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Best storyboarding classes online for all levels: Learn to storyboard

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Storyboarding plays a crucial role during the creative process and requires some level of mastery. 

While the idea of transforming ideas into sketches might sound challenging at first, the art of storyboarding is actually really fun and an effective way to convey your creative vision!

And if you want to learn how to storyboard, you’re in luck! There are many great storyboarding classes taught by industry experts and enthusiasts on a number of online course platforms.

Here are a few to get you started!

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How to choose the best storyboarding class for you

In order to choose the right storyboarding class for you, there are a few aspects you might want to consider. 

Since storyboarding is usually applied in different creative fields such as film, advertising, gaming, and animation, it’s important to select a course that is relevant to your industry.

Also, make sure you pinpoint what your goals are, whether its learning the fundamentals of drawing or knowing how to pitch ideas to potential clients. 

Select a storyboarding course that won’t put time management at risk, and look into what teaching styles you resonate with the most. Although the majority of the courses listed are pretty budget-friendly, some require a subscription that puts an extra time limit on your learning.

Lastly, be sure you have the required resources to do these courses, whether that’s a specific piece of software or a good ole’ fashion pen and paper! 

Best storyboarding classes

To help you make your storyboarding dreams come true, I’ve put together this list of the 10 best storyboarding classes online. 

While there are many other options out there, the ones listed below offer a great balance between content, production quality, price, and duration.

Introduction to Storyboarding 

Introduction to Storyboarding class Domestika

Teacher: Laura Ewing Ferrer
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 18 Lessons (2h 30m)
Level: Beginner

For those of you with little to no experience under your belt, this introductory storyboarding class on Domestika is exactly what you need.

This is a beginners course, so its main focus is on the basics of storyboarding.

Some of the themes covered include learning how to draw quickly and effectively, how to compose your frames, how to develop a unique visual language, and the importance of adding notes on camera movement during this process.

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You will also learn how to pitch ideas to clients and prepare presentations that will create impact on delivery.

Courses on Domestika are purchased individually at prices as low as $10. Offering great deals everyday, the platform provides unlimited access to every course you purchase, forever!

Learn to Storyboard: The First Steps to Visual Storytelling

Learn to Storyboard classes Skillshare

Teacher: Leo M.
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 12 Lessons (1h 41m)
Level: Beginner

Want to learn from someone with a successful career as a storyboarder? Try out this Skillshare Original storyboarding class for beginners!

Disney Studios storyboard artist Leo Matsuda has put together a comprehensive course of fundamentals for storyboard creation, and covers the major value this brings to production teams.

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For the project, Leo invites you to create a storyboard of personal life events through fun exercises and sketching tips. The great part about this class is that it doesn’t require specific materials or software. It’s an introductory-type course that encourages you to perfect your craft from scratch!

Since it’s on Skillshare, you’ll need a subscription to access the course. This runs at $19 a month (or $99 a year), but you can also get a free one-month trial, which is more than enough time to complete this and other storyboarding classes on the platform!

Click below to find out more.

Learn to Storyboard for Film or Animation

Learn to Storyboard for Film or Animation Udemy

Teacher: Siobhan Twomey
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 22 lectures. 1h 45 min)
Level: Beginner

Next up is this Udemy course taught by Siobhan Twomey, and it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their first steps toward becoming a professional storyboarder. 

With 15 years of experience under her belt, Siobhan shares knowledge with storyboarding enthusiasts who want to work in the fields of animation, TV, gaming, or film. 

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Throughout the course she’ll introduce you to the world of storyboarding from start to finish. Detailed extra materials and resources also help you perfect your technique. Knowing how to dissect scripts, draw characters, design layouts, and come up with scenes are just a few of the exciting skills you can expect to learn!

Even better, this is just one of two storyboarding classes from this teacher. If you love this course and Siobhan’s teaching style, you can check out her advanced storyboarding class here.

Storyboarding for Motion Graphics: An Introduction to Main Titles

Storyboarding classes for Motion graphics Skillshare

Teacher: Maggie Tsao
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 15 Lessons (1h 42m)
Level: Intermediate

Focusing on storyboarding titles for film, art director Maggie Tsao guides students through the exciting journey of experimenting with photography and typography.

Unlike the more general storyboarding classes above, this course is primarily for motion graphics aficionados, and the main tasks are creating main titles, promos, and trailers. 

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Using the film “Gone Girl” as a reference throughout the course, Tsao teaches valuable design insights, tips and tricks for image manipulation, and the importance of storyboarding for film and television. The course does not focus on actual animation but rather on the conceptual work done to bring creative visions to life.

To get the most out of your experience, the course recommends having some knowledge of Photoshop, access to the software, as well as a drawing tablet.

Like the other Skillshare courses mentioned above, you’ll need a subscription to watch this one, but you can also start learning by signing up for the platform’s free one-month trial on offer now!

Storyboarding for Animation: How to Illustrate and design for Successful Motion

Storyboarding class for Animation Skillshare

Teacher: Sarah Beth Morgan
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 13 Lessons (1h 7m)
Level: Intermediate

Focusing on the organizational skills needed to create a storyboard for animation projects, this Skillshare course is ideal for illustrators and animators. 

Taught by art director and freelance illustrator Sarah Beth Morgan, this course will provide you with the necessary tools to successfully brainstorm, create mood boards, sketch, and prepare client presentations. 

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Sarah will give you a refreshing perspective on the challenges presented during the creative process and how to tackle them through storyboarding. 

This is the third and final of the Skillshare storyboarding classes on this guide, but remember that you can unlock all of them and more with a single subscription!

Remember: the platform is offering a free month-long trial you can sign up for here.

Illustration of Storyboards for Cinema and Advertising

Illustration of Storyboards for Cinema and Advertising Domestika

Teacher: Pablo Buratti
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 19 Lessons (4h 3m)
Level: Beginner

Taught by Argentine illustrator Pablo Buratti, this Domestika course takes on the storyboarding process for film and advertising. 

Throughout this class, you will learn how these industries incorporate storyboarding in their creative productions and the relevance of planning out camera movements and angles. 

You’ll gain know-how on sketching characters, creating visual atmospheres, and translating scripts into visual art. The course focuses on grasping the concept behind storyboarding to understand how ideas come to life on the big screen.

Pablo’s uplifting personality and casual teaching style will certainly make this course worth your while! It’s also one of the longer storyboarding classes on the list, coming in at more than 4 hours long.

That said, the class is taught in Spanish with subtitles in English. If you’re not sure that’s for you, check out the trailer at the link below for a test run!

Storyboarding Your Film

Storyboarding your film CreativeLive

Teacher: Chris Prynoski and Christy Karacas
Platform: CreativeLive

Duration: 10 Lessons (3h 42m)
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Next up is a lecture-style course by Chris Prynoski and Christy Karacas. They might not be household names, but they’ve worked on everything from MTV classics like Beavis and Butthead and Daria to more recent animated shows like Metalocalypse and Squidbillies.

The two share their take on industry demands, the importance of storyboarding for filmmakers and production crews, and list resources and skills you’ll need to succeed as a storyboarder for the seventh art. 

The laid back atmosphere of this course will give you the impression you’re being entertained by two very knowledgeable talk show hosts, making it a unique and fun learning experience!

For those unfamiliar with CreativeLive, you have the option to buy the course outright for about $15, or unlock 1500+ courses with a Creator Pass subscription for $15 a month if you commit to a year. You can also save big by paying for a year upfront, which comes out to about $12 a month.

Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking

Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking MasterClass

Teacher: Jodie Foster
Platform: MasterClass

Duration: 18 Lessons (4h 3m)
Level: Intermediate

If you want to learn not just storyboarding but also more topics related to filmmaking, this amazing MasterClass course features Jodie Foster (yes, that Jodie Foster) and gives you the opportunity to learn from the best in the biz!

Through a very up close and personal approach, Jodie guides you through the process of filmmaking from finding your story to casting and editing the final script.

The best part is that you will actually get to watch Jodie Foster put a storyboard together! She admits that she isn’t much of an artist, but it goes to show that what you really need is vision and experience, not drawing expertise. 

Like all MasterClass courses, the production quality of this course is sublime. By minute one you’ll feel like you’re sitting face to face with one of the most talented names in film history!

MasterClass is a subscription-only affair, and it’s pricey at approximately $200 a year. However, you get unlimited access to the full catalog, which includes more filmmaking courses from the likes of Martin Scorsese, Werner Herzog, Spike Lee, David Lynch, Ron Howard, and more.

I guarantee you won’t find that anywhere else on the web!

Storyboard Illustration with Procreate

Teacher: Davis Lisboa
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 21 Lessons (4h 38m)
Level: Beginner

Next up are a few more software-focused storyboarding classes. In this course on Domestika, Davis Lisboa teaches how to storyboard in full color with the popular illustration app Procreate.

Covering this process for film, advertising, and social media, the Brazilian storyboard artist will show you how to use this tool to create colorful dynamics and captivating cinematic narratives. 

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This storyboarding course is ideal for comic book artists, animators, digital marketing professionals, and social media nerds. 

For this class, you should have basic notions of illustration and access to Adobe Photoshop and Procreate. If you don’t have an iPad for Procreate, you can also use a drawing tablet and any other software you prefer.

Classes are taught in Brazilian Portuguese and are subtitled in multiple languages such as English. Watch the trailer below for an example of how these subtitles work!

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Essential Training

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Essential Training Linkedin Learning

Teacher: Mark Simon
Platform: Linkedin Learning 

Duration: 15 Lessons (6h 36m)
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

The final pick for the best storyboarding classes is a bit more technical than the others on the list. Taught by Mark Simon, this LinkedIn Learning course is set up to teach you about one of the best pieces of software in the biz: Storyboard Pro.

Having worked as a storyboarder for nearly 30 years, Mark will reveal the full potential of this software and teach you everything you need to know.

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Targeting professionals in the field, this in-depth course is a great way to gain industry insight from a storyboarding connoisseur and learn more about working in big productions. 

If you want to learn more techniques for the software, Mark has a follow-up course called Advanced Storyboard Pro. He also has a more introductory course that’s more in line with a few others mentioned earlier in the list, as well as a few others related to storyboarding.

LinkedIn Learning requires a $30 monthly subscription, but you can also take advantage of a 1-month free trial by clicking below. That’s more than enough time to take all of Mark’s storyboarding classes and kickstart your storyboarding career!

That’s it for this list of the best storyboarding classes you can take online! Hopefully you now have access to all the resources you learn how to storyboard from the comfort of home.

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