About Stephanie Bento

Stephanie Bento editor at Tiny Workshops
Photo via Stephanie Bento (Tiny Workshops)

Hey there! I’m Stephanie Bento, and I joined Tiny Workshops in 2021 alongside my crafty pal, Nick Rowan.

I was born in NYC, raised in Lisbon, Portugal, and have lived in Spain for almost a decade (time flies!). Having always been a creative person at heart, I’ve always strived to find creativity in anything and everything I do and inspire others to do the same.

With an exciting myriad of professional experiences under my belt, from script writing for television and online journalism to content writing for a lifestyle magazine and travel writing, in one way or another, each of these chapters has put me in touch with the world of arts and crafts.

My goal at Tiny Workshops is to guide first-time hobbyists through seemingly intimidating creative hobbies, help seasoned crafters find the best tools and resources, and, most of all, remind you that the craft world is the perfect place to discover your inner creative — imperfections and all.

My latest craft obsessions: Anything mixed-medium! At the moment, digital art, sketching, macrame, watercoloring, embroidery, and papercrafts have a special spot in my heart!

Here are a few of Steph’s favorite guides: