Ed Mironiuk’s needle-felted farts and cute characters will brighten your day

Today we’re talking to needlefelt sculptor Ed Mironiuk. Using his years of experience as an animator and illustrator, he designs and creates everything from iconic movie characters to impossibly adorable little farts in a jar.

Check out the full interview below, and be sure to visit his website (edmironiuk.com) and Etsy store (ArtofEdMironiuk) for more, or follow his work on Instagram (@edmironiuk), Twitter (@edmironiuk), or Facebook (edmironiukfeltfun).

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Tell us about yourself. What do you make? What do you consider your best or favorite work?

Winston Churchill Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman and Winston Churchill. Photo credit: Gisele Schmidt

My name is Ed Mironiuk and I’m a needlefelt sculptor. I specialize in cute pop culture characters, happy food, and oddly enough, farts.

Perhaps one of my favorite works is a full figure piece of Winston Churchill commissioned for Gary Oldman.

Tell us about your workspace

Ed Mironiuk needlefelt tools cookie tin
Photo credit: Ed Mironiuk

My workspace is basically my living room couch.

I keep most of my wool in plastic storage containers and my tools in a very fancy and stereotypical toolbox for crafters: a Royal Dansk cookie tin. 

What is your favorite material to work with?

Ed Mironiuk Lemmy Motorhead needle felt sculpture
Photo credit: Ed Mironiuk

Specifically I enjoy working with merino wool, preferably ethically sourced. It felts down clean, smooth, and nice n’ soft. 

How long have you been doing your craft? Who taught you or where did you learn?

Ed Mironuik needlefelt characters
Photo credit: Ed Mironiuk

I originally was an animator and illustrator. A little over 3 years ago I needed to find a new hobby and stumbled on needlefelting.

Basically I’m entirely self taught through trial and error. I honestly never would have expected that wool would become my medium. 

What is the most challenging aspect of your craft?

Ed Mironiuk needle felt joker
Photo credit: Ed Mironiuk

It’s a fun change to go from working in 2D to working in 3D. Considering the sculpture from all angles has caused me to look at things a lot more differently than drawing.

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The downside to felting is that it’s a very time and labor intensive technique.

The positive is that my right arm gets a heckuva workout. 

Any advice for beginners to needle felting?

Ed Mironiuk needle felted fruit together
Photo credit: Ed Mironiuk

I think understanding the types of wool, how they felt, and how they feel is important.

Also knowing which types of needles to use will save a lot of time.

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Who/what inspires you?

Ed Mironiuk cute needlefelt farts
Photo credit: Ed Mironiuk

I’m really inspired by the idea of making people happy.

That’s why most of my pieces have big goofy smiles. If the character is normally not seen as a jovial person/thing that’s even better. I like the polarity and silliness.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Needlefelt sculptor Ed Mironiuk
Photo credit: Ed Mironiuk

Something I’m very excited about is that my wife Kristin Tercek (AKA Cuddly Rigor Mortis) and I will again be having our dueling solo shows at Gallery 1988 this July. 

Check out more of Ed’s work on his website (edmironiuk.com) and Etsy store (ArtofEdMironiuk). You can also follow him on Instagram (@edmironiuk), Twitter (@edmironiuk), or Facebook (edmironiukfeltfun) to see his latest needle-felt artwork.

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