Best bookbinding tape for hardcover spines, paper, journals, and more

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Stationery and papercraft hobbyists looking for simple, quick fixer-uppers for their bookbinding affairs will really benefit from having some bookbinding tape lying around their craft desks.

With just a few strips of bookbinding repair tape, a bone folder, and a few minutes to spare, you can salvage and preserve your favorite books, magazine collection, and documents over time.

Better yet, applying this material doesn’t require complicated techniques, nor will purchases burn a hole in your pocket. Our guide lists our top suggestions for the best bookbinding tape based on adhesion quality, price, and versatility.

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Best bookbinding tape

Discover how easy it can be to repair your favorite book, mend paper documents, or conserve nostalgia-ridden scrapbooks and journals with these cloth book binding tape products.

Best overall: Premium Bookbinding Repair Cloth Tape by BookGuard

Premium Bookbinding Repair Cloth Tape by BookGuard

At the top of our list is this super adhesive, 2-inch bookbinding tape by Chromalabel sub-brand, BookGuard — it’s high in quality, cost-effective, and the perfect fit for challenging hardcover spines and heavyweight bookbinding tasks.

This premium 13-mil-thick vinyl-coated cotton cloth bookbinding tape is available in over 10 colors and can be purchased for a little under $20. Does that sound pricey for a roll of tape? Trust us; it’s worth it.

You can find more affordable options, but if you’re serious about preserving your most cherished pieces, especially those featuring thick covers or heavy cardstock, BookGuard bookbinding tape combines visual appeal, durability, and flexibility that won’t fade over time.

Tape colors are dyed into the cloth vs. painted on superficially, ensuring long-lasting finishes that look as elegant and organic as your book’s original form. In addition, despite its ultra-aggressive composition, this product has been developed to conveniently tear easily by hand.

The tape’s material is also highly resistant to wear and tear, allowing it to endure different temperatures and settings. Also, for best results, we highly recommend adding a bone folder to your toolset to shape creases smoothly into your book spines!

Best value for money: White Cloth Book Repair Tape by Koltose by Mash

White Cloth Book Repair Tape by Koltose by Mash

Offering excellent value for money, this Koltose by Mash bookbinding tape is perfect for beginners looking for quality, budget-friendly repair solutions that are easy to tackle.

The highlight of this product is its extra-thin, smooth cloth and handy paper backing. This feature makes life a lot easier, as you’ll be able to peel back your tape without the concern of having it stick together as you craft — we’ve all experienced this frustrating moment with gaffer tape!

Besides being thin and lightweight, this tape is very flexible, meaning you can work it organically onto various surfaces, from scrapbooks and thick book spines to journals and photo albums.

It’s also made with acid-free archival glue, so you won’t have to worry about seeing yucky yellow stains showing up any time soon after application.

The affordability, easy-to-use nature, and quality of this bookbinding tape make it a great option for beginners who want to experience the art of book repairing with a reliable, long-lasting product.

Best budget-friendly: Book Tape by Scotch

Bookbinding Tape by Scotch

Remember, bookbinding doesn’t have to be an expensive creative hobby. And while some materials may be a little more expensive than others, tape for bookbinding shouldn’t be a costly investment.

That said, if you’re looking for something straightforward and (even more) affordable than the other products in our guide, the all-time household brand Scotch sells this high-quality bookbinding repair tape for under $10 (on Amazon).

The downside? Your color options are limited; only a transparent version of the tape is available. On the other hand, if this is exactly and only what you need, it’s a great deal. Blick sells a 2-inch variation of this tape: click the button below to learn more!

Note that this option is smaller in width compared to some of the other products listed. Still, it will do more than the trick if you’re after practical everyday repairs vs. trying to piece together delicate, crumbling old hardcover book spines and documents.

It’s also great to fix your kid’s worn-out school books! All in all, while providing clean, subdued outcomes, this bookbinding tape is best for more functional fixes. It’s an excellent product to reinforce and bound edges; however, it won’t add much to the overall aesthetic.

Best non-permanent: Bookbinding Tape by Gaffer Power

Bookbinding Tape by Gaffer Power

Gaffer Power bookbinding tape is one of our top recommendations for hesitant crafters looking for solid results without the pressure of having to lay down materials precisely on the first go.

While super adhesive and flexible, this book repair tape is just as easy to apply as to remove: it’s been specifically formulated to be non-permanent and to peel off whether you want to readjust placement or apply new tape after some time.

This is the perfect formula for first-time bookbinders still figuring out how to best use this resource! It’s also been designed to be removed without leaving residue, yellowing, or surface damage, which is ideal when repairing old books and lightweight documents.

Gaffer Power bookbinding tape consists of a cloth-based adhesive that’s resistant to humidity and very flexible. This makes it very easy to stick and mold onto all kinds of items — we also recommend this product to repair your vintage vinyl record sleeves or covers!

You can find this bookbinding tape in five colors, including a transparent option. That said, although there isn’t a whopping color catalog to choose from, these are standard hues that mesh perfectly with most book and magazine layouts.

Best for sewn binding: Binder’s Tape for Bookbinding by Lineco

Binder's Tape for Bookbinding  by Lineco

Lineco is a trusted brand that manufactures top-quality resources to enhance archival quality, including a complete line of bookbinding products. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite bookbinding tapes to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

Unlike the previous items, this Lineco acid-free bookbinding tape is made entirely of cloth and, therefore, doesn’t feature an adhesive surface. In other words, you’ll need to apply bookbinding glue to each strip to stick them onto your pieces.

It’s also important to note that this product is composed of multiple strips of cloth vs. a single, gaffer-like roll. This makes binding more localized, which is ideal for reinforcing sewn signatures. Material is also applied differently: strips are positioned horizontally across book cover boards vs. along vertical book spines.

So why go through all the hassle if you can go with something simpler? Well, this product is mainly for artisan crafters who indulge in bookbinding as a creative hobby and get a kick out of traditional methods. If you’re more of the get-it-done-and-quickly type, stick to some of the more practical options listed above!

Also, know that this is not translucent, clear tape but is entirely composed of textured linen cloth. You can, however, burnish it if you want to see your material blend a little more into surfaces. Packs of two are also available on Amazon for a little over $20.

Best for lightweight surfaces: Self-Adhesive Document Repair Tape by Lineco

Self-Adhesive Document Repair Tape by Lineco

Using bookbinding tape to seal or fix paper documents and lightweight stationery is another popular repair hack. This Lineco product is the perfect pick if you’re looking for long-lasting adhesion and versatility on a budget.

Amazon features different purchase options for this product, including several 2-packs and individual tape rolls with different lengths (prices vary). Also, contrary to the previous Lineco product, this repair tape is self-adhesive: you won’t need to apply glue with this one!

In this case, we advise using scissors to cut your tape instead of tearing it manually: the consistency is a little harsher compared with other products. Also, since this tape is best for smaller coverages, scissors will help you achieve more accurate, detailed cuts for scrapbooking, journal repairs, cardmaking, and more.

Note that this tape is opaque/matte. So, if, for example, you need to fix a ripped photo for your scrapbook, be sure to seal it on the back vs. the front to prevent noticeable mending. In addition, this is the perfect self-adhesive tape for scrapbookers to write creative captions on since it’s compatible with ink.

The only negative with this product is that it comes in a flimsy box that doubles as a dispenser. Because it’s not the sturdiest container, you may get a little frustrated if you’re going through lengthy repairs. The upside? This definitely doesn’t interfere with this tape’s overall quality!

Best for heavy-duty repairs: Bookbinding Super Cloth by Lineco

Bookbinding tape Super Cloth by Lineco

Anyone who loves chunky editions of all-time literary classics or timeless childhood books will know how meaningful it is to care for these pieces over time. This cloth bookbinding tape is the perfect answer to preserving special hardcover books that have suffered a little wear and tear over the years! 

Made of acid-free, flexible cloth, this fabric tape is pliable, abrasion resistant, and compatible with sturdier, thicker surfaces and more textured book pages — and it’s just the right width; it won’t overlap or block text.

This is another of Lineco’s more pro-centered products and will require applying glue manually onto the bookbinding tape cloth. We highly suggest this bookbinding glue by the same brand! Apart from heavy-duty books, this is also a great option for leather notebooks and vintage magazine repairs. 

Know that this is a weightier, textured material, so it won’t merge into your surfaces as expected with more conventional bookbinding tape. This product is designed to increase longevity rather than to give books an aesthetic facelift!

Besides a single pack, Amazon sells this two-pack for under $20. Not a bad deal considering one order will be enough to work through 4-5 standard-sized books. Essentially, this depends on how many repairs you’ll be working through and how frequently. 

Best aesthetic finish: 2-inch Book Repair Tape Self Adhesive by Lineco

2-inch Book Repair Tape Self Adhesive by Lineco

Last up is another bookbinding repair tape by Lineco, this time offering a high-quality alternative to reinforce and beautify book spines that have begun to fall apart. It features a smooth, matte finish, available in black and white cloth.

This 2-inch self-adhesive vinyl-coated cloth tape is woven tightly to ensure extra strength and flexibility, allowing it to be easily shaped onto surfaces. I love how polished this product looks on thicker book spines!

While intended for permanent binding, you can remove this tape with mineral spirits like acetone or turpentine. However, if you’re about to tackle your first bookbinding tape venture and are hesitant, we advise starting with something less adhesive and easy to remove to test the waters first.

Since this bookbinding tape will serve a functional but decorative purpose, be sure to cut and place it accurately on your book spine. A metal ruler is a handy tool to support this part of the process! This tape is also a great fit for photo albums, journals, and even hardcover guitar cases needing a little repairing!

Needless to say, if you’re aiming for fine finishes, using a sharp pair of quality scissors will really help you achieve precise lines and cuts. Don’t underestimate this aspect; the quality of your scissors can really make or break a project!

What to know before buying bookbinding tape

Being a crafter means testing new materials, tools, and products until you find the best fit for your projects.

That said, discovering the best bookbinding tape might take a little trial and error, but honestly, there’s not much that could go wrong as long as you stick with high-quality products.

On the other hand, there are a few things to take into account when looking for the best tape for bookbinding.

Evaluate your project type. Is your goal to mend old hardcover books? Embellish sewn signature notebooks? Fix rips and tears on lightweight paper? This is the most important question to ask yourself before diving into specifics.

Is it essential that your bookbinding tape is decorative? Does it need to have a particular color, consistency, and texture? Or are you looking for translucent, clear bookbinding tape instead? Check all color options per product before purchase to ensure you get what you’re after.

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Do you want a peel-off tape roll or a more artisan bookbinding tape pack? Remember, if selecting a thicker, crafter bookbinding tape cloth, you’ll need to resort to other materials such as bookbinding glue and a good pair of scissors.

When purchasing, be sure to double-check if you’re buying a single pack or a set of multiple bookbinding tape rolls to manage expectations. Sometimes these options aren’t completely clear and can lead to some frustration.

Consider the width of your tape, so it matches your needs. For example, if you plan on repairing a thick book spine, ensure your cloth bookbinding tape is wide enough to accommodate your surface. The average width of standard products is ~2 inches.

Make sure your bookbinding tape is always acid-free: this will prevent yellowing over time. Also, check details on abrasion and temperature resistance to get an idea of the durability of your repair.

Be open to looking at all the possibilities of bookbinding tape! Besides books and book pages, they’re perfect for notebooks, journals, scrapbooks, music record covers, framing photos, and more; keep an open mind!

That’s it for this guide to the best bookbinding tape! If you have any other questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below, and we’ll address them as soon as possible.

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