Best clock kits for beginners: Enjoy having some time on your hands!

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Besides aesthetics and imaginative projects, the beauty of creative hobbies is that they often provide great ideas for problem-solving and finding appeal in ordinary, everyday objects.

That said — it’s craft o’clock!

Clock kits are fun beginner-friendly alternatives to more complex DIY clock-building and result in stunning items that are both decorative and functional. They’re also the perfect solution for kids bored to death by yet another paper-plate clock-making school project!

DIY clock kits are also excellent for meditative crafting sessions and a great match for analytical thinkers who enjoy tapping into their creativity to assemble detailed projects from scratch.

Whether wooden or plastic, big or small, engraved or painted, there is a diverse selection of clock kits to choose from; find some of the best in our guide below!

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Best clock kits: Quick picks

Wall clock kit with pendulum

Wall Clock With Pendulum By Ugears

  • Superb design
  • Under $100
  • ~11 hours of crafting time

DIY large clock kit

Large Modern DIY Wall Decal Clock by K.R. Times

  • Easy-to-do-project
  • Budget-friendly kit for home and business decorating ventures
  • Can scale to the desired size

Digital clock kit

4-Digit Digital Clock Kit by Mioyoow

  • Great for electronics enthusiasts
  • Perfect for classroom projects
  • Very cheap

Best clock kits

It’s time to dive into the best clock kits; check out our favorites in our lineup below!

Best wooden clock kit: Aero Wooden Wall Clock With Pendulum Kit By UGEARS

Wall Clock Kit With Pendulum By Ugears

First up is the crème de la crème of wooden clock kits for home crafting, the Aero Wooden Wall Clock with Pendulum Kit by UGEARS!

Boasting impressive wooden puzzle-like pieces in all sizes, shapes, and forms, this intricately designed mechanical clock is not only a wonder to look at but is designed and tweaked to work flawlessly. This wall-mounted clock will look breathtaking anywhere — we say showcase it where all can see!

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We love how it’s inspired by early aeronautics and balloon travel of the 1700s! Besides creative perfection, the experience of crafting this elaborate clock will give you a good idea of the principles of clockwork and, especially, an understanding of the role of a swinging pendulum.

Designed and made in Ukraine, this clock kit is shipped from the UK and is delivered worldwide. If supporting small businesses and talented crafters is something that resonates with you, we advise purchasing this kit on Etsy (psst, it’s also cheaper!).

Best large clock kit: Large Modern DIY Wall Decal Clock Kit by K.R. Times

Large Modern DIY Wall Decal Clock Kit by K.R. Times

This large DIY clock kit is a great choice if you’re looking for simple projects with impactful outcomes.

Although there are many versions of decal clock kits, we really like the overall quality of this model and its mix of modern and classic features, making it an easy match for most home and office décors. For ~$30, it’s also a great pick to cut costs if decorating spaces for new business ventures, like a small café or yoga studio!

While straightforward to set up, we advise being meticulous upon application to center and scale your clock according to your preferences — you can adjust your display to different sizes. To help you out, the kit includes a ruler to mount the clock mechanism precisely to the wall, which is surprisingly quiet, given its size!

In addition, the foam, mirrored decal numbers are lightweight, so there’s no risk of heavy items crashing down! However, this is highly unlikely due to their strong adhesive. This kit is delivered from the US and shipped worldwide, and therefore, can be delivered to your door no matter where you are.

Best digital clock kit: 4-Digit Digital Clock Kit by Mioyoow

4-Digit Digital Clock Kit by Mioyoow

Digital clock kits are ideal for STEM students and electronics enthusiasts who enjoy combining creative thinking with hands-on mechanical projects; this $10 kit on Amazon is a great place to start on a budget!

Providing a wide range of components for assembling, we recommend this digital clock kit for group electronics projects and beginners aiming to hone soldering techniques.

If you’re attempting to build a digital clock for the first time and this set seems overly ambitious, fear not; you’ll get clear instructions to guide you through every step! Sure, knowing the lingo and the basics will be helpful, but it isn’t crucial for this project. On the other hand, what’s the fun of learning without a challenge?

While we think this is a great clock kit for hobbyists, we highly recommend this product for teachers looking to buy kits in bulk for classroom electronics projects. Besides this model, the brand sells packs of two as well as this funky LED heart-shaped digital clock kit!

Best tabletop clock kit: 3D Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock Kit by ROBOTIME

Robotime wooden tabletop cock kit

If the wooden clock kit at the top of our lineup made you ooh and aah, we’re confident you’ll also love ROBOTIME’s 3D wooden mechanical clock kit!

Similar in aesthetic and building experience to the first product, the advantage of this particular wooden clock kit is that it’s a smaller tabletop model vs. wall mounted and, therefore, more accessible to display if you’re tight on space.

While its overall finish and unique interlocking mechanisms are great reasons to purchase this kit, it’s the perfect fit if you’re looking for an intricate project that requires lots of crafting time. Not to mention it’s an excellent brain teaser!

We also love that you won’t need a drop of glue to assemble this project. All of the wooden pieces in this set have been lasered to perfection and crafted to go together effortlessly. And don’t worry; whether experienced or not, you’ll receive precise visual instructions to guide you through every step!

Best retro clock kit: DIY Nixie Clock Easy Assembling Kit by EneyLab

DIY Nixie Clock Easy Assembling Kit by EneyLab

Next up is another digital clock kit, this time the perfect pick for lovers of retro aesthetics and one-of-a-kind projects.

This Star Seller Etsy kit invites you to assemble a retro clock with IN-12 Nixie tubes. Fun fact: Nixie tubes with numerical displays started to appear in the 30s but gained greater popularity in the 50s as they became a recurring feature on popular gadgets such as calculators and elevator floor number displays.

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In your kit, you’ll find all you need to assemble your clock: a printed circuit board (PCB), a clear case, electronics components, tubes, and a power cord. It also provides an impressive variety of features and functionalities, like the option to change time formats (24/12), brightness control, and more.

This ~$100 retro clock kit is a creative gift for anyone who loves historical references and hipster pieces! It’s shipped from Ukraine and delivered worldwide, so confirm shipping details before purchase. If you’re looking for something more classic instead, Amazon sells this vintage-inspired metal clock kit for $60!

Best acrylic pour clock kit: DIY Acrylic Pouring Paint Clock Kit by Romi’s Way

DIY Acrylic Pouring Paint Clock Kit by Romi's Way

Love to paint and looking for unique projects? This acrylic pouring paint clock kit is an excellent choice for kids and adults!

For under $20, this one-of-a-kind DIY clock kit includes everything you need: a wooden base, four acrylic paint colors, a clock mechanism, sticker sheets, a golden rope for hanging, and more.

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This kit makes for an accessible project for crafty children (with an educational component!) but is also a budget-friendly, creative way to practice or display your painting skills. And if you’re into woodworking, this is also a great kit to source ideas to make customized DIY clocks of your own down the line!

The only downside we’d point out is that this kit has limited paints. However, you may already have these materials if you’re an avid painter. If not, you can easily find affordable acrylic paint sets with just a little research — just make sure they’re compatible with wood before purchasing!

Best metal embossing clock kit: Metal Embossing Pewter Clock Kit by LiveMoor

Metal Embossing Pewter Clock Kit by LiveMoor

Like the previous item on our list, the cool thing about many clock kits is that they include projects that combine clock-making with popular crafts and techniques, such as this metal embossing pewter clock kit!

This Star Seller Etsy clock kit costs under $30 and packs in four different designs for embossing, a pewter sheet, a wooden clock face, a practice aluminum sheet, a clock mechanism, embossing tools, paint, and sandpaper.

It’s a very beginner-friendly kit and includes a complete set of instructions to guide you through the embossing process. Keep in mind that this is a small-sized project and will measure ~6×6 inches (17×17 cm), making it a great addition to your bedside table or work desk.

It also makes for a lovely little gift for a friend (whether as a kit or finished item) who appreciates personalized home decorations. Nevertheless, this metal embossing clock set is shipped from the UK and only delivered in the country.

Best mosaic clock kit: DIY Mosaic Wall Clock Kit by Fun Crafting World

 DIY Mosaic Wall Clock Kit by Fun Crafting World

Mosaic art is a beautiful craft but isn’t always the most accessible if you’re going for the real deal. That said, this mosaic clock kit is a great project for family activities with teens and toddlers to get familiarized with basic techniques.

Available on Amazon and Etsy (it’s way cheaper on Amazon, though), this quirky mosaic DIY set packs in little animals instead of numbers, a clock mechanism, colorful mini tiles, a sponge, a bowl, glue, and instructions.

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Besides its quirky outcome, you’ll be happy to know that this clock is pretty quiet and, therefore, a great addition to any child’s bedroom. Of course, we understand that this is subjective — I’ll never forget my grandparent’s clock ticking late at night! However, for ~$19, you won’t risk paying a fortune to find out!

This is also a unique budget-friendly gift for any occasion, whether a birthday or holiday celebration, and of course, a creative way to motivate children to get into crafty activities and cut down on screen time!

Best clock kit for children: The Amazing Clock Kit by Happy Puzzle Company

The Amazing Clock Kit by Happy Puzzle Company

If you’ve researched clock kits for children, you’ve probably seen The Amazing Clock Kit pop up here and there — and for good reason.

Perfect for stimulating creativity, this wind-up plastic clock kit is a highly educational toy with 31 pieces to create a functioning clock for six hours at a time.

The finished project is entirely transparent, meaning that all its bits and pieces are exposed to demonstrate the inner workings of a real clock; cogs, springs, arms, bell, pendulum, and all!

While we rank this the top clock kit for kids, it does have a significant toy component. That said, if you’re looking for a clock project for youngsters with a more functional purpose, the Make Your Own Clock Kit and DIY Wooden Wall Clock Kit are both easy to craft.

How to choose the best clock kits

Some clock kits are pretty straightforward, others more elaborate, depending on their build and intricacy. That said, there are a few things to consider before buying:

  • Do you want a clock kit for crafting/leisure purposes, or are you looking for something to display in your home or office? Is high-quality and store-bought finishes something you’re after, or are you seeking a more artisan experience?
  • Is the clock kit for you? A teen? A toddler? Maybe you’re looking for a gift? Know that clock kits are available for all ages and skill sets. So, if you intend to buy a clock kit as a gift, be sure not to purchase something too advanced for a child or too childlike if it’s for an adult.
  • Be sure to confirm the size of the final project. For example, if you’re buying a large clock kit, ensure you have enough wall space for mounting. However, we advise double-checking the dimensions for smaller items, too, as they may not fit your requirements.
  • Consider materials! As you’ve seen in our guide, clock kits can feature various resources. Make sure you choose a project you’ll have fun with, whether you’re a beginner or purchasing a set to hone skills you already have, such as painting, embossing, electronics, woodworking, and more.
  • Also, define if you want a complete clock kit or a clock mechanism kit. These offer different building experiences and have their limitations. A standard set will allow you to approach clock-making from a more artistic standpoint vs. a clock mechanism focusing more on technicalities and repairments.

If you’re interested in clock mechanism kits, below are a few we recommend:

That’s it for our guide to the best clock kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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