About Nick Rowan

Hi! I’m Nick Rowan and I’m the founder of Tiny Workshops.

Although I’ve had to give up my full woodworking workshop in recent years, I’m a former professional woodworker and lifelong craft enthusiast. I’ve also been a teacher and instructional designer in the past.

I love making things with my hands, and have tried out just about every creative hobby I’ve come across. To share my love of crafts (and hopefully inspire others to try them out), I started Tiny Workshops in 2020.

Although I grew up in the United States, I currently live with my wife and two kids in Spain. I can’t wait to introduce them to more crafts as they get older! My four year old is starting to mix colors and paint with watercolors, and I’m all about it.

My latest craft obsessions: rug tufting, macrame, woodblock printing, amigurumi, watercolors, and fountain pens.

Here are a few of Nick’s favorite guides: