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Are you tired of extravagant workshop tours and builds that require a literal warehouse full of thousands of dollars of machinery?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Tiny Workshops is a place for real designers, woodworkers, tinkerers, craftsmen/women, and creators from around the world to share the spaces where they get work done.

A small shed in the backyard. A cozy corner of the living room. A nook beneath the staircase. A fold out desk in a studio apartment. No matter what your workspace looks like, it plays a vital role in your creative process.

And you should be proud of it.

Sure, its size might be constrained by your living situation, but you are the one that shaped it to fit your needs. You are the one that filled it with tools and organizers and patterns and jigs — all for the sake of making what it was you set out to make.

My tiny workshop history

Like many of you, I’m no stranger to tiny workspaces. I started my woodworking journey on a wooden desk in a tiny Edinburgh flat before graduating to half a spare bedroom a few years later.

Despite my humble tools (and let’s be honest, skills), I managed to start building small objects and eventually full pieces of furniture. After many, many hours of hard work, I was able to fully fit out a local coffee shop with custom furniture.

Furniture I made from my tiny workshop for a local coffee shop.

All while working in a space the size of a small shed. (That sofa once assembled would not have fit in my tiny workshop!)

Whether you’re just getting started on your journey or have been making things for years, I want everyone to feel empowered to build and create — no matter how small your workshop is.

And that starts by sharing the tiny workshops where everyone first picks up their craft.

But my workspace is too small/messy/disorganized

That’s ok! You can spend a lifetime perfecting your workspace, and few creators are ever completely satisfied with their space (or for that matter, finished work).

What is important is the passion you have as a creator.

Paint brushes in a cup

That passion is what allows you to overcome any obstacles and do what you love to do. That passion is what pushes you to spend your evenings and weekends perfecting your craft. That passion is what’s behind the need that all creators feel to pick up a tool and start making!

In the age of social media and Instagram (un)realities, most people only want to share the prettiest, most curated samplings of their work. Most creators are proud of the fruits of their labor, but few want to allow a glimpse behind the curtain at the improvised spaces where that work takes place.

It’s time for that to change.

By sharing your workspace and creative process, you’re helping shatter the illusion that even handcrafted goods come from a lifeless and impersonal assembly line. You’re returning humanity to the process of designing and building cool stuff.

And who knows, you might even inspire someone else to clear up some space on their desk, grab a chisel/brush/needle, and start their own creative journey.

Share your tiny workshop

Do you have a tiny workshop that you’d like to share? Please reach out via the contact page or at the link below. It’s a great way to inspire others and showcase your work.

Tiny Workshops FAQ

How small does my workshop have to be to qualify?

What’s considered a “small” workshop will depend on what you’re making, but if you think your workspace is small odds are it is.

What do I need to do to have my workshop featured?

I know that you’re busy and would rather spend your time building, but there are a few things I’ll need to feature your tiny workshop. First and foremost are pictures! You want to make your space shine, no matter how small, so high quality photos are a must. Apart from that, I’ll need answers to a brief interview/questionnaire to tell your story and write your tour.

I make (object). Does my space count as a workshop?

Almost certainly. Whether you’re making furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, costumes, miniatures, electronics, or just about anything else, any space where you actively make things is a workshop in my book.

Does Tiny Workshops contain advertisements?

Tiny Workshops does not contain any advertisements or sponsorships. However, I may use affiliate links on certain recommended products and services. This will not affect product recommendations or content, but it does help keep the website online and the new tours flowing!

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