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12 best linocut and woodcut artists to follow on Instagram

Linocut featured image

Whether you’re new to the art of linocut and woodcut prints or have been doing it for years, it’s always great to get inspiration from other great artists.

Sure, you can always head to a museum and check out prestigious works from famous linocut artists like Sybil Andrews, Valenti Angelo, and Pablo Picasso. But nowadays Instagram has made it easier than ever to find and follow great linocut and woodcut artists from around the globe.

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Below I’ve made a short selection of some of my favorites (in no particular order). It includes both linocut artists (working primarily on linoleum) and woodcut artists (working in wood or MDF), although many are multidisciplinary.

I also encourage all of you to submit your favorite linocut artists in the comments at the end of the article. The more recommendations the merrier!

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Sofie van Schadewijk (sofie.tekent)

Sofie van schadewijk linocut artist
Photo credit: Sofie van Schadewijk

Instagram: @sofie.tekent

If they aren’t already, the beautifully flowing works of Dutch illustrator and linocut artist Sofie van Schadewijk deserve a full time spot in your Instagram feed. I love her method of giving texture to things like hair and leaves with simple, minimal lines.

Recently Sofie has been working on wood engravings in addition to linocut and woodcut printmaking, which allow an even finer level of detail. She writes in English and is generally responsive to comments or questions on her posts, so don’t be shy!

Andrea Lauren (inkprintrepeat)

Andrea Lauren nature linocut artist
Photo credit: Andrea Lauren

Instagram: @inkprintrepeat

If you’re looking to infuse a bit of color into your work, check out British linocut artist Andrea Lauren. Her Instagram account isn’t as active as it has been in the past, but hopefully she returns to activity soon.

Either way, there are hundreds of pictures of her work from the past few years on her account, and she has published a book called Block Print with instructions, projects, and tips for beginners. She also has two courses available online to learn some of her techniques in less than 20 minutes.

Davide Schileo (Tabulae)

Tabulae woodcut artist
Photo credit: Davide Schileo

Instagram: @tabulae
Etsy shop: TABULAEprintmaker

Next we’ll take a dip into the macabre with the work of Davide Schileo. His woodcut prints look like they were ripped right out of an ancient manuscript from Medieval times.

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Working primarily on MDF, his work is heavily influenced by German renaissance artists. It’s rare to see a modern woodcut artist draw so heavily from the past, but his detailed and expressive scenes really make it work.

Maria Doyle (maz.prints)

Maria Doyle linocut artist
Photo credit: Maria Doyle

Instagram: @maz.prints
Etsy shop: MazPrintsShop

Maria Doyle is yet another British linocut artist, hailing from the beautiful city of Edinburgh. The gorgeous old buildings of Scotland’s capital served as an early inspiration for her work, which include some of the best prints of cityscapes you’ll find today.

Building on her Edinburgh work, she later traveled around Europe and made more prints of unique buildings in other countries. If her detailed building prints haven’t already won you over, her wonderful use of soothing blues is guaranteed to finish the job.

Viktoria Åström

Viktoria Astrom instagram artist bookmark
Photo credit: Viktoria Astrom

Instagram: @viktoriaastrom
Etsy shop: viktoriaastrom

If you’re not already following Swedish artist Viktoria Åström, you’re missing out on one of the best modern linocut artists and illustrators on Instagram. And don’t just take it from me – take it from her 200k+ followers.

Although she’s very much a multi-disciplinary artist, linocut prints still make up the majority of her feed. Her nature and animal prints are remarkably detailed, and her caricatures are unique and instantly recognizable.

Brie Thompson (lakeeffectpress)

Brie Thompson linocut artist
Photo credit: Brie Thompson

Instagram: @lakeeffectpress/

Inspired by the incredible nature of the Pacific Northwest, linocut artist Brie Thompson makes some of the most impressive landscape prints you’ll find on Instagram.

An avid hiker and skier, her love of the outdoors is very evident in her work. She’s been printmaking for more than 15 years, and also occasionally does screen printing work.

Pablo Salvaje

Pablo Salvaje linocut artist
Photo credit: Pablo Salvaje

Instagram: @pablosalvaje

Keeping the nature theme going, next up is Barcelona-based Pablo Salvaje, who is one of my absolute favorite animal linocut artists. Many of his prints can be seen in his beautiful 2017 children’s book Animalkind, and of course, his Instagram account.

His work is mostly centered around animal and nature themes, and his Instagram provides an interesting glimpse into his life and where he draws inspiration. He frequently teaches workshops in Spain, and he has two online courses about printmaking on Domestika.

Brian Reedy

Brian Reedy woodcut artist welcome to tokyo
Photo credit: Brian Reedy

Instagram: @brianreedy
Etsy shop: WoodcutEmporium

Brian Reedy’s pop-culture infused prints are a fantastic mix of traditional and modern art that should not be missed. His work takes characters and visuals from film and TV series like Star Wars, Godzilla, Sailor Moon, and others, then reimagines them as traditional Japanese woodblock prints (with a healthy dose of his own unique style).

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Brian has been remarkably prolific over his nearly 30 year career as a printmaker, and his fun and easily identifiable designs have been a hit with not just fans of great linocut artists, but also mainstream consumers after a collaboration with retail chain Hot Topic.

Sai Yun Sun (yunsillustfactory)

Sai Yunsun stamp artist Instagram
Photo credit: Sai Yunsun

Instagram: @yunsillustfactory

If you’re someone who loves everything cute, you have to check out Japan-based artist and illustrator Sai Yun Sun. Her tiny caricature stamps are wonderfully expressive, and some have been turned into digital stamps for the popular Asian chat app LINE (think emojis, but cooler).

Ok, so technically she works with rubber stamps instead of linoleum or wood, but her work is just too cute to ignore. She’s also extremely prolific, so following her is sure to lead to some inspiration (even if you don’t understand Japanese!).

Maarit Hänninen

Maarit Hanninen lush linocut gold
Photo credit: Maarit Hanninen

Instagram: @maarit.hanninen

This Finnish linocut artist is currently based in Amsterdam, but her work still calls back to her northern roots. Her designs are filled with imagery from dark evergreen forests and lush florals filled with small creatures.

Her pieces have the look and feel of old-school tattoo art, but what really drew me in was her use of gold ink on black paper. The end result is always absolutely stunning.

Sergio Sánchez Santamaría (grabador1976)

Sergio Sanchez Santamaria linocut artist
Photo credit: Sergio Sanchez Santamaria

Instagram: @grabador1976

Sergio only recently became more active on Instagram, but his works infuse traditional themes from his native Mexico with contemporary messages and political activism in a way that shouldn’t be missed.

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Even if you’re not familiar with Mexican culture, his account is worth following for the way he plays with light and darkness in his compositions. He also has a few stop motion videos of him completing his work which are a joy to watch.

Michelle Hughes

Michelle Hughes british linocut artist
Photo credit: Michelle Hughes

Instagram: @michellehughesdesign

The final entry belongs to Michelle Hughes, a very talented and soothing linocut artist in the UK. Her gorgeous studio in York gets tons of sunlight and overlooks the British countryside and old Holgate Windmill.

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It should be no surprise then that her work primarily depicts charming British country roads and scenery. Her work is truly lovely, and she’s living proof that inspiration can always be found just around the corner!

That’s it for some of my favorite modern linocut artists to follow on Instagram! Do you have any more recommendations? Drop them in the comments and I’ll get them added to the article as well.

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