, so you will have some guidance there.

Best sculpting classes

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sculptor, keep reading to discover the best sculpting classes and courses available online. 

Sculpting Basics: Modeling Clays & Materials for Mixed Media Sculptures

Sculpting Basics: Modeling Clays & Materials for Mixed Media Sculptures

Teacher: Stephanie Kilgast
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 14 Lessons (2h 38m)
Level: All levels

Our first pick for sculpting classes online is this introductory Skillshare course taught by contemporary artist Stephanie Kilgast. 

This sculpting basics class is mostly designed for beginners, although it also dives into lots of great information for advanced artists. 

Focusing on mixed-media sculpture, your instructor will share over a decade of know-how and advice on materials, tools, and techniques. You’ll learn all there is to know about four different types of clay: polymer, air-dry (Stephanie’s favorite), cold porcelain, and epoxy. 

Because these materials vary in terms of difficulty level, this is the perfect class to take no matter your skill level and a great way to brush up on your technique if already familiar with this craft. Plus, you can start with what interests you most and come back to the others later!

Stephanie will also show you how to incorporate paper into your sculpting projects through five different activities — one per clay type. 

Since project work can take longer, your teacher encourages you to take your time and not rush through the course — something to keep in mind since Skillshare requires a subscription. That said, you can probably complete the entire course during the platform’s free one-month trial, since it’s only 2.5 hours long.

Click below to sign up today!

Learn Sculpture – How To Make A Three-Dimensional Piece Clearly And Step By Step

Learn Sculpture - How To Make A Three-Dimensional Piece Clearly And Step By Step

Teacher: Francesca Dalla Benetta
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 27 Lessons (3h 18m)
Level: Beginner/intermediate

Udemy is another great platform that showcases a lot of great sculpting classes for all levels and interests. 

This particular course presents Francesca Dalla Benetta (who we will revisit later in a Domestika course) and is the perfect starter class for inexperienced artists interested in everything sculpture!  

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Your instructor has organized this class with beginners in mind and goes through the entire process of sculpting a 3D piece modeled in plasticine and clay from start to finish.

This class is ideal for aspiring sculptors who don’t know where to start and will benefit from easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons from an industry pro. 

Udemy is known for its price-slashing and great deals; click below to check pricing. Once purchased, it’s yours to keep forever!

Paper Mache for Beginners: Sculpt a Colorful Character

Paper Mache for Beginners: Sculpt a Colorful Character

Teacher: Sarah Hand
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 16 Lessons (2h 7m)
Level: Beginner

Sarah Hand brings a burst of color and imagination to the table with her fun-filled paper mache sculptures. 

As one of the most light-hearted sculpting classes you’ll find on Domestika, this course is a fantastic option for adults and children alike — a great project families can enjoy together! 

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Paper mache enthusiast Sarah will show you how to use cheap, simple, everyday household items to make creative, joyful projects.

During this course, you’ll learn how to develop unique concepts, sketch ideas, and convey quirky personalities through sculpting techniques. 

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you’ll put them to the test by creating a customized paper-built character you can proudly post on social media, gift a friend, or showcase in your home. 

Click below and see the class trailer to get a taste of what you can expect. 

Playful Woodworking: Create Wooden Art Toys

Playful Woodworking: Create Wooden Art Toys

Teacher: Popoke Carpentry Workshop
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 16 Lessons (3h 14m)
Level: Beginner

It’s always been hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that there are people — like actual human beings — behind toy design and construction. Talk about a dream job!

This Domestika class focuses on building wooden toys from scratch to completion and is taught by woodworkers and toy experts Eduardo Castanheira and Natália Rocha — founders of Popoke Brasil Carpentry Workshop. 

Although this course is set up for beginners, considering the number of materials, access to machinery, and tool mastering it requires, I believe this would best suit a more experienced sculptor looking to branch out into working with wood. 

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Besides this, the class requires working with specific tools such as a table saw, miter saw, and an orbital sander, making this a more natural transition for woodworkers who are already familiar with these tools and can easily access them.  

If you’re interested but feeling insecure about your woodworking skills, check out our list of the best woodworking classes for beginners. Hint: there are lots of free options!

This course is taught in Brazilian Portuguese and subtitled in English. Click below to know more!

Clay Portrait: Model a Full-Scale Face

Clay Portrait: Model a Full-Scale Face

Teacher: Efraïm Rodríguez
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 33 Lessons (7h 34m)
Level: Beginner

Next up is this Domestika class that tackles one of the most classic forms of sculpture: a clay portrait.

Being the lengthiest and most in-depth of all sculpting classes in this guide, professional sculptor and teacher Efraïm Rodríguez will guide you through over seven hours of meticulously curated content on how to mimic three-dimensional subjects through sculpture.

You’ll learn every single phase of this process: research, sketching, how to mold different mediums such as clay and wood, how to select a model, how to capture human expression, techniques to sculpt specific facial features, and firing. 

Before you decide to pick this course, know that Adobe Photoshop will play a big part throughout your final project, so having previous knowledge of this software is crucial. You can technically do it with paper and pencil, but you’ll be missing out on certain techniques!

Since this course is quite long, don’t be afraid to work at your own pace, even if this means one lesson a week! The beauty of Domestika is that it allows you to keep content forever after purchase, so no need to feel pressed for time. 

This course is in Spanish, but you can easily switch on English subtitles to follow along. If you want to see what this looks like, click below and watch the class trailer! 

Sculpture: How to Sculpt a Human Head

Sculpture: How to Sculpt a Human Head

Teacher: Alex Oliver
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 12 Lessons (2h 25m)
Level: All levels

Sticking with portrait sculpture a bit longer, Udemy also offers this course on how to create three-dimensional faces and busts. 

Like Domestika, once you purchase a course on Udemy, it will be yours forever. That said, this is an ideal option if you have little to no time during the week (especially if you’re a parent to toddlers!) and are looking for an affordable class that will allow you to learn at your own pace. 

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Taught by Alex Oliver, a member of the artistic collective VivaArte Estúdio, this course will teach you how to sculpt a realistic-looking human head. This course doesn’t necessarily challenge you to a final project but is more of a follow-along-as-you-learn kind of experience. 

Although this course sticks to the same theme as the Domestika course mentioned above, it is shorter and happens to be more expensive. Make sure you look into each to see which one best meets your needs — or if possible, try both!

Sculpt Characters with Epoxy Modeling Clay

Sculpt Characters with Epoxy Modeling Clay

Teacher: Francesca Dalla Benetta
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 21 Lessons (3h 29m)
Level: Beginner

Once again taught by sculpting specialist Francesca Dalla Benetta, but this time on Domestika, this beginners course goes into epoxy clay and is a real winner if you’re on the lookout for more specialized sculpting techniques. 

With a background in special effects for TV and film, Francesca will shed some light on sculpting with epoxy clay to achieve impressive, professional-looking projects.

Because epoxy clay is commonly considered a step up from, for example, polymer clay, this introductory class is also a great opportunity for advanced sculptors to discover new approaches and inspiration. Lessons are, however, curated for starters, so don’t shy away from this class if this is something you’d like to try out!

You will also get a complete list of materials and additional resources to support you while you work on your final project: a sculpture of a character with epoxy plasticine.

This course is taught in Spanish and has English subtitles.

Sculpting Creatures and Critters

Sculpting Creatures and Critters

Teacher: Neal Deschain
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 53 Lessons (3h 3m)
Level: Beginner

Learn how to sculpt small animals with clay with the help of Neal Deschain in this Udemy course for beginners. 

This class is ideal if you’re interested in sculpting the natural (or supernatural) world. But, although it’s curated for starters, it can be a little more complex if you have zero hands-on experience with sculpting. 

If you’re up for the challenge, you will have access to hours of content that go over the fundamentals of sculpting for this theme. Previous knowledge of form, theory color, and basic drawing skills are very advantageous to have before starting this course.

To make sure you feel supported, Neal will not only list the materials required for this class, but also list locations where you can purchase these items: a bonus, especially for first-time sculptors.

Themed sculpting classes are super fun, no doubt. But if you feel like you would feel more confident taking an introductory course before diving into this one, options such as Udemy’s Learn Sculpture – How To Make A Three-Dimensional Piece Clearly And Step By Step listed higher up in the list are a better starting point.

As of writing, both are at the same price — keep checking in for the platform’s sales; you might eventually find these for even a lower value! 

How To Craft Wire Tree Sculptures With Andy Elliott

How To Craft Wire Tree Sculptures With Andy Elliott

Teacher: Andy Elliot
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 7 Lessons (42m)
Level: Beginner

Self-taught artist Andy Elliot brings a different kind of swag to sculpting with this unique Udemy class — how to sculpt bonsai trees with wire. 

During this course, you’ll learn the steps to create a miniature bonsai sculpture, including 18 minutes solely devoted to guidelines on creating a larger model with more intricate details. 

This class is the way to go if you’re a sculptor wanting to get out of your comfort zone and experiment beyond clay, or if you’re already familiar with wirework through jewelry-making and mixed-medium projects. 

Because the materials and tools required are pretty cheap and accessible, taking this course is an affordable and enticing opportunity to learn how to make gorgeous pieces for business ventures, personal décor, or gifts. 

For more sculpting classes of this sort, you can also check out this Wiretrees for Beginners and up class on Udemy. 

Sculpt Mini Succulent Plants with Clay

Sculpt Mini Succulent Plants with Clay

Teacher: Jessica Stunz
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 9 Lessons (34m)
Level: Beginner

Our final recommendation for sculpting classes is on Skillshare and presented by Jessica Stunz.

If you already have a Skillshare Premium membership or are accessing the platform through its free trial, you’ll have more than enough time to enjoy this short course on sculpting miniature succulent plants out of clay.

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Self-proclaimed hobbyist Jessica has put together this quick, 30-minute course to show you the very basics: but don’t expect pro tips or in-depth explanations on this one.

Keep in mind that you will only create the base of your sculpture — you will not learn how to paint or glaze it. For tips on these techniques, you can check out our list of the best pottery and ceramics classes online. Many are on Skillshare, so you can enjoy them without any extra expense!

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-follow project to enjoy with friends or even your children, this is a fun sculpting course that doesn’t demand much time, supplies, or space. 

That’s it for our list of the best sculpting classes online! Do you have any more recommendations? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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