Best paper for Posca pens: Find the perfect match

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Posca pens — what can’t they do?

These beloved acrylic paint markers can be used on everything from ceramic and canvas to glass and plastic. But what about good ole’ paper

Surprisingly, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you would think. 

Although these art pens are incredibly versatile, sourcing the best paper for Posca pens requires a few considerations. 

Here’s the scoop on the best paper for Posca pens to save you from unnecessary trial and error and have you jump right into the fun stuff.

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Best paper for Posca pens

Does Posca paint smell?
Photo via Stephanie Bento (Tiny Workshops)

Who knew Posca pens could be so particular when it comes to paper?

The truth is that while they work on almost any surface you can think of, these acrylic paint markers aren’t necessarily designed for paper — or at least most paper.

As a huge fan of these art pens, I’ve done a ton of Posca pen projects with multiple mediums, including paper, which has led me to narrow down a few personal favorites.

But before getting into specifics, I wanted to quickly go over a few do’s and don’ts when considering the best paper for Posca pens.

What to look for in the best paper for Posca pens

Posca marker alternatives_why are Posca markers so expensive?
Photo via Stephanie Bento (Tiny Workshops)

If you’re into illustration, painting, or mixed-medium creative hobbies, you’ll know how mind-boggling it can be to find the perfect paper for your craft.

And finding the best paper for Posca pens is no different.

While this will ultimately come down to personal preference, there are a few criteria to take into account.

Paper weight

In short, Posca pens and lightweight paper don’t go hand-in-hand. There are exceptions, like tracing paper, but as a general rule, thin paper isn’t the best option.

These acrylic paint markers feature coarse tips and dense pigment that will bleed through and/or rip thinner sheets — especially if your work requires heavy layering.

Aim for thicker paper with Posca pens, ideally weighing 200gsm and up. You can go for more lightweight options, but I advise nothing under 160gsm.

You can use more basic, lightweight paper for (very) simple doodling and sketching, but always stick to more heavyweight mediums for full-blown Posca projects.


Texture is a huge factor when choosing paper for Posca markers.

Smooth, fine-grain paper is the best for these acrylic paint pens.

A smooth surface allows skip-free drawing and pigments to remain wet for slightly longer. This provides more leeway to edit work before it fully dries.

I don’t recommend using textured paper as it absorbs more pigment, which can cause visible bleeding and warp your paper.

Acid-free paper

Don’t underestimate the impact of acid-free paper when looking for the best paper for Posca pens.

Because Posca pen paint is permanent and lightfast, pigments will remain vibrant and intact over time.

However, your paper will begin to yellow if it’s not acid-free.

So, unless you’re going for a faux-antique vibe, I advise picking up some acid-free paper for your Posca pen art to keep backdrops crisp and white and overall results long-lasting.

Best paper for Posca pens

Paint_why are Posca markers so expensive?
Photo via Stephanie Bento (Tiny Workshops)

Up next are my recommendations for the best paper for Posca pens.

I’ve also included my top pick for each type of paper to help you jumpstart your search!

1. Bristol paper

Strathmore Bristol paper_Best paper for Posca pens

Bristol paper is a heavyweight, multi-ply paper known for its sturdy but velvety, smooth surface. This makes drawing effortless and results streak-free.

Due to its composition, Bristol paper handles wet media very effectively, making it an excellent match for Posca paint.

It’s also ideal for layering techniques since it won’t allow pigment to bleed or paper to warp.

Real-deal Bristol paper is also acid-free, so you won’t have to worry about the outcome of your work in the long run.

2. Marker paper

Strathmore Marker Paper_best paper for Posca pens

Marker paper is a great pick for Posca pens because it specifically accommodates markers, whether water-based, gel-based, or alcohol-based.

And while this acid-free paper is thinner than, for example, Bristol paper, it’s designed to prevent dense marker ink from soaking: sheets are bleed and feather-resistant.

The paper’s smooth surface allows for seamless drawing, ideal for uninterrupted crafting — and protecting Posca nibs!

3. Mixed-media paper

Canson Mixed Medium Paper_best paper for Posca pens

You can’t go wrong with mixed-media paper: it’s made to support all kinds of art pens, including wet and dry mediums.

Mixed-media paper is essentially a combination of watercolor and sketching paper and can weigh anywhere between 180 and 200gsm.

This is also a great choice if you enjoy incorporating brush pens, fineliner pens, and watercolors into your artwork.

4. Canvas paper

Strathmore Canvas Paper_Best paper for Posca pens

Since Posca pens contain water-based acrylic paint, canvas paper is a super fun (and compatible) option to go for.

If you’re used to applying these markers on mini canvases, you’ll be surprised by how similar the experience is!

Since canvas paper is coated, pigments won’t sink through. You can also consider black canvas paper; I love this creative alternative for fluorescent and metallic Posca pens.

This paper is also acid-free and perfect for framing your work for display.

5. Tracing paper

Canson Tracing paper_best paper for Posca pens

As strange as it may seem, tracing paper is a great match for Posca pens.

While super thin, pigment adheres very well to this surface, whether for tracing or full-on drawing and coloring.

This combination is particularly handy if you’re into large-scale mural art or lettering projects.

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That’s it for this quick guide to the best paper for Posca pens! Have any tips or tricks to share with other budding crafters? Share them in the comments below!

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